Why? For 58, 400 naira or 100, you get a good sized display, pretty performance and a strong battery life of which moments gone like, but back to the box, youd see the smartphone itself, wrapped in some plastic, a couple paperwork: an infinix club card, a 10 watt charger. In the box, and of course, you dont expect fast charging as thats not available for phones in this price range. We also see a micro, usb charging cable, an earpiece, a sim ejector tool and a transparent plastic phone case. I didnt have any expectations about the design. I mean you cant, expect a premium design quality or build for this price, with that the infinix match 6 plus has a very basic design quite similar to the design we found from the infinix smart 6.. Overall, this design is decent, it features a glass front and a plastic back and frame. It also comes in different color variations like the lightsey green ocean, blue, polar black and purple theres, a dual camera and a dual led flash setup on the back plus a fingerprint scanner for security. And while the left side has this dual sim tray with a dedicated memory, expansion slot, you get the volume rocker on the power button to the right of the smartphone. At the bottom, we get a 3.5 millimeter audio jack port, a mouthpiece opening, usb micro, usb port and the down firing speakers. Now the speakers are really tiny sounding but thats common around this price range theres, actually nothing out of the ordinary about the display asides being a huge display, as with other devices right now, the infinix smart, 6 plus display is a 6.

6 inch display with a water Drop notch: a 20 by 9 aspect ratio, an hd plus 720 by 1612 pixels resolution, and this is an ips lcd display that sports a decent 500 nits in brightness. The display is slightly better than the previous version in terms of the color, and you would have no trouble streaming. Videos on youtube, as this smartphone is quite appropriate for mainstream media consumption up to 1080p on youtube. The infinix mass 6 plus is powered by the mediatek helio 822 processor, and it runs on android 11.. The cpu on here is based on the mt6761 model and has four cores running at two gigahertz now. The variant i have here includes two gigs of ram and built in thats two gigs of memory, which is not really large, but you can expand this using the memory expansion slot in here to 128 gigs. You would be able to play simple games at a reasonable pace when it comes to gaming. The cpu on here cant handle demanding games so limit those expectations and play games like subway surfers. Instead moving over to cameras, i had little expectations for the prize. However, pictures taken on the smart, 6 plus come out pretty decent the notch on the phone houses, a simple 8 megapixel camera for the selfies and a single led flash at the rear, theres a dual camera setup with an 8 megapixel main sensor and a qvga sensor. The rear cameras can record videos at up to 1080p 30fps now because of the lighting and draw flash on here daytime photographs sticking with the rear camera seem good, but the selfie cameras pictures are passable and it is pretty tough to take decent photos in low lit Situations, the camera lacks stability, so videos might seem shaky, but the camera and video shots are adequate for the price youre paying the battery.

In my opinion, is this devices most vital point? It has a 5000mah battery and a power saving processor, so it can. Last you up to two days, depending on your usage, the 10 watt charger that comes within the box of the smartphone charges, the smartphone, with no fast charging capability, as it takes a while to juice this device from zero to a hundred percent roughly three hours. So generally, the infinix smart, 6 plus, is a good budget smartphone with good fundamentals. You have good display a good performance and a strong battery life, which is the main selling point, its a decent entry level option. So, if youre thinking of buying a suitable smartphone for your grandma or older relatives, this is a good choice.