Yes, when its been 25 days of using this icon, 9se and im getting so many comments on this device, is it what to buy right now or not so thats? What this video is about and ill try to discuss about each and every aspect? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages and what are the things you should know before you actually buy this? I could nine se smartphone in case. If you want to know more details about this icon, nc make sure to join my telegram group for the icon and see there. You can actually find lot of information regarding this icon and ac device along with that. Kindly do check the links in description for the playlist of the icon and ac device, so there you will get lot of information regarding the battery or in the gameplay loudspeaker arctic feedback and everything. All the things are available in the complete playlist information. You can find the links in description below so lets get started. Friends first thing is that so what is the price of the icon and hd device? So right now its all able for about 31 000 rupees after using 3 000 bank offer from the icsc credit card. You can actually get this device for about 30 990, so which is kind of pretty good deal for the snapdragon 88 processor, which i can definitely say that and its the lowest priced snapdragon 88 processor as well. Something to do with the price range now lets discuss about the performance.

Why so whats happening with the performance snapdragon needed processor? What is going on? So let me show you a couple of benchmarks and everything. So first thing is that the benchmarks are pretty good. Regarding this one, i did expect slightly kind of higher temperatures, but the phone did reach not that much high. It was able to maintain below 40 degrees toward the time of testing. Regarding the cpu totalling test. These are the graph looks like like on the cpu totaling. I did do plenty of times it was kind of close to 80 percentage, most of the time cpu totaling, as you can see, sometimes your 94. I did do this kind of testing use using in the freezer test and next using the cooling clip as well. Something like that. But overall 80 percentages are throttling. You can actually see in the icon and hd device and 90 fps by default. There is no option in the battery on small game. You should definitely know about that and one more thing. There is some kind of software optimization which is required in this icon and sc, because its not that well optimized during the software optimization because, while playing the bad events mobile game, so if you use the game frame interpolation, you can actually feel some lag and gyro Issues so i would not recommend you to play using the gameplay interpolation and call of duty. Game also feels slightly kind of uh problem as well.

Recording game is playing at 30 fps im, not sure why its kind of like that it also need to be optimized. You may think theres some problem with the game itself: thats, not the problem with the game, because i do have the real me gt, neo2 with me real max and max device. Those phones were able to play 60 fps without any issues, same call of duty version. So its something to do with the, i think i could team, maybe im not sure, but because those phones are working 100, fine, 60, fps im getting real time, but not in the icon, any so. Regarding the performance, some software optimization need to be done in this device regarding the overall performance of this phone, but day to day, tasks will not have any issues. So definitely if you buy this phone right now, you can easily use for the next three years without any kind of issues that much powerful the snapdragon processor. It is in this device, so it feels very smooth opening and closing speed. Nothing much major issues. Youre going to notice in this icon and hd device, as you can see, ram management is also really fantastic. So next thing regarding the display. What about the display of this device so display of this device, which has got 120 hertz display refresh rate and one more thing in the performance i forgot to mention? You can use the game frame interpolation to post the fps from 60 to 90, which works really good and 4d vibration also works fantastic, and these are the few things which are worth mentioning, but display display wise 120 earths amoled panel.

Nothing much problem, but only thing is that a flickering effect will be there. So maybe, with the software update, they might fix this flickering thing which im trying to mention in a lot of videos, but still im waiting for the software update because same thing in the icosan. Also, they did fix it using this option, which is anti flickering mode before also icosan used to like flicker a lot. But after using this option, there is no flickering effect. This has been updated with the software updates. Hopefully, the ico should fix this issue with the next software update just to give the option. So, apart from that, i did not have any kind of issues. 120 hertz is working really good and colors looks clearly fantastic friends in the icon and s device. So not bad so when compared with ico 9 ico 9 used to have the 10 bit panel, but icon and sc has got only normal panel amoled panel, only not the 10 bit one. So all the display looks really good and hdr videos are kind of supported in the youtube without any issues, while one l1 support is there and netflix hd are also supported, so no issues with the display, except flickering so which can be fixed with the software update And next thing is about the camera part. Camera is another thing which i did like in this ico 9×3 device, which which is kind of very close to the iphone sound, especially the outdoor shots, whatever i take in so which is really good.

The outdoor shots, as you can clearly see the clarity in this device. So definitely friends, though camera wise, no issues with this icon and ac device overall and stabilization mode is also really very good. Even now, i did do the stabilization test while going on the bike. As well ill try to upload this video salter by stabilization and which is really good, like ultra stabilization, not ultraviolet, sorry, ultra stabilization, so camera wise, no doubt and nightmare shots, also really fantastic in this device nightmare shots so which is really wonderful in this iconic ac Device or all the shots which are taken so regarding the camera, also its really good os is there so no issues with that. Next thing you got in the battery and the charging speed charging speed. The phone takes 40 minutes to charge hundred percentage four zero. Forty minutes and battery backup you can expect up to screen on time close to six to six and of our screen on time. And if you watch my playlist, which is available in the in my playlist of icon and ac, try to watch this video battery and mobile game, you can see the phone did, survive kind of close to five and a half hours continuously playing batterys mobile game can Check that video for more proof what im trying to mention so with the gaming six five hours to six hours of time and without giving normal usage six and up like six enough hours, maybe screen on time.

You can expect in the icon and sc device. Recording the oral screen on time details thats it about the battery the charging speed, build called device, no issues, friends in the iphone 9 device, icon and ac device. Sorry! So no issues there is no 3.5 mm jack thats, something to be noted. But apart from that, i did not have any kind of major issues with the build quality, so load speaker is, it was kind of uh seem like i could sound like nothing. My huge difference with the loudspeaker in display fingerprints can also working really fast and accurate. Nothing much major problems with in display fingerprint scanner, but there are some software issues which ill try to discuss later on, but during the connectivity, more 5g bands, wi fi 6 is supported. 4G plus is also supported. So carry regulation is possible in this device. So no problem with that categorization you can get more 4g plus bands in the icon and ac device. Thats also really wonderful, even the 4g plus connection. No doubt with that, and next thing is about the software updates. We can expect android, 13 and android 14 to android updates and regarding the software, there are a lot of other uh issues and bugs which are going on in the icon and sc. So i did upload support video as well. Just today only just today, i did upload the video explaining about the problems and issues, and this is a video.

As you can see, it is kind of close to perfect, but only the software issues are there in this device thats. What this video is about, and few of the other users are also using this icon and see they did comment the same thing same thing. They are actually experiencing the same kind of problems. You can check the comments as well. Those is also experiencing same thing as you can see. I am using the icon and see every issue is mentioned in the video im also facing dont know whether theyll fix it or not so thats what happening friends right now. There is some kind of software issues problem going on in the icon and sc. Hopefully they should fix you. The next update same thing is happening with ios 7 iphone 9, so its not only icon and sc, even in other ico phones, its happening after the fun touch your dual update. Meanwhile, signing off friends. Thank you for watching until instead of more updates – and this is my complete 25 days of review after using the icon, nsc and let me know in the comment section below what are your thoughts and if you ask me, will i recommend or not like its uh? Only the thing is that software issues are there, but, apart from that, its really good value for the money, i would say for the snapdragon 88 processor, you can actually get in this device thats.