So guys lets begin with the unboxing and dont forget to participate in the giveaway. For the me band 6 link in the description and dont forget to like my video share and subscribe. So lets begin Music guys. This is the box for iq z65g, which i have just received, and this is the variant which i am having. It is a 6 gb, 128 gb and i have opted for a dynamo dynamo black color, its available in two color. One is the starling blue and the dynamo black so lets unwrap it. So, okay, there is one seal here, also its not. It is proper, okay, its in a yellow color inside pack. This is the silicon case and some leaflets this is the phone lets, keep the phone aside, the charger, its an 18 watt charger, the sim ejector pin and a type a2 type c, usb cable, so lets keep the site so guys. This is the phone lets unwrap it. I think you can just pull it out. Yes, its certain fighty coming to the physical overview of the phone, as you can see its a 6.5 inch. This ips lcd display with a full hd resolution and a 120 hertz refresh rate and on the back as you can see its a triple camera with a 5g written. It is mentioned. Ai camera aspherical with the iq branding its a plastic polycarbonate body with a plastic frame. If you see, on the left hand side, it is plain on the right hand, side you have the volume rocker key and the power button embed with the fingerprint scanner.

If you come in the rear, a single firing speaker, a 3.5 mm jack and a type c usb, along with the secondary mic noise cancellation on the top, you have the sim tray and the secondary mic. Noise cancellation lets open the sim tray and check whether its a dual sim or a triple slaughter: dual slot. Okay, guys its a dual slim store its a hybrid solution, either a two sim card or a one sim card, one memory card: it has a water protection that is this ipx 52 rated. So you have a little protection from water and dust. If you look at the phone closely, it is exactly the same as vo t1 as its a sister concern brand and its a typical uh design of vivo phones. You may have seen this design in similar designs in another view of phones or two with a flat surface and a raised screen. Some may like it, some may not as im, not a preference im, not a fan of this ray screen. So it is your personal choice: Music, Music, okay, guys so fun touch os is ready, so lets check the storage. As you can see, there is some bloatways in the phone like daily hand, mod spotify by your shelter about phone, its a six plus two extended memory. Its based on android 12, its a 695 processor software version, its a os 12 global version and with the january 2022, so i will have to just check whether any update has come or not.

As you can see, storage 19.79 is used on the first put up. I have been using this device for several days. The fingerprint scanner works flawless, its very quick response. I did test the antutu benchmark, a respectable score of four lakh fourteen thousand seven twenty. I got so in performance. As you know, this is a snapdragon 695 5g processor built in six nanometer and it uses uh. It has several options: 4 gb, 6 gb or 1 8 gb, coupled with the 128 gb ram event. Sorry, 120 gb storage, which is a ufs 2.1, the performance, its a decent device when it comes to performance gaming also, gamers will also enjoy thanks to it five layer, liquid cooling system, the full will not even heat that much. I have been playing uh call of duty and i did not feel the fee if i did not feel that the phone was hitting too much just light, which is a normal while playing games when it comes to display. It is a 6.5 inch display its an ips lcd display with a 120 hertz refresh rate, the smooth scrolling. You have the settings for the you can set the refresh rate between 120 hertz 90 hertz 60 cell, or you can even use the smart switch which which will detect automatically and adjust the refresh rate. It has a 240 hertz touch sampling rate. So a nice thing, especially when it comes for gaming when it comes to connectivity, you have the all the basic connectivity covered, including bluetooth 5.

1, and you have fm radio also in this, and it has the regular sensor. The fingerprint side mounted accelerometer gyro proximity and compass sensor in connectivity. I did face one issue due to the limitation of the dual 5g band only supported in this phone in qatar. When it comes to 5g network, only vodafone network is supported, whereas the only sim is not supported due to the limitation of the band. The 4g and other brands work flawlessly in both the network, but there is no carrier aggregation when it comes to music. Its a single firing, speaker, Music, its quite loud decent enough when it comes – comes to camera. This is the default interference. You have several settings like time lapse. Panel document 50 megapixel mode. I will post some samples shortly. The camera is basically a 50 megapixel primary sensor and a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth, and the video recording 1080p is supported on 30 frame per second on the front its a 16 megapixel selfie camera. I will click some portrait, snaps and post some samples. I have been playing this call of duty. As you can see, the gameplay is fine and the touch sampling rate of 240 will not disappoint you and when it comes to heating. Also, there is minimal heating, thanks to the six layer, pro 5 layer, liquid cooling system, which helps to cool down the cpu and the settings. If you check the graphics setting its on high and the frame rate also high, this is the default setting.

You can adjust it lets when it comes to battery performance, a 5000 milliamp battery with an 18 watt charging support. I wish it would have been if anything would have been a much better deal and because, in this price range, i have seen some some manufacturers giving uh providing a 33 watt charging. So that is one drawback to summary up on the device. The major flow of the device only to 5g network. This is one of the major flaw which i found on this on this device. Otherwise, its a fairly well packed device and the battery backup will give you easily a one day usage on heavy using. So if you are a moderate users, you may it may go up to two days and another drawback for me, its a 33 watt charging, the preference may change depending on users. Some may tell they may have no issues with the 18 word. Also, if its giving a single day battery so its up to personal preference, so guys thank you for watching the video. I will mention the price on the screen and in the description and dont forget to participate in the giveaway for the me band 6 and to give your love and support by sharing the video and subscribing to my channel.