Yet im will for gsm marina and lets see what the edge 30 pro has to offer in our full review. Music. The moto edge 30 pro is a flagship phone that brings quite a few changes feature wise compared to the previous model. As far as design goes, though, its very similar, this isnt a small phone – and i do like the finish here – its matte and pearlescent, reflecting light into different colors – the gorilla glass 5 back tapers into the frame, but that frame is plastic. This year, not metal, moto phones generally bring some splash proofing, but this time its official ip52 rated dust and splash resistance. The h30 pros display is very similar to the 20 pros, its a 6.7 inch oled with a 1080p resolution and an extra fast 144hz refresh rate 144hz is faster than most rivals, which you generally find at 120.. This means that this display is even smoother and more fluid. Looking when swiping around in the 144hz mode, it will be locked at this refresh rate for most activities or you can switch to the auto mode which will dial down to save energy, but it maxes out at 120 hertz. Besides the refresh rate. Another special feature of this display is stylus support like what youd get on samsungs galaxy s22 ultra its not as well integrated, though youd have to buy a moto, stylus separately and theres no dock for it on the phone. The display itself isnt the sharpest around, but its enough at ‘3 ppi, its quite contrasty, thanks to the oled technology and theres hdr 10 plus support and 10 bit color too just like last year.

Colors are pretty accurate, especially if you take the time to tweak them in settings. This isnt the brightest panel weve, seen especially for a flagship, its still decent, though we measured around 485 nits maximum with a manual slider, and this can boost up to 685 nits in auto mode when in bright conditions, and rather than an under display solution. The edge 30 pros fingerprint reader is built into the power button on the side, its responsive, but positioned a bit too high for comfy use, unlike the moto edge 20 pros single speaker, the edge 30 pro has a pair of stereo speakers with dolby atmos support the Phone was able to score very good on our loudness chart and sound quality is solid too Music. You can get the edge 30 pro with 128 256 or 512 gigs of storage on board. This isnt expandable, though the h30 pros interface, is what they call my ui based on android 12.. It brings a very stock, look and feel similar to what youd get on a google pixel and thats, especially noticeable up in the notification shade. You do get motos special functions as well, which are accessed through the modal panel and theyre, pretty much the same as what weve seen on previous devices. Theres. Also support for motos, ready for which allows you to connect the phone to a tv monitor or even a pc, thats great for things like casting media, multitasking and video calls, while the previous model had a flagship killer chipset, rather than a top tier one, the edge 30 pro isnt holding back it brings the same snapdragon 8 gen 1, that youd find in this years.

Other android flagships benchmark performance is chart topping as youd expect, both cpu and gpu wise. Both everyday tasks and heavy games run great on the edge 30 pro and when it comes to thermal throttling, it does a surprisingly decent job too. One of the more underwhelming features of the moto edge 30 pro is its battery life. It has a 4 800 milliamp hour battery, which is larger than last years model, but its battery scores were much lower in our tests. Overall, the edge 30 pro earned an endurance rating of just 80 hours. The global version of the phone ships with a 68 watt fast charger, but the us version only gets a 30 watt one with the large adapter. We were able to charge the edge 30 pro from zero to 85 percent in half an hour and its usb power delivery adapted. So you can fast charge other devices too. On to the cameras. The edge 30 pro has a 50 megapixel main cam, with a large sensor, ois and omni directional autofocus, a 50 megapixel ultra wide with autofocus and a depth sensor. You miss out on the periscope telephoto of last year, which is a bummer anyway. Photos from the main camera are very good, though perhaps not on the same level as other flagships. You get low noise, pleasant, color, saturation and excellent detail. The rendering of fine detail sometimes leaves more to be desired, though. Moto has also gone for a contrasty look, which means that some shadows and highlights are on the harsher side.

The h30 pro has to rely on a digital crop from the main cam for zooming. These are relatively soft and have some visible noise like in the skies portrait shots are decent subject. Separation is excellent for simpler scenes, though it can be fooled by busy backgrounds or messy hair photos from the ultra wide arent amazing, but theyre pretty good. They have low noise and a solid amount of detail were not huge fans of the dull colors though, and the dynamic range isnt that wide since the ultra wide camera has autofocus. You can use it to take close ups, and these have much better detail than those dedicated macro cams. You see on a lot of mid range phones, theres, also a macro mode which applies digital zoom to get even closer. These are still decent, but you lose some sharpness and detail in low light. The main cam is capable, but again not at the level weve seen from competing flagships. Theres plenty of detail and noise levels are okay. Colors are a bit muted, though, and while dynamic range isnt bad, the shadows are darker than wed like night mode brings some noticeable, but subtle changes. The biggest benefit is that clipped highlights are restored. Shadows are also a bit better, but you dont get much more detail in dark areas. Some textures and fine details generally get smoothed out too. The ultrawides low light photos are okay, theyre, soft and colors are desaturated, but dynamic range could be worse.

Night mode brings a number of improvements. You get a sharper image overall, with brighter shadows and better contained highlights. The h30 pros front facing cam has a high resolution. 60 megapixel sensor selfies come out at 15 megapixels by default and they have great detail and low noise. Dynamic range is nicely wide too, but colors can be a little too conservative, especially in indoor scenes. The edge 30 pro can record video and up to 8k resolution at 30fps with this main camera, the 8k footage is actually quite decent, although its not the sharpest weve seen theres plenty of detail, and we like the exposure colors and the dynamic range 4k footage from The main cam is also good. It maintains the nice colors and dynamic range of the 8k videos and the detail level is excellent for some reason. The ultra wide cam maxes out a 1080p resolution. The quality is fine, but it could use some extra pop in both colors and contrast theres electronic stabilization available on the main cam and up to 4k, and it does a decent job in combating shakiness, though it does seem a bit floaty. Turning on the stabilization with the ultra wide seems to drop the image quality quite a bit so thats the moto edge, 30 pro or motorola edge plus 2022 compared to last years model. You get stylus support on the display, stereo speakers, a top notch, chipset and faster charging, but the problem is its not all upgrades here.

The battery life is lackluster, while the edge 20 pros was pretty good and youre, also missing the telephoto cam now so in the end, if you really want those new features, then the edge 30 pro is worth recommending, but otherwise there are other options to consider.