Now, let me start off with the motorola edge series. The motorola edge series was supposed to be this flagship series that takes on pretty much all of the well known competitors out there and with the edge pro i believe two years ago, it started off doing a pretty good job. It introduced flagship processors. It introduced a flagship display. It also introduced flagship features like a periscope telescope camera things like wireless charging, but with the motorola edge 20 pro motorola decided to take a step back. They didnt bundle in all of the flagship features they had with the motorola edge, which got me thinking as to why they did that they did maintain the flagship processor, although at a slightly lower price tag and slightly toned down specifications, no wireless charging etc and the Motorola edge 30 pro is 2022s flagship, smartphone, which ive been using for the past two weeks, like i said, and this one is even more stripped down, which i dont know why motorola did right off the bat youll notice that this thing has a very bulky design. Its not really lightweight, nor is it very sleek, its 196 grams and 8.8 millimeters thick and it doesnt attract any fingerprints at the back, which is really good, and this color is really nice looking and although this is made of glass at the back, this is gorilla. Glass: 5 protection at the back youre, looking at a plastic frame so with the plastic combo and the glass it sort of feels cheap in the hand, almost like a mid range smartphone, which is a shame.

You do get ip52 water or dust resistance, theres, no ip67 or 68, like youd, expect for a smartphone at this price point. But alas, this is all you get splash protection. You wont be able to dunk the smartphone in water, but if youre out and about using it in the rain, you shouldnt worry too much about damaging it in any way and like youve probably already seen, this is no small smartphone, so ive got relatively small hands And for me to be able to hold this thing is a challenge on top of that, a motorolas design team might have overlooked where theyve placed the volume, as well as the power button theyre a bit too high up. So in your natural sort of resting position. Its really hard to reach the power button and especially hard to reach the volume buttons and the power button, also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Although the the fingerprint scanner doesnt have any sort of an indent. So when youre trying to unlock the smartphone, it is really quick to unlock at times, but you sometimes have to struggle as to even if youre pressing it or not. So that sort of confusion is a bit of a problem a bit of a challenge to get used to. You do get used to it after a week of usage, but i would have liked there to be an indent. So you know exactly where the fingerprint scanner is, instead of this being sort of this flush design which im not particularly a fan of the volume buttons, like i said, are a bit high up, so adjusting can take a while.

You cant really adjust with one hand like this, because its quite unwieldy, but again with usage, you should be able to get used to all of these things. Just fine, but where this large form factor does come into its own is with the display. Now the display on the front of the smartphone is a 6.7 inch panel theres no waterfall curved design, theyve gone for a flat panel, which i like a lot its a full hd plus panel oled as well a shame that theres, no fingerprint scanner built into the Display itself, because i think that would have been completely sort of eliminating that issue altogether, but, alas, you dont have that and the multimedia experience id say is pretty good. You can watch all your content without any problems. The stereo speakers are great, too. The only complaint. I have with the display is perhaps the bezel. The bezel is a bit too thick around all of the edges now this is me nitpicking, but at the end of the day, this is marketed as a flagship smartphone, and i have to review it like a flagship smartphone. So i think the bezels are just a bit too thick for this to be justified, a flagship smartphone. But aside from that, the overall multimedia experience on the display is pretty good indoors ill. Tell you why i said indoors, but before that i also want to point out that this is a 144 hertz panel and compared to 120 hertz.

You can definitely tell the difference between the two. I went to using a 120 hertz phone just yesterday. Actually – and i could feel just slight choppiness in that – which i know is asking for too much for a smartphone, but the 144 hertz really spoils you and the way motorola has done. It is pretty good. Theyve got this adaptive 144 hertz refresh rate sort of option which dynamically adjusts as to what the best refresh rate is going to be, and it does a pretty good job. There are a few frame drops here and there when youre pushing the smartphone a lot, but i havent noticed them um too much, which is great and, to be honest, the 144hz all the way isnt something ive used, ive always stuck to the optimized version, because i Just feel like it does a pretty good job, but back to where this thing is a problem, the display has one major concern, which is the fact that it doesnt get bright enough. This is an oled panel. This supports good multimedia consumption indoors, but as soon as you pick up the smartphone and go outside, you will notice that the displays brightness is lacking and its not lacking at full brightness. So if you were to actually slide all the way to full brightness, you can see pretty well, but the drop off from full brightness to even 90 is just so drastic that when you try to use this phone at even 90 outdoors, you cannot and compared to Lets say any flagship: smartphone mid range, like the galaxy s21 fe, the smartphone.

I came from uh to switching to this one. I could notice that i was able to use the galaxy s21 fe at 50 brightness outdoors, whereas with this phone, even at 90 and im sort of facing the sunlight through a window, its really hard to use so thats, something you have to keep in mind. If you want a good display and youre out and about a lot thats, not to say, though, that the internals on the smartphone are truly flagship and they complement the overall experience pretty well inside. You find the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, which is an octa core processor, the latest of 2022, alongside 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. You cannot expand the storage, so you are stuck with what you have and, to be honest, i dont mind. The 256 gigabytes is going to be plenty for anyone wanting to use this phone for maybe two or three years even content. Creators can do so and if you really need the extra storage just get a hard drive transfer all your data every once in a while, and you should be okay with 256 gigabytes of storage. Now the flagship processor does lend itself to a few problems, which is the fact that the smartphone does overheat a couple of times near the camera. This is when im scrolling through twitter and instagram all simultaneously with a youtube video running around so thats. When you start to notice some overheating at the back, its not major and the overheating generally is what brings the frame rate of the display down.

So that is something you have to keep in mind if you want a gaming smartphone and at the same time theres this odd glitch that i noticed just yesterday, where i was trying to use picture in picture mode in trying to watch a competition. I watch sports on a regular basis and the large display really helps with that and i like to use picture in picture. But when i tried to do that with chrome, it didnt work, it works on pretty much. Every single phone ive tried so far, even the most budget smartphones are capable of doing picture in picture, but unfortunately, for this it just doesnt seem to work. I dont know if this is a glitch, and maybe perhaps motorola can look into this with a software update, but so far this is one problem that i faced. It doesnt happen when youre using google maps, but it does happen when youre using chrome and trying to watch a video, and it wouldnt be fair to talk about the experience without talking about the software. This is android 12, pretty much the purest and cleanest android experience. You can get on any smartphone, barring the pixel, with a few motorola touches. So if you sort of shake the smartphone, you can turn on the flashlight just like. So if you twist the smartphone, you can even unlock the camera just like so so. There are a few things here and there that motorola has thrown in that makes it just a bit higher up when compared to a stock, pure pixel experience – and i dont really like android 12.

android 12 just makes everything a lot more cumbersome like if you want To connect to wi fi and also connect to data theres, just a lot of things going on even the toggles. When you pull down the notification shade, i just like how one ui and samsung does it theyre just very easy to reach, whereas here it kind of feels like youre, not using the screen real estate as efficiently as you can, i dont know why theyve made the Toggle so big, but yeah, i havent found it to be a very enjoyable experience. Yes for stock android fans. This is going to be great, but for me i do prefer one ui and as great as stock android is you also do not get updates? So this thing is stuck on the january 2022 software patch and were in april, so i dont know whats going on with motorola, but definitely looking out for motorola to push an update which hopefully fixes some of these issues that ive been facing and also sort of Refines this flagship smartphone and makes it a better buy over the next couple of months. Okay, so, finally, the camera, i think the camera is perhaps the biggest backwards step on the motorola edge 30 pro. This thing has a 50 megapixel wide and a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, setup with a 2 megapixel depth sensor and the 50 megapixel primary camera is great, its got a reliable shutter and it can take some really good.

Looking images, although there is one thing to point out, the images that come out of the device kind of seem very, very color graded. They have this reddish tone to pretty much all of these images, which can be toned down and sort of completely normalized in post. But if youre someone whos just using the smartphone as a means to capture your images, wherever you are, this thing is going to get slightly annoying over time. The ultrawide, while 50 megapixels, does lend itself towards a noticeable drop off in quality its not that pronounced during the day, but definitely during the night you do see a big drop off and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, isnt, really a camera that you can use. Although i did find with portraits it kind of did a good job when there was a harsh backlight sort of behind me and the portrait came out pretty good looking, but aside from that thats pretty much the camera experience, i wouldnt say its a very, very um Sort of feature packed experience, the features are there in the software, but theyre just really hard to navigate its, not very simple. To use and again, this is something that motorola needs to fix. The camera interface in general has been a problem for motorola over the past year, a year and a bit even when i was reviewing motorola smartphones even in 2020. This was an issue, so i hope that motorola just refines the overall software experience when taking a photo, because i think thats going to go a really long way in making sure people enjoy using the camera experience.

As far as the video quality is concerned, youre restricted to 4k 30fps. There is no 4k 60fps option. I have been browsing through forums and ive. Read that if you turn to 20×9 video, you can enable 4k 60fps, but i dont want to film in 4k uh nine. So i would like 4k 60 fps to make it to the motorola h30 pro with a software update, and this is why im looking forward to the software update videos are pretty good when it comes to the wide camera lens. As soon as you switch to the ultra wide, you need to be filming at 4k to be able to get all of that resolution. All of that quality at 1080p and the ultrawide definitely dont use the video camera when youre doing so. The front camera is actually a 60 megapixel camera, so thats pretty good uh. Your selfies are going to be really really crisp, and that is something that these days, you typically find to be sort of a point you want to push forward when it comes to. You know social media, the presence of all of this sharing and photos. The video quality on the front is also pretty good. I have filmed sort of a vlog like experience on it and i did find that the field of view was a bit restricted, but aside from that, the quality was actually pretty good and finally lets come to battery life. This is a 4 800 milliamp hour cell.

Here, um, no surprise, considering how large the smartphone is: the 4 800 milliamp hour cell. When i first switched to the smartphone, i did feel it wasnt going to be enough at 144 hertz, but thankfully it has been enough to last me through a full day. Now, when i push the smartphone a lot, i do end the day with around 10 to 5, if im going to work and then coming back and then going out straight away and then coming back im, not really confident. This can last me a full entire day, but you do get turbo charging for that reason: theres a 67 watt hour charging brake bundled with the smartphone and that charges pretty fast youre, looking at a full charge in pretty much less than an hour. Maybe 15 minutes to less than an hour or just shy of an hour, which i think is pretty good as far as screen on times are concerned, these are going to vary for everyone. For me, i get around five to six hours of screen on time. There hasnt been a day where ive pushed maybe above 6.5 to even 7 hours, so 5 to 6 is moderate, its not really pushing it to be the best, but you can survive with this smartphone and thats about it. The motorola edge 30 pro compared to other smartphones in the bracket i feel like it is a very, very tough sell. If you compare this to the galaxy s 21 fe, i reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

The s21 fv brings things like ip68 certification, a telephoto camera lens, as well as a 4k 60fps video and a lot more for a price thats cheaper than the motorola h30 pro here in the ua. Whereas if you want something thats, a bit more design centric, you can even go for the likes of the oppo reno 7 pro and i think the operano 7 pro and the motorola h30 pro sit right next to each other. So, if youre choosing between the two, this smartphone definitely is pushing it slightly higher with things like ip57 certification, thats, not there on the renault 7 pro. But if you want to choose between the galaxy s21 fe and this smartphone, i think the galaxy s 21 fe, regardless of which processor youre gon na get still comes out on top so yeah. Hopefully, you guys found this video review useful and if you did a like would be very much appreciated. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments about the smartphone and let me know which smartphone youd like me to cover next.