Also eight gigabyte ran variant uh. So this is the phone itself and first right away. I dont know at least if youre still buying this phone. I dont know you shouldnt, because this is not that great, because they have compromise in a basic thing, ill talk about that, but at least dont go for this color, because this is very, very weird color. I ha its just weird its so weird this color anyways, but lets look at what comes inside the box uh, so ive already taken out the device. So here you can see at least we get some stuff in the box, unlike some of the other vendors, for example, the galaxy m33. This doesnt even come with the charger, so at least youre getting a case, as you can see your transparent case and also a 33 watt charger uh, which is actually really really big for a 33 watt charger. I dont know why its so big but yeah at least you get the charger and this cable in the box. So im happy, they havent started omitting charges like what samsung is doing now, even in the mid range smartphones. So here is the device and uh first lets talk about the things that i liked about uh this. I like the fact that this one is having an amoled screen at 6.4 inch screen, so its not very big, so its comfortable to hold in the hand and the battery capacity is also pretty decent, its having a 5000 milliamp hour battery uh.

So with the processor. What they have given uh it should be good and uh. This is strange. They have its a good thing theyve, given an in display fingerprint scanner. I was not expecting that, because, generally in display fingerprint scanner, the cost goes a little bit ahead. I was expecting side mounted one, but here you have that so in terms of screen its its decent, and i like the fact that uh, the screen brightness also its actually pretty good. It goes up to thousand nets uh, which is a good thing i have. I was not expecting that, because, generally in many of the phones in this price range uh, though they will give an amulet screen, it will be not that bright thats, not the case in this one, and in fact this is actually a 90 hertz screen, not a 60 hertz screen so that way i would say in terms of screen uh they have done a better job than what i expected. Uh next good thing that i liked about this phone and thats. The strength is the rear camera im talking about the main camera, not the other camera. The main camera is 108 megapixel, samsung sensor, uh ill show you some sample shots later on, and next we have that ultra wide 8 megapixel and that rubbish 2 megapixel uh. I also like the front facing camera its a 16 megapixel front facing camera with the sony sensor. In fact, i like the pictures that were coming out with the front facing camera.

In fact, guys here are all the specs for your reference. If you want to know what this device is all about, but again coming to other things, uh, the build quality is strictly very average. Its just plasticky build, and i dont know why they did this. This isnt a different color. This is in a different color uh. So it does not match your gel that well, and i mean this attracts fingerprints anyways. If youre buying this go for something other color. I know in the video how it looks, but in reality this color simply does not gel well uh anyways. It does have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and again. This is also plastic. It does not give that premium feeling considering its priced at 18, 000 uh. I feel the build quality could have been slightly better in my front company uh bottom. We have a single speaker. No stereo speakers on this one thats a miss, i would say um type c port. We do fortunately get a 3.5 headphone jack and volume rocker, and this is your sim tray yeah. I like the fact that we do have. Actually, let me show you a dedicated slot for the micro sd card, so storage is not an issue uh both variant. Six and eight youll get 128 gigabytes of storage, so thats what it is so that way its okay but build quality uh. It does not feel that premium earlier. Some of the real me phones around this price point definitely felt a little bit more premium.

Uh. Okay, now coming to the thing that i did not like with this phone – and this was very very if you notice closely guys if im just using this – is at 90 hertz, even in the ui when the after is coming, it is actually showing a little bit Of jerkiness – and i i played around with this one i inst inside i went and i disabled ram boost because generally sometimes the ram boost etc reduces the performance. I disable that everything, but still within the ui, i do get that frame drops and it is noticeable every time i notice it. So i feel uh the processor that they used on this one thats. The snapdragon 680 is simply not that powerful and uh im confused with the choice of this process of why realme went with this one. If uh, i, i actually frankly thought this smartphone would be priced somewhere around the 15 000 price point. If that was the case, i was okay with it, but at 18 000 the performance is a little bit sluggish and youll notice it right now and again: yes, it comes with the preload bunch of junk wear, as you can see as usual, but again almost every Smartphone these days come with the preloaded chunk, where even the samsung m series are loaded. So i wont come except motorola x, motorola is the only one, so you get some junk where you can remove that.

But again i do notice the lagginess in the ui. Quite a bit on this one and guys right now it is showing that lag. Imagine what will happen after four or five months with when you install all your apps and everything. So the processor i feel, is not that great. In fact, i ran some benchmarks and the pricing of this one. This is the samsung m33 5g. I couldnt post the video of this one because i was not feeling that well, i thought why not lets just compare with this one uh, because the pricing is exactly the same on both these smartphones. Both of them are having priced at about 18 000 in india. As of now, i dont know both of them have offers, but this is the regular pricing that im talking about lets. Uh. Let me actually show you the benchmark score. I saved it. Lets just go over here and if i go to okay lets start with the uh. If i go to albums yes, screenshots, okay lets start with geekbench and if you notice the geekbench big difference single core just 380 too, and here the single code score is 733. That makes a huge difference guys, and that is evident in the daily performance of jesus smartphone. Let me just go back. I also ran pc mark 10 to give an idea – and here also, as you can see, m33 went ahead. This is having the new exynos 1280 and definitely it is performing way better than the snapdragon 680 and i also ran antutu i side loaded and here, as you can see, you can see a huge difference: two lakh, eighty six thousand four lakh ten thousand.

So that brings me to the point this processor, with that ninety hertz is simply not that pro uh powerful and i feel thats a biggest compromise on this smartphone and this samsung aim. What do you say? 33 is just more fluid uh, because if you notice the android scores huge difference, so that brings me to the point the processor choice, what they have done on this one is very, very weird another thing that i do not like on this smartphone. This is priced at 18, 000 and almost every smartphone that i have been launched in india in the past six or eight months above 15. 16 000 is having 5g bands. This does not have 5g bands. This is a strictly 4g smartphone and considering this price point i would say, thats a miss. Yes, if you could have given stereo speakers, it would have been great because the amoled screen is good, but again you havent even given stereo speakers, so they have made compromises in weird situation that makes recommending this smartphone very, very difficult. Frankly, i would say: good thing is yes, this also comes with android phil out of the box, so thats good, but again most of the new smartphones are coming with android out of the box uh. The saving grace of this smartphone, i would say, might be the rear facing camera and again its the typical uh. What do you say, uh interface, that you see uh with realme 1x and you get this 3x and they are able to go to higher zone because its a 108 megapixel – and this is the wide angle that you are getting lets forget about the 2 megapixel uh Crap then the front facing camera also is actually pretty good and it performs much better than i expected.

Let me actually show you some of the sample shots that i have taken with this smartphone taken with the rear facing camera and, as you can see uh, this came out really good. This was the ultra white theres, some color difference, and this is the 3x zoom again its digital zoom. So lots of detail but regular shots, as you can see, come out very good and also there is no extra color uh exaggeration, like weve, seen in some of the earlier realme devices. In fact, i also like the natural bokeh that you are getting with this one. Now going to human subjects, also, as you notice, the skin tones are produced actually pretty well with this one. But when you invoke the portrait pokemon, i feel its that extra contrast that its doing, which is a little bit weird uh front facing camera, though the performance is actually really good. As you can see, and even in the portrait mode, i feel the front facing camera is actually doing a pretty good job so guys. What do i feel about this real me? 940 smartphone and i have to say, uh. This is a very confusing smartphone, simply not that balanced. The good thing is that, yes, it has an amoled screen and that rear facing camera and even the front facing camera is good, but the choice of the processor used on this one brings the entire experience down and at this price point at about 18 000.

This simply does not make that much sense and at this price point youre getting a lot of other smartphones that have 5g. In fact, the samsung galaxy m33 uh with this the exynos processor – performs way better than this one, and in fact i would say even the motorola g71, which is slightly pricier thats at 19 000, are much better than overall smartphones compared to this one. So i would say uh this realme 9 4g is a skip for me.