This is the samsung galaxy a53 5g samsungs. A series of smartphones are very popular because they offer good specifications at a fair price. Now i have been using this smartphone the a535g for about 10 days, and it is in time for my full review so thats exactly what we are going to do today. Lets talk in detail about the samsung galaxy a53 5g, sit back, relax and enjoy. Let us start this review by talking about the design and build quality. It looks absolutely stunning, especially with that camera module, that camera module is simple and minimal and thats exactly how i like it, not only that the entire smartphone gives a very good aesthetic vibe. Also, i love this blue color im glad that samsung sent out the blue color, because i think that this is the best one out there now. If we talk about the in hand, feel this smartphone does not feel bulky at all. It is a comfortable smartphone and it is lightweight as well. It does not feel like youre holding a brick in your hand. It feels like you, are, holding a premium smartphone in your hand. As far as the build quality goes, you get gorilla glass on the front and a plastic back panel. So yes, it is a plastic back panel and do make a note of that. Also, the back panel is matte. It will not attract any fingerprints whatsoever. I do appreciate it being a matte back panel and it is also not scratching very easily.

I have been using it without a case and i have not seen any major scratches whatsoever, so that is a good sign now. One design choice that i do not like is the removal of the headphone jack. So yeah, you wont, get the headphone jack with this smartphone and its kind of disappointing as far as the buttons go. They are very clicky and tactile. The ductile feedback of the buttons is awesome, so that was design and build quality. Lets move our attention towards the front of the smartphone with that beautiful display. So this smartphone comes with a 6.5 inches full hd plus amoled display, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, its amulet with those deeper blacks, great contrast ratio, the viewing angles are awesome and the colors just pop out samsung has been the best out there in terms of Displays – and this smartphone is no exception for that. Samsung has put in a very good display over here, and you will have an excellent time with the smartphone, while consuming media or even while doing normal things. Also 120 hertz is like the cherry on the cake over here. Everything is super. Smooth, scrolling and swiping around is extremely smooth, and i have not noticed any major frame drops when it comes to 120 hertz. It has been a smooth experience now. If you talk about the bezels around the display, they are thin, they are not thick bezels and i do appreciate that its a flat display as well – and i do prefer flat displays over curved displays.

This gets me to performance under the hood. This smartphone comes with the exynos 1280 processor. It is an octa core processor which is 5g enabled as well and dont worry. You do get all the necessary 5g bands. That means, whenever 5g will come to india. This smartphone will be supported. If we talk about the day to day performance, i have not noticed any major lags whatsoever. It is a smooth experience, opening instagram watching youtube videos replying to email, whatsapp messages or, in general, editing some photos on lightroom or snapseed. Everything works like a charm on the smartphone ive, not noticed any lags whatsoever. Now i am not a gamer, but i did play some games on the smartphone like bjmi and in bgmr. You will get good performance its only that higher fps options are not unlocked. Maybe those options will be unlocked via software update. So if someone from samsung is watching this, then please take this feedback that higher fps option should be enabled in bjmi but yeah in actual day to day performance. I found out that this smartphone does not lag. It is a smooth experience now. One more major aspect in performance is the software samsung galaxy a53 comes with one ui 4.1 out of the box, based on android 12. yup, its based on android 12, and you also get the latest security update. Samsung has been doing a very good job in terms of software updates, and the smartphone is no exception for that software wise, you are sorted.

One ui is fast, smooth and very well optimized for the smartphone, not only that you will get a lot of customization options as well and ive come to like one ui a lot. I use a samsung galaxy s22 as my daily driver and on that smartphone as well. I love one ui. You will get a similar experience on the samsung galaxy a53 as well. Its a very good skin on top of android. Also samsung is promising four year of major software updates and five years of security updates with this smartphone. So you can definitely use this smartphone for a longer period of time, because you will get software updates. Now lets move our attention to my favorite part about any smartphone, and that is the cameras with this smartphone. On the rear side, you get a quad camera setup, a 64 megapixel primary camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera a 5 megapixel macro camera and finally, a 5 megapixel depth sensor on the front side of things you get a 32 megapixel selfie shooter. Now, how do the photos turn out from this smartphone? If you talk about the photos, the photos are amazing. You will get really good images out of this smartphone. The dynamic range is impressive shadows and highlights are exposed in a very good way. The hdr is working properly with this smartphone. Not only that you get detailed photos and the colors are natural as well. They are not too over saturated and not too under saturated samsung has a typical look in terms of their photos, and you do get that with this smartphone as well.

That look is actually good and the photos are pleasing to the eye. This goes for the main, as well as the ultrawide angle, camera. The ultra wide angle, camera adds in a very good perspective. You can fit more in the frame and this ultra wide angle. Camera is detailed as well its not like youre getting soft ultra wide angle. Photos nope, nothing like that. You are getting detailed, ultra diamond photos as well. Also the 5 megapixel macro sensor is surprisingly good. I did not expect the macro sensor to be good, but yeah. It is good and you can shoot some really creative photos using the macro camera now, if you talk about portrait mode, portrait mode is also working like a charm. The edge detection is good and the background blur is natural. Now the mean 64 megapixel. Camera is also optically stabilized, so, yes, you do get ois with the main camera os will help. You click some really good photos during low lighting conditions, even without turning on the night mode. You can click some really good low light shots because of os. If you talk about low light photography, you are sorted here as well, because you do get a dedicated night mode. Night mode is working like a charm with the smartphone. If you want to shoot detailed and high quality photos during low lighting conditions, you can do that very easily night mode will give you very good and detailed photos with excellent dynamic range and the colors pop out.

It is a pleasing image to the eye. Os will also help you shoot some really good videos out of this smartphone. You get hardware stabilization, and that is excellent. Also, the video quality itself is good. The videos are detailed with great colors, so i am really glad that samsung put os in this smartphone. A lot of brands skip on os, but this smartphone does come with os. Now lets move on to the front camera. The selfies on this smartphone are good as well. You get detailed selfies with natural skin tones. Also dynamic range with selfies is impressive shadows and highlights are exposed in a good way. I do like the selfie camera over here and again. You can play some really good portrait mode shots with the selfie camera as well. All in all, i am very happy with the camera experience of the smartphone. It does not disappoint at all. This gets me to battery and charging samsung. Galaxy a53 comes with a 5000mah battery and it does not come with a charger inside the box, so you will have to buy the charger separately, which honestly is disappointing. I think that this is going to be a trend moving forward that smartphone brands are not going to give you the chargers, but anyway, coming back to battery life battery life has been excellent. With this smartphone, it will easily last you, throughout the day, with some juice left towards the end of the day as well.

Also, if youre a light user, you can stretch the smartphone to one and a half days easily. It is giving you good battery life. I have no complaints with the battery life whatsoever as far as charging speeds go. You do get support for 25 watt charging, but you will have to buy a usb pd charger. So if you end up buying the smartphone, then do buy a usb pd charger from samsung itself, because that will give you the best experience now lets talk about one very awesome and interesting feature with the smartphone. That is an ip rating. It comes with ip67 certification. That is an excellent thing. That samsung is offering you ip67 rating a lot of smartphones out. There do not come with an ip rating, but this smartphone does that. So that is an awesome thing. This gets me to other little things. First off the smartphone comes with an in display fingerprint sensor. The in display fingerprint sensor is fast, accurate and reliable. I have not had any issues with it whatsoever. If we talk about the speaker, the speakers are amazing. They get loud enough and the sound is clear. As well, it does not distort this. Smartphone also comes with expandable storage. So, if you want to expand the storage via microsd card, you can use up to a one terabyte microsd card. If you want to buy it, i will make sure to drop a link to it in the description box below so anyway.

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