sahala strength, smartphone and the review name indeed unbox. It whats up guys anton here, and today we are going to be taking a look at the new budget option from vivo the y 21t. Now, when we take a deeper look into this device, bang entry level, galan talagashar pero – you are paying 10 999 pesos. So today it is quick reminder long before we move on with the video make sure to subscribe and leave a like, because your support matters a lot to us here at unbox and make sure to check out our other socials in the description down below for more Videos like this and, of course, giveaways so first things first lets take a look at the design. We have the pearl white colorway here, not glossy and depending on the light it shifts from purple to greens and red colors, its a pretty tame design compared to other back panels, weve seen from other vivo phones with super fancy, geometry and colors. But this is still quite unique now in terms of build. The back panel is made of plastic, and so are these side rails, where on top, we find the dual sim and the micro sd slot for expandable storage, 3.5, millimeter, audio jack young charging, port at bottom firing, mono speaker, new volume rockers at your superior side mounted Fingerprint sensor super convenient to have much faster and more consistent compared to other display fingerprint sensors. Again, i will die on this hill now for a phone in this price range.

Its no surprise that gowash is a plastic feature. The vivo y21t comes with an average 5000mah power cell, but they really stretched that extremely well with their software and other features, giving us around 24 hours and 46 minutes of screen on time according to pc mark battery benchmark. Now, like i said before it to you, might be nakamata screen on time compared to all the other smartphones weve reviewed this year. So far now for charging, we are getting just an 18 watt charger for that 5000mah cell. So it does take a bit more than an hour to fully charge this device, but thanks to that stellar battery life, now you can push this device up to two days of use before even needing to charge. Battery life is so stellar on the vivo y21t that it even supports reverse charging with an otg cable. So you can keep your other devices charged without even losing as much battery compared to other smart devices. Now, like i said out of 28 other smartphones weve reviewed this year, this vivo y21t is definitely the champion when it comes to battery life, but as we look at the other specs on this device, vivo y21t, so lets jump into the display that comes pre installed. With a glass screen protector, punk safety, i guess which is always a welcome feature, because you always want to protect that 6.51 inch, hd plus ips lcd display. Now the bezels on this phone is pretty thick, especially in the chin area, and it still retains that very vivo teardrop notch.

Now that notch really stands out, especially since we are getting punch, hole displays in smartphones that come under 9000 pesos nowadays now vivo really compromised. When it comes to the resolution on the screen on this device now, you wont really notice that it is just an hd plus screen unless uh atanapping yuma jacket, pixels, which is still hard to find thanks to their vivo halo, display technology. Now the display still gets nice and bright, especially with contrast, making it quite enjoyable for media consumption, and this low spec screen might not be the best available in this price range, but it definitely helps with a much longer battery life now in terms of performance, this Phone is sporting, the 6 nanometer snapdragon 680, which is quite competent when it comes to power, efficiency and pushing decent graphics for gaming. Now, in terms of ram, we are getting 4 gigabytes of ram on this version of the device and software wise. We are getting an additional one: gigabyte of software extended ram, so apps running in the background can stay there for quite a while and multitasking on this device is consistent and reliable. Now the snapdragon 680 is no gaming monster, but when it comes to gaming performance on the y21p, it is quite serviceable, especially with the ultra game mode. That gives us a lot of different gaming features and also helps maximize the adreno 610 gpu, giving us up to 20 percent better performance than the previous generation.

Now pokemon unite did default to the lowest frame rate among a higher settings, so that is nice to see some more competitive games. Like this i mean the snapdragon 680 is a competent chip, so it probably defaulted to the lowest settings to save on battery life, which is again the strongest suit of this device. Now onto the cameras, the vivo y21t comes with a triple camera setup, a 50 megapixel main camera and two helper sensors, a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel bokeh camera photo. Quality on this device is actually pretty good. La lunapa maganda young lighting mo mairo online inconsistency, but the things that color accuracy as a lot of your photos do come out as unsaturated and kind of washed looking, although when it does come to dynamic range, the vivo y21t does a pretty good job of not Blowing out your highlights and crushing your shadows and you can see detail, especially if you are still against the light now, the 8 megapixel front facing camera suffers the same issues in terms of color accuracy, as the main sensor colors still come out, looking washed with significantly Less detail compared to the 50 megapixel main sensor, but once again image processing, dynamic range, where you can still see your background without the sun blowing out the highlights now when it comes to video recording, it is capped at 1080p 30fps. So definitely not a strong suit of the vivo y21t, but video performance does remain consistent with photo performance.

So there is a unified look to the cameras on this device. Now i did notice a little bit of electronic image stabilization, but to make the most out of this video recording experience, make sure to use a tripod to get the best detail and quality. Now it is hard to find this a competitive entry level device from vivo. It is a well rounded phone with slow and steady performance, but the compromise compromises they made at this price point can make it pretty easy to overlook. Now this phone definitely falls behind in the screen and camera department, but their hard focus on the battery performance can make it an easy recommendation if you need an affordable phone that lasts a long while, if you need to be on call for work for a very Long time this is a great option to reply to emails and messages and receiving calls so thats about it for the vivo y21t and for 10 999 pesos. They definitely decided to focus on different aspects to make this a viable competitor, but this definitely fills a gap in the market for its price range. Dont forget to leave a comment down below justified by nan vivo y21t. Let us know wed love to hear what you think now dont forget to leave a like and make sure to subscribe and check out our other socials in the description down below for more videos like this and future giveaways.