You know what time it is its time for that warm hot cup of whatever it is you like to drink, and you know whats really disappointing when that warm hot cup of whatever it is you like to drink, goes cold now, surely somebody has figured out a Way to keep a hot drink, hot and no im not talking about an insulated thermos or an insulated mug im talking about a freaking smart mug, actually im talking about the ember smart muck, which is the thing that this review is about now, the ember smart mug Is a mug so smart that you can set a precise temperature through the phone app and the mug will actually keep your hot drink at that precise temperature. Now, in this review, im going to take you through all the main features of the amber smart mug, how its held up over the past six months and whether or not i recommend that you should buy it. Lets dive in ive had my amber smart mug for over six months now, and in that time i have to say its become quite an enjoyable mug to use the main features with this device all happen within the smartphone app though, if you dont have a smartphone Around and still want to use the mug you can it defaults to warming the beverage to 135 degrees, fahrenheit or 57.2 degrees celsius, when a phone isnt in use amber has several temperature and liquid detection sensors embedded within the mug.

So it knows when to turn itself on when it senses liquid has been poured into the mug and to turn itself off when it knows theres nothing in the mug. Now the battery will last you about an hour or so. But that depends if youre pouring something into the amber smart mug that is warm or, if youre pouring something into it. That is cold if its cold thats going to shorten the battery life, because the heaters within the mug have to work harder to get that drink up to the desired temperature that you set now, if youre planning to sip on your warm drink all afternoon, uh what Ember recommends for those situations is just place: the smart mug back in its saucer that will charge the smart mug as well as allow it to continue to keep your drink at that consistent temperature. All day long, i found the mug to have a very simple, modern, aesthetic. The led indicator is pretty useful as well. Itll show red when it has a flat battery itll flash orange when its charging green when its fully charged itll blink blue when its in bluetooth pairing mode, itll, blink white, when its warming slash, cooling, your drink to the desired temperature and then itll turn solid white. When your ideal temperature has been reached, the app is pretty slick you can download it from both the ios and android app stores and the app allows you to select preset temperatures.

That ember recommends for specific drinks, and it also includes a tea timer as well as recipes to try setting up the device is pretty simple. After opening the app you select, which mug you have and then hold down the bottom button of the ember mug to start the pairing process, once paired youll, be asked to pick a color for the led located towards the bottom of the mug as a personalization touch And in case you have multiple mugs around in your house, youll be able to tell them apart. Youll then be asked to log into an existing account or create a new one. After that, itll usually download the latest firmware to your ember, smart mug and then youre. All set so far the only issue ive run into with my ember smart mug, is that it will occasionally lose connection to my phone. I wish the bluetooth range on this. Smart mug was just a little bit better, so i didnt always have to have my phone right around the smart mug. Now the smart mug is smart enough to know that if it loses connection with my phone, it will keep warming whatever drink. I have in it to the last set temperature that i had in the smartphone app. So what are some downsides to owning this mug? There are two that ive run into with owning my ember smart mug, the first being the mug itself, its a 10 ounce mug and for me, thats, just not large enough for most of the lattes i make now.

Thankfully ember now sells a 14 ounce version, though its a little bit pricey. The second downside is, you have to be careful when hand washing the mug not to get the bottom wet. You dont want water near the base plate. The other potential downside is the battery life of the amber smartmug, its only rated for about 500 charge cycles. So, depending on how much you use it, you may be looking at having to replace it only after a couple of years, and i havent found any information about whether or not the battery in the ember smart mug is replaceable all right now on to recommendations. So far, ive really enjoyed using my ember smart mug over the past six months. As someone who enjoys sipping on lattes and hot chocolate and having their drinks be consistently warm its perfect, but that perfection comes at a cost. Amber mugs start at around 80. and a 130 for the larger size. They also carry a mug perfect for keeping hot drinks for up to three hours. So, if youre going to a game out in the cold, thatll be the device that keeps your drink warm the longest while pricey, if youre willing to pay to keep your drinks warm, i dont think youre going to be disappointed. You can get the amber smart mug at various retailers, including amazon and ill leave, links below in the video description in case youre interested in purchasing one. If you like this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button below.