I just want to share my final thoughts with you and i think its not a specialty phone, its a really good everyday multi purpose phone and in this price segment i think thats what a phone is really supposed to do now. I do have my reasons for this, so let me explain despite a massive 5000 mah battery, this phone is quite elegant, looking its thin and, at the same time, doesnt feel as bulky as it really could have been. A beefy battery can and will make your phone look thick, ugly and inconvenient, but this not so much the camera module. It neatly blends into the back panel, its not too protruding and doesnt feel like much when youre holding it. In your hand, you also get optical fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers, micro, sd card storage, expansion and on top of all of this, this is ip67 water and dust resistant and thats, pretty good design. In my opinion, the only thing to not be happy about is that theyve removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack. I know a lot of people are now switching to wireless earphones and yeah, but its still a novelty now and its gone in the 853, but yeah the phone overall doesnt feel bulky sits comfortably in the hand and despite the plastic bag, it does not feel cheap To me, it has a very nice matte finish, which gives it a slightly premium touch and the pastel blue color really lands it and because its plastic, it doesnt, get slippery.

It doesnt get sweaty. If youre in a humid area, it keeps it cool and its pretty lightweight second lets pick up display. Samsung is known for the best displays, and this one has it too. Its an fhd plus amoled display, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, the display its both super smooth and super bright. Its got a peak brightness of 800 nits, which is more than sufficient in the brightest of daylight conditions and since its an amoled display its definitely a blast of colors, vivid and very high contrast, so, whether its photos or videos, everything looks super punchy. The one downside, though, is that it does not play hdr content, also, while it does say 120hz refresh rate and its actually pretty smooth and fluidic. However – and i did point this out in my unboxing and first impressions – video also if the page or the app content is still loading, it does sort of ruin. The 120 hertz fluid scrolling experience, and this does have a bit to do with the processor and ill talk more about it. But first i want to talk about software. It comes with android 12. One ui 4.1 right out of the box, but whats exciting, is that it comes with all the premium features that we saw with the galaxy s22 i mean, except for samsung dex and wireless powershell, which of course is a hardware thing. This pretty much gives you the flagship one ui 4.

1 experience its got: link to windows screen recorder, quick share, smart view, nearby share, dobby atmos, always on display extra dim, secure, folder, quick, switch to secure folder and even bixby routines. Whats. Also great is that samsung has blessed this phone with four years of os upgrade and five years of security updates, so youre sure to get all the way up to android 16 on this phone theres also stuff, like object, eraser and reflection, eraser that would detect unnecessary Objects or reflections in your photos and remove them if you draw around them so yeah that was reason number three. The software and the upgrade experience all right now on to the reason number four, which is cameras. The a53 may not have the most advanced set of camera hardware, but given the four lenses it has and samsungs optimization, the final results are quite good. So here are samples taken using the primary lens in the regular 12 megapixel mode, although you can take photos in 64, megapixel mode. If you choose to now, given sufficient ambient or natural light photos, come out crisp and clear theyre nicely detailed, colors look close to natural and the phones. Software does not aggressively over optimize the photos which is good even indoors. The camera does a good job of taking close to natural pictures, and i do feel that a bit more dynamic range would have worked wonders for this camera, but guys go ahead and download these photos im going to leave a link in the description.

So you can just actually look at these photos for yourself and evaluate the quality. Now here are some shots. Comparing photos taken using the primary lens on the left and ultra wide on the right standing at the same spot. Now the ultra wide does seem to have better dynamic range, but its clearly less bright as compared to the primary lens, which stands at f 1.8, as opposed to f 2.2 on the wide angle lens. So what id suggest is that if the lighting conditions are a little poor, then you should use the primary lens, and otherwise the ultra wide really takes fantastic shots, and moving on here are some shots taken using the portrait mode, which have also come out really. Well, i mean look at this picture of jazz and this is unfiltered with just minor editing. I can make it look almost professional and even with transparent, glass bottles, the separation did not get ruined, except for maybe a bit over here highlighted with the yellow. These here are now shots taken using the front facing 32 megapixel uh camera, which also does a good job at detecting human faces and applying that portrait mode to create a nice bokeh effect now in low light thats, when the cameras performance is really tested and as It gets darker, it does get challenging, though there is a bit of loss in terms of color accuracy, but the photos are quite noise free, as you can see right here, but again guys.

I really suggest that you go ahead and download these photos from the link in the description check out the quality and see if these are the photos that you can work with and by the way photos on on a computer screen would always look a little less Saturated while on your phone, they might look better. So look in both places and hopping onto videos, while the a53 can shoot 4k videos at up to 30 fps theres, also optical image, stabilization, which ensures that you get a reduced shake when shooting videos, especially while walking or moving around very quickly and here im. Just trying to take some footage of you know dogs playing with each other. Let me know in the comments. What do you think about this footage reason? Number five is power efficiency, so its got an exynos 1280 chip, which is not a powerful processor but, in my opinion, its a really power efficient phone. So what that means is you can just do more on this phone for longer. So if youre watching tv shows videos movies, you can do that for longer. You want to take photos and videos over a long period of time. You can do that. Basically, you can chill with the phone for longer without feeling the need to charge it every now and then so you take a power, efficient chip and then you, you know, bring in a 5 000 milliampere hour. Brick youve got two days of battery life, and that is a requirement of a lot of people.

People who are on the move. They commute a lot. They dont have enough opportunities to charge their phone thats. You know the group of people. This phone is really meant for, and i think itll do a great job at that. It doesnt mean that you cant play your favorite games just to demonstrate. I played asphalt, 9 and call of duty. The gameplay did not have any issues. The only issues id say is that it takes a while for the game to load depending on how heavy the game is, and the graphic quality is not as sharp, because the processor wont support it. Games, like call of duty, wont even give you the option to increase the graphic quality and, of course, thats done so that you at least get consistent, gameplay performance and not a laggy one alright. So these are some legit reasons for getting the galaxy a53 and, as i said in the beginning, this is a fantastic everyday, multi purpose phone that starts at about 31 000 rupees in india and 350 dollars in the us. Its got a large display and stereo speakers. Great for watching content, youve got 5000 mah battery. You can watch that content for longer, youre, probably never gon na have any battery anxiety thats how efficient the chip is. Uh you get one ui 4.1 all features clubbed in you get five years of security updates and four years of os upgrade its just a really reliable, durable phone and you get samsung support.

So, all in all, i think its a pretty well balanced package and price is really subjective. It really depends on what youre looking for as a user if youre looking for super fast performance and high graphics and great gaming, maybe not. But if youre looking for a feature, packed phone great for consuming media, a content and a great battery life, its a really good phone to think about all right, thats, pretty much it guys on the 853.