Today we are going to be reviewing the moto g. Stylus 2021. lets take a second and talk about motorola. So if you were born from the 90s to 2000s, you probably know about motorola used to be a huge phone manufacturer and stuff, but most of us know how the story goes. In 2007, the original iphone came out and just flipped the market on its head. So today, in like the more modern market and stuff motorola isnt, exactly that big anymore, like theyre tiny compared to the huge manufacturers like apple and xiaomi and samsung. But it still does make pretty good phones. And this phone right here fits into a bit of a weird category, so you can get it for two hundred dollars, which is already really cheap and the hardware you get isnt the best or anything, but it for two hundred dollars. It still is a really good deal and when most of us think of like uh like a stylish phone, you might think of them all like the old notes or maybe like the new s2 s. S22, ultra its really just a note with the s name. But this phone is like its 200.: it has a stylus, so that alone already makes it super unique. Like you, cant go out there and get a cheap phone its like a built in stylus, like you actually can buy styles for their phone and stuff, but you cant just go out, get a 200 motorola phone or any phone, and just have it with a built.

In stylus, this is really one of a kind, so i think motorola really struck gold with this new line for phone set, their started up so like no one wants to really go out there and have to buy a phone and the stylist and the style doesnt Go on the phone and got carried aside around separately, like no one really wants to do that. I wouldnt wish that upon my worst enemy, so this phone really is good, so you can just buy it: a 200 phone so on a cheaper end, theyre, really cheap and nowadays – and it has a stylus built in, but the stylus isnt, the best on this phone Uh it isnt like bluetooth, connected like the apple pencil or the or the s pen, because italy is just like a normal stylist like you, cant use it to take pictures or anything and it doesnt like wirelessly charging or just normal charge. So all so it is kind of slow, and but the coolest thing is that it does have a little like when you pull it out. Just have this little like um apps that work with it. So i could go in and lets do drawing. For example, i could go and start like drawing around and, as you can see, the latency is pretty good since it isnt blue or isnt that exactly that good, because it isnt bluetooth connected so like if youre really trying to do something like super detailed like lets, Say uh drawing or something you might have to go slower to make sure that you doing all the details so like i would watch out for that or maybe like uh or maybe like if youre, like, writing stuff down like if searching stuff like isnt.

That good and i did realize that it like when you draw it, does have like this weird wavy motion. I mean not like the cur, like not like my hand, basically see if you go up closer. It almost has like these little ripples in it, almost as if youre drawing on the real like pen or something so that its my favorite, but it does work out really good and the camera isnt exactly bad. Its a 48 megapixel main sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide, a two megapixel macro and the two megapixel depth sensor, just on the back in the front in the corner, its got a 16 megapixel front. Camera camera is really good. I guess the front camera right now and but only a problem with it isnt. It was like a camera hardware or quality, because i think the quality is really good. I mean i prefer some other phones, but thats, just my preference, but my only thing is: is that the camera is in the corner, so you have to hold it like really to the side and stuff really weirdly to get it to be straight like if i Was hold this like straight in front of me, as you can see, thats just like completely off and im like and its also like an angle kind of thing, so you know pretty much whatever like orientation you have like taking selfies or something its going to be That little bit off and that pretty much annoys me, the most was this front camera, and this back.

Camera is also really good, like my only problem with it is that the 40 megapixel sensor, so this pretty big sensor, it automatically been to 12 megapixels im, not talking about like oh you, its all im going to play, benson just got turned off and stuff like No, you only are able to let it go to 12 megapixels, so you can have use the full 48 megapixel capability, but i do think it looks pretty good. My only problem with it is that it does look a little bit too contrasty. It really brings out the really small details, which can be a good thing, but this thing like really makes the really small details like really stand out and really big, so im, not a big fan of that, but some people like it and you might and ultra Wide its pretty good, but the one problem i have with this ultra and most other phones ultra rides, is that since theyre so much lower than the normal one like, you can really like see like also like, like its like its pretty good detail, but it isnt, Like 4k, like i like the apples ultra wide but like you, can only see it snap into like um, like the normal, like main camera, which i dont have a problem with that. But i feel like if youre gon na be bidding the 48 megapixel camera at that point. Max will just like make it 12 megapixels to make every camera on the 12 megapixels, so they all are consistent quality.

I do have kind of the same problem with this um with the macro lens, which i, which i i first i thought it was something like different color thing because of the flower showing, but if you put it up to an object yeah, it will take a Second for it to there, but since it is only two megapixels isnt the best or anything but like it does still work really good for close up details and stuff, but other than that. I really just wish that they would just bump the main sensor down and make the other two cameras – um 12 megapixels, so that we can have consistent quality throughout, like i dont think the macros bad, but like it could be so much better. Just like the ultra wide through overall, the camera is like fine, but you really have to take into account and really look at how this phone is like 200. So like. I would exactly forgive it if it was a 500 mid range, but since it says 200 dollar mid range, just really cheap, even for a mid range like it still packs in a big punches to cameras like, obviously, you can get better out there for maybe, like A better deal i made from real me your oneplus, maybe but like, but actually it depends on your preference, but i do think this camera is really good, were not getting anything to demand or anything well pretty demanding, because youtube does build your battery kind of a Lot because its the most important thing after anything, but it still does like push on your camera and screen and stuff pretty or not, camera just still does like pull on the battery a lot pretty uh pretty hard, because this because im throwing up the screen, the Chip and stuff, it is still kind of demanding so were just doing that for about an hour and now were just onto the camera.

So the camera is really hard for a phone to do, because i dont think people exactly get this, but a phone has to shoot 4k 60 times a second whats. Not that sound like that, because you kind of hear that a lot nowadays like 4k 60, 4k 60 kind of thing, but it still is pretty demanding but now were just doing tic tac, which is pretty much draws. The same amount of power as youtube. A little bit less, i would say, though, and sorry for the phone falling down into the corner. I was in a bit of a rush and actually knocked it over into that. So thats, all my fault and it looks like i forgot to pick it back up. So unfortunately, i guess were just im as im. Just gon na have to be stuck with that, but in this phone, but now its back on the camera again and now its back on youtube so but looks like this phone got four hours, 54 minutes and 19 seconds. So this phone has, i i will pretty good battery life because you can get better out there, like you, can get 10 hour battery life with the new iphone 13 pro max, but that isnt exactly a fair comparison, comparing something thats, seven times more expensive to something. Thats 200, so isnt like the most fair comparison and overall, i think the stylus actually overachieved, like i get almost like one of those scenarios so, like you say something like as if youre, under delivering an overachieve kind of thing, because like for 200 phone, i expect Three hour battery life and its like its a really cheap one, like 150, which isnt that far off, i expect like an hour and a half two hour battery life, but five hours.

It got like two hours more than i was expecting to do so like over delivered like isnt the best battery life like you can get better out there, but like on a 200 phone youre, probably not gon na get that much better and i did run the Camera a lot so that might be a reason that it didnt get like as high as high, as i hope like as high as like some other phones like six hours or something, but still they get good. And overall, i kind of just like really like this phone, like its got a really good camera. My only thing is: is that the camera, rather than being over saturated, like the moto g6 is this can be a little bit under saturated so like? That is a a little bit of an issue for me, but im also coming from like an iphone 13 and a samsung galaxy s20, s20 ultra, which are like seven and 800 phones. So it wasnt exactly a fair comparison because, like im, expecting it to look like way over the top like these hundreds of dollar phones, even though this is even though its two hundred dollars. So when you really think about it, yeah its two hundred dollars youre, getting like about the same quality like i like, only like a little bit under saturated but overall, its a really good phone.