So this here full on 2022 sequel. The galaxy a53 has quite a lot to live up to and ive got to say after using it as my full time, smartphone for just over a week now its not quite hitting the same highs as its predecessor. But in many ways it is still a very solid, mid range mobile and strong competition to the likes of the oneplus. Note 2 and other mid ranges around the 400 pound price point so heres my full samsung, galaxy a53 review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now. As far as the design goes. Not much has really changed up at all compared with last year. This thing is rather wide and stocky to the point where i kind of struggled to fit it into my jeans pocket. If youre a fan of skinny jeans, you may find you get prodded in the pancreas quite a bit as well. Thankfully, with my baguia jeans, no problems whatsoever, but, as you can see, the galaxy a53 is a tall bugger too. So, even when i do get it in there, it tends to jut out a bit. Samsung is offering up black and white color options if youre not too enamored with the peach or this here blue effort, but to be fair, theyre, pretty subtle hues, and for me that splash of color is very welcome. Indeed, that back is once again constructed from plastic and thankfully its got this lovely matte finish to it, so it doesnt get all smudgy and disgusting, even if youre regularly in the habit of snacking on deep, fried meaty.

Goodness. In fact, the galaxy a53 even passed the most hardcore challenge out there, the greggs sausage roll test, those greasy smears were mostly masked from side, just a quick spit and polish, and this smartphone was looking pristine again and good news if youre a bit of a butterfingers, Because the galaxy a53 is tougher than a weather, spoons pork chop that gorilla glass, 5 screen is still scratch free a full week on even with plenty of punishment, and even that plastic arse end and the edges are practically pristine. After a fair few drops, i did fumble this thing a fair few times this past week, partly because its an awkward size shape and quite hefty, and partly yes, because i do like a drink, so sue me and so far the only scar on this samsung blower Is a tiny teeny weenick up in this top left corner, which to be fair, is barely visible at all? Otherwise, you wouldnt even know that this thing had been dropped at all and also youve got ip67 water and dust resistance here, a feature that is really ruddy. Tough to find in a mid range smartphone now another thing that i really like about samsungs mid range mobiles, as you basically get the same slick software experience packed in here as you do, with the premium priced considerably more expensive s, series handsets youve got the latest Android 12 on board the galaxy a53, topped with one ui 4.

1. So anyone whos used to samis smartphones will be proper cozy. All of the usual samsung apps and services are slapped on here. So if you make use of them rather than googles alternatives, then great news. You also do, unfortunately, get some unnecessary extras like facebook and tick tock chucked on now. I wont spend lots of time in this video banging on about all the great features packed into one ui, 4.1, all of the best new bits, etc. If you want to know more about that, go check out my in depth dedicated video on one ui4 and thatll explain a lot. However, its definitely worth pointing out that samsungs security smarts are once again back in action here. On the year 53 youve got the knox security suite version 3.8, its the same as what youll find on those expensive, s22 handsets so its good to know that your privates will stay. Private and ive definitely got no complaints with that in display optical fingerprint sensor, either its reliable enough only really struggling with proper moist mitts. The fierce recognition, not quite so impressive. The year 53 does occasionally take a couple of goals before it actually works out that i am me, but its always there as a backup, if you need it and on the storage tip weve got 128 gigs stuffed inside of the a53, so pretty standard fairly generous Amount of, though, after one week of use, ive used about half of that amount, partly because of gentian bloody impact and partly because of the 23 gigs worth of system files, but yes, glory b.

The a53 does support microsd memory cards up to one terabyte in total. So expansion is easy enough now that display attack hasnt really changed up much at all from last years models, and that is more than fine by me, as samsung really knows how to spaff out a gorgeous smartphone screen. This 6.5 inch super amoled once again, pumps out finely detailed, full hd plus resolution visuals, with really poppy colors wide viewing angles and only a teeny, wee, infinity or orifice poking out of that top end. Its another super smooth 120hz effort, but you have to manually switch from 60 to 120. If you want that fluid finish. The brightness topped off at around 800 nits and i had absolutely zero issues with visibility. When i was outdoors even when it wasnt heavily overcast for a change, the galaxy 53 stereo speaker setup is impressive, too packing more of a wall up on that top volume than ever before. But one of the drawbacks of grabbing this years model is the lack of a headphone jack. Thankfully, the bluetooth streaming has been absolutely flawless all week, long, no matter which pair of headphones or speaker i was streaming to and youve got full dolby atmos support on here. As well so overall, the sound side of things gets a big thumbs up now, rather than opt in for a bit of snapdragon action again, this phone is actually powered by samsungs, very own five nanometer exynos 1280 chipsets, backed by six gigs of ram, and unfortunately this Does feel like a bit of a downgrade in many ways, even with everyday use, when youre just flicking through menus opening up, apps, etc.

You will see a fair bit of judgment and pausing going on its not as bad as it was a week ago, when i did my unboxing as an update. Doesnt seem to have sort of sorted out some of the performance issues, but overall, its still not as slick as some of its rivals like the pixels and the camera. App in particular seems rather drowsy at times. Sometimes it can take a little while, for that focus to finally fix onto your subject, and especially when youre shooting in low light, the processing times can be rather tedious. Likewise, if youre gon na be gaming, its best to keep it light with some call of duty or pubg mobile, which play perfectly on higher detail settings samsungs screen is spacious and sharp enough for a clear view of the action at all times and its responsive enough To give you a chance against the legions of filthy snipe and school children, however, gentian impact and more demand and fare do prove much more of a challenge even on the lowest detail, settings so id say: theyre probably best avoided, even though sami does offer a selection Of gaming tools to help you out, thankfully, this past week, ive had absolutely no issues with the 5g connectivity or the wi fi connectivity either the network inside has been absolutely fine, and one of the absolute highlights of the galaxy a53 is that battery life, with a Bigger than ever 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cells, squashed into that awesomely blue frame.

Not once have i had to recharge this thing during the day and thats with plenty of punishment as well. I think, on the heaviest day, so far this week, i used it as a sat now for a couple of hours. I took a lot of photo and video samples with this thing. Overall i had the screen turned on for almost seven hours. I was doing lots of deezer and audible streaming in the background as well, and i still had drags left when i staggered into bed. I think it was about midnight and also thats, with the always on display active thats with 120 hertz screen mode turned on all that good stuff. So i wasnt limiting it in any way at all and we do need to recharge well. The galaxy a53 supports 25 watt fast charging, although you dont get an adapter bundled in the box. Youll have to supply your own and yes, 25 watt, pretty slow compared with a lot of mid range rivals which now offer the likes of 65 watts fast charging. In fact, xiaomi on its redmi note, 11 pro plus offers 120 watt fast charging, which is kind of bonkers, but here no wireless charging support, though here on the a53, which again is a feature thats pretty hard to find at this price. Now another area where the ear 53 mostly impressed me, was that 64 megapixel primary shooter with built in ois. Given enough light, you will get accurate, colors, rich textures and crisp detail in all of your test shots.

These things look good, even when viewed back on a telescreen and even with pretty strong contrast, it is rare to have a seriously saturated pick and while the focus isnt the fastest around, as i mentioned before, i never found, i had any fuzzy out of focus photos After a full week of testing move indoors or to more ambient light, and the colors do take a bit of a hit, but the a53 still captures impressively fine detail just make sure your subject. Isnt moving about as theyll probably end up. Looking like some sort of blurry david lynchian nightmare and in the evenings, this blow does an all right job as well, with a dedicated night mode to help out when needed. As usual, youve got a selection of bonus mods to play with including an excellent portrait mode that once again allows you to tweak the bokeh strength after youve taken the shot. Youve also got a food mode which boosts the colors massively and does indeed make your greg sausage roll or whatever look more appetizing. If you want to reminisce about what you had for lunch, my own favorite, however, is definitely samsungs single, take mode which, once again, is back in action here on the galaxy a53. This is ideal for owners of cats or kids or whatever, for whenever you cant decide whether to take photos or capture a bit of video of them in action, and the a53 also offers up a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, which does a reasonable job with Color reproduction and doesnt distort things too badly.

Definitely a handy option when you need to fit a lot into frame and then the rest of the camera setup is rounded off with a simple macro lens and a depth sensor as well. Video can be shot at up to a 4k ultra hd resolution at 30 frames per second or you can keep it at full, hd at 30 or 60 fps. This here is all 4k footage and once again, im pretty happy with the results here. Outdoors youll find yourself getting good, looking clips with clear audio pickup all around the phone, and while the quality of the images does drop when the lighting is in short supply, its still not bad. Last up around front youve got a 32 meg selfie snapper, and this works well in a range of conditions a little too well actually, because it clearly picks up all the wrinkles and sags and gray hairs. When you knock off that annoying beautify, bollocks youve got a wide enough view to fit in a couple of fellow human beings with portrait mode smarts, to really help you stand out and the good news for any wannabe vloggers or whatever you out there is. You can actually shoot 4k ultra hd video footage using that 32 meg selfie snapper and the vocal pickup is really strong as well. So there you have it my lovelies thats, my full final thoughts on the samsung galaxy a53. After using it as my full time phone for a week now and ive got to say, while it doesnt quite hit those highs of last years models, you dont get the headphone jack.

Unfortunately, the game and performance isnt quite as slick its still a very solid, mid range mobile. If youre not bothered about a jack and youre not going to be pushing your new smartphone with the latest memory guzzling android titles, then youll probably get on very well indeed with the year 53. Although the performance is still a bit iffy at times, including the likes of the long camera processing times, but anywho thats, what this ball get reckons, what do you guys think if youve been using the a53 as well be great to hear a mini review down in The comments below please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest. I can have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.