For 34 990 pesos available there, either the white or the black one and a real knee global young story benta not technically real me philippine sparrow legit foreign, its actually not possible anyways. I guess lets proceed to our unboxing Music. I said that this phone is a practical choice. Opening the box, of course, is the future in paper hindi. I know welcome to the real me family make connection phone and, as you can see, white now or paper white young miranda actually know and alice in an this is how it looks like it looks very clean. We also got here, of course, a case. I think no medjool similar predecessor, its not clear, im, not complaining because its the complete opposite of the phone that we have delicated but look. It looks very elegant anyway. We also got here young, acting usb type c to usb type in a charging keyboard and, of course, real me. Super dart power. Brick also sustained anyway lets talk about the design, probably my favorite, out of all the realme devices, its actually a collaboration with a japanese industrial designer naoto. If it is a collaboration anyway, the back panel is coated with a biopolymer finish, that kind of mimics paper crayon and the future in paper young text. So yes, its not made of glass just like flagship phones. Obviously, it still is made of plastic, but i am not complaining young texture guys. It feels really nice a device, its very lightweight and to be specific, its 189 grams actually available when it come in paper, green colorway pack, pastel green.

I really like that. One attack reviews um outside the philippines, sadly its not available so shopping. It also has an aluminum frame for that premium feel as expected. Well, italian headphone jacks, a phone but amaze speaker, taiyo, usb type c port salalim its your typical dual speaker setup is button, is on the right and, of course, im volume wrappers i nasa khaliwa overall parasafan and designer it looks really great in a lagging glass sandwich. Room on flagship phones, its good that ryami is offering something different. The only downside was a phone at all, since putting asha, of course make Music when it comes to its smoothness and, of course, colors 6.7 ltpo 2.0 amoled display in the miranda 120 hertz panel. Actually, aside from it offering a higher resolution 2k screen, it offers up to 1400 nits of peak brightness, along with its uh ldpo version 2 technology. Well, according to realme, lower energy consumption lang, dao yung meron young display number gt2 pro as compared to other phones number one oled display. As for me, i did not notice this at all, but young device pero its worth pointing out anyway. You will be very much happy, sakanyak display. It also supports each dr10 plus work very well, especially on youtube, no audio, wise, very standard lamp. Hindi, no sobrang should we say impressive, probably dying a bottom firing and the one from the earpiece its well balanced. But again, nothing really that impressive Applause, Music Applause, Music anyway, i am really liking the display, guys young.

You will be seeing three options: paris screen color mode. We got the vivid natural and the pro mode actually under pro mode merenting the lavon option, its between cinematic and the brilliant screen resolution by the way kapalka open device, its not yet quad, hd plus, so you have to toggle at hanyang settings to actually, you know Maximize yungan and kanyang display well on quad hd plus na resolution feathering, while turning on the high 120 hertz refresh rate pero since hd plus, i prefer using the auto, select burn down battery. It has a very fantastic performance. There is flagship chipset, which is young, welcome snapdragon 8 gen, 1 4 nanometer node size for a better performance. We are also getting up to 12, a gig of ram and 512 gig of internal storage, numero ufs 3.1. The beauty of having the latest chipsets smartphone is that in a future proof device software for the years to come. So yes, its the best that you can get on any phone right now and pretty much everything will run on it or whatsoever, and everything from games to normal browsing and hardcore emulation through, like a gangster impact, work better than any other device at this price point. But unlocking the device is also very fast, even when taking photos guys. I did not face any issues: Applause switch between modes, the Music, but not as much as compared to others, primary 15 megapixel camera, a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera and young third camera.

Nothing guys is what we call a micro lens camera, which is essentially a 3 megapixel camera for a microscope level. Magnification, which is the same camera oppo, find x 3 pro anyway to be accepting pinaka primary shooter in real me, gt2 pro, which is the 50 megapixels, uses a sony imx 766 sensor. It has a size of one over one point. Fifty six inch numerating ois and supports multi directional pdaf. Next, you ultra wide camera, netent, probably atom out of all, since this is very rare. In my current 150 degree, field of view photos right now out of the competition very consistent, then guys, probably because it has the same megapixels to the main camera sharpness 150 degrees. This can help measure dramatic shots, but of course there is a bit of distortion again. Its fun that we have this kind of feature, dedicated, telephoto, lens quality, its good enough for social media sharpness is okay and your level of details are capturing a microscopic camera. Its the same company find x, uh phone. It uses the camera, together with the flash kayak super close up shots for the main camera passenger camera. For us to be able to capture 50 megapixels still have to go to the option, to click it paranoim and then sharper young, adding images compared to the big brands. The america is. The industry like, for example, of course, apple and samsung. In fairness, jung sharpness nathan is really great. Dynamic range is also excellent in parasite for social media use.

You will not get the same, of course our resolution when taking photos and videos in app now for the selfie camera. I forgot to mention guys that we have a 32 megapixels selfie photos, not an ito, although its nothing comparable to the rear, camera photos and adding brightness, and it lacks a bit of color but overall young detail to shoot videos up to 8k resolution. Honestly, you know it sounds really good on paper, but in real life 8k resolution, its good that we have at least me option, but do take note that hindi machine stabilized footage when uh taken from 8k resolution along it may not have the microscopic feature. The 8k video resolution, but again near like experience anyway, real me, gt2 pro guys out of the box inaka android 12 na, which is good according to redmi guys. This phone will offer or deliver up to three major os updates and up to four years security updates. So sigurado hoyonna, hmm, hang on android 15 about your gt2 pro in terms of its operating system. Realme ui still has a colorful user interface, now very customizable young elements and meron denshank surrealing iconography for the notification sheet and the general settings. It also has less pre installed, applications, smartphones, lower price point, molina device, a quad, hd plus resolution. Despite those that impressed hosa, hdr video streaming papano, we got 7 hours of screen on time and a little juice remaining, i would say yes, refresh.

Additional features requires more money, of course, but at least it comes with a real me charger, which is capable of 65 watt charging 0 to 100 of battery juice in just 33 minutes. Actually, this is significantly faster flagship phones and galaxy s 22, plus overall parasaken ryami gt2 pro really is a great choice: meranjan high quality display excellent battery life, very versatile set of camera and, of course, a very well rounded performance, its a padito when it comes to The environment you use of bio based polymer plastics could really be also be one of the reasons flagship phone at limited, so yeah thats, basically it actually for todays review.