Actually, this video is more like a comparison video between these two smartphones but wait. I also have two other smartphones red magic, 7 and redmi k50. Amg gaming edition this one is special edition, a bit better than the other redmi k50 gaming edition. So we are gon na check all of these for smartphones today and then we will find the best gaming smartphone well lets start from unboxing. We will unbox this red magic, 7 pro and black shark 5 pro together, but before that one moment for the sponsor of this video, i am wearing a imilap. Kw66 ive been using this one for almost a month now, and i have no complaint about this one, especially heart rate. Monitoring of this smart watch is one of the best in its price segment. So if you are looking for an affordable, smart watch, then i think this imeilab kw66 is one of the best. The box of black shark 5 pro is significantly smaller than red magic 7 pro. But after opening the top lead its almost similar. There is another small box, something like an envelope and i believe inside this there is a sim ejector tool, tpu silicon protective case and a warranty paper lets see what things we have inside this black shark 5 pro box. This one is actually chinese edition. This black shark 5 pro, but the spread magic 7 pro – is the global edition. Well inside this small box, its the same, there is a sim ejector tool, warranty papers, some stickers and the tpu silicon protective case, thats our red magic 7 pro and black shark 5.

Pro i have bought the white colored variant of black shark 5 pro and the transparent variant of red magic. 7. Pro, oh, have you noticed black from black shark 5, pro red from red magic? 7 pro? If you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button like button is over there. Also please subscribe to this channel because i always offer honest review videos. Okay, underneath the smartphones, you will get a usb c to usb c charging. Cable and a 65 watt charger in red magic 7 pro box, but its a bit different in black shark 5 pro box, you will get a massive 120 watt charger and a usb a 2 usbc charging. Cable dont just do any judgment yet because, even if this is a 65 watt charger, this one has fought toe to toe. With this 120 watt charger red magic actually has managed to do some minimum optimization so that this red magic 7 pro gets charged very fast. It could manage to compete with this black shark 5 pro, especially from 50 to 100 percent, but when its about zero percent, two hundred percent, definitely black shark, five pro is way way ahead. Yeah, we will do the charging speed test. We will talk about battery life, but now lets put everything aside and unwrap the gaming beasts red magic, 7 pro and black shark 5 pro. Actually, i love both of these two smartphones for their design, design wise both have their own unique identity, but if i have to choose them, i will go for this red magic 7.

Pro build quality of this one is way better than this black shark 5. Pro in hand this one doesnt feel premium. This is a premium product, but black shark 5 pro in hand yeah. It feels good. There is some type of premium feelings, but its not a premium product. When you will hold these two smartphones side by side instantly, you will have the feelings that okay, red magic 7 pro is a premium product, but this black shark 5 pro well almost a premium product. Okay, if youre interested about rgb lighting, there is a rgb light at the back of this black shark 5 pro and the rgb light of this red magic 7 pro is actually attached to its fan. Yeah. There is an active cooling fan in this red magic 7. Pro and when the fan works, you will notice a rgb light inside that i think red magic. 7 pro is a bit heavier than black shark 5 pro actually due to its build quality and premium material. This one is a bit heavier. Also, you need to know red magic 7 pro comes with a better and heavier cooling system inside red magic 7. Pro got almost everything on the right side: volume, rockers power, button gaming button. Everything is on the right side. Also, there is a vent for air outlet and yeah its a bit different in black shark 5 pro. There are two extra sliders, because this black shark 5 pro comes with mechanical gaming buttons, so using the sliders you can either enable or disable the gaming buttons.

There is a gaming mode button on the left side of red magic 7 pro and the volume rockers of black shark 5 pro is actually on the left side yeah. You can also activate gaming mode using these mechanical gaming buttons on black shark 5 pro. What you have to do is to press both of these two buttons together and yeah game space will get activated actually its shark space in black shark, but game space in redmi k50 gaming edition. On top. There is dedicated speaker cutout on both of these two smartphones, but what red magic 7 pro has and black shark 5 pro is missing. Is this 3.5 millimeter port? I think this is very important for hardcore gamers. There are a lot of things that this black shark 5 pro is missing, and we will talk about that slowly in this video at the bottom, its almost similar sim tray, primary microphone, usb c port and speaker grille. I think both of these two comes with very good design, language and based on personal preferences. You can choose any of these two, but one more time. I would go with this red magic, 7 prong any day because im a sucker for this transparent design and that active cooling fan inside that provides convenience, especially when i play gpu intensive games. As i have mentioned earlier, black shark 5 pro comes with 120 watt charger and it actually performs well at the beginning of a charging session specially from 0 to 50 percent.

But after 50, as both the smartphone and the charger generates, a lot of heat charging speed starts to drop. On the other hand, the red magic 7 pro comes with a 65 watt charger and it has rock solid performance. It has very steady and stable performance red magic. 7 pro never gets heated while charging because it has an active cooling fan. So it takes the same amount of time to recharge from 0 to 50 percent and then 50 to 100 percent. Im truly surprised and frustrated to see how black shark 5 pro throttles its charging speed over time, not impressed at all. Anyway. Both comes with the same 5000 mah battery size, but red magic 7. Pro offers at least 40 minutes of longer screen on time with a similar usage pattern. Music, now its time for antutu benchmark, we will run antutu benchmark a few times to check whether there is any thermal throttling or not. You can see both these smartphones are fully charged and red magic. 7. Pro is a bit cooler than black shark 5 pro in ambient room. Temperature lets run antutu, benchmark and check whether we can get that 1 million score or not. I personally do not prefer antutu benchmark. I prefer to remark the gamers benchmark more than antutu benchmark and we will also run 3dmark after this antutu test. Music wow after the first run, yeah black shark 5 pro has got a better score: 1 million and 28 000.

While red magic 7 pro has managed to get 1 million and 22 000 both are already doing great without wasting any more time lets run again. Lets see whether there is any thermal throttling or not Music. The scores are giving me mixed feelings: red magic, 7. Pro has managed to get a better score on the second run. How can it be possible? I think that active cooling system actually helps it a lot red magic. 7, pro has got 1 million and 23 000, which is even better than the first run. Black shark 5 pro has also done well. It has got 1 million and 13 000. There is a significant difference between the first and the second run scores it. It clearly shows there is some type of throttling, while red magic 7 pro has even got a better score after the second run. This is amazing. This is unbelievable. Red magic 7 pro belongs to another segment. I think there is no other smartphone which can compete with this red magic 7. Pro now we are gon na run 3dmark the gamers benchmark. I have given enough time 15 minutes to be exact to these smartphones after antutu benchmark, so that these smartphones can get back to normal temperature. This test is nightmare for any smartphone wildlife. Extreme stress test. There are 20 loops. It takes about 20 minutes to finish and provides a lot of useful and correct information. Okay, look at the stability rate of red magic 7, pro 93.

4 thats, the best among any smartphones that i have ever tested recently. Vivo has released vivo x, note, which comes very close, but none of the other smartphones with snapdragon 8gen1 can even get to 90 stability rate in this test. Its true that black shark 5 pro has got slightly higher score in the first loop, but it has a way worse. Final loop, red magic, 7 pro has performed very consistently. There is almost no throttling salute to red magic for putting an active cooling fan inside this monster. We are talking about the display panel, its a 6.8 inch oled panel. It supports 1 billion colors its the same size of samsung, galaxy s22 alpha, but s22 ultra cut curved edges. Moreover, samsung galaxy s22 ultra display panel is a 2k qhd plus panel, but side by side. There is almost no difference in performance: red magic, 7. Pro display performance is almost similar if not the same as samsung galaxy s22 ultra display panel white is very bright, black is truly dark, colors are vivid and vibrant. I have tested this red magic 7 pro display panel with many other smartphones. I mean flagship smartphones. My personal opinion may differ from many other reviewers, but truly this red magic 7 pro uninterrupted display panel is one of the best for gaming and entertainment. Performance of this panel is amazing. 1080P panel, with 120hz refresh rate offers snappy and buttery smooth user experience. Music lets. Listen to this video side by side, one after another lets see whether there is any difference between red magic, 7, pro and samsung: galaxy s22, ultra stereo, speaker, performance, Music, Applause, Music, uh, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, oh Applause, Music, Applause, red magic is A gaming smartphone brand there is a dedicated game lobby slider on the left of the phone.

There are hundreds of options to select and tune to get the optimum performance and stability while playing games. Also, there is an option to select cpu and gpu frequency. You can select between eco, balanced and rise, but i think you will barely need that maximum frequency, even in balanced mode. This one performs like a monster. Sorry im wrong, not like a monster red magic. 7. Pro definitely is a monster. There is an extra chip embedded on the main board, thats red core 1., that chip actually takes care of audio rgb and haptics, so that snapdragon 801 can focus on performance in real life red magic 7. Pro gaming performance is better than black shark 5. Pro gaming performance, the difference is like day and night. I dont know how to express it. You have to feel it side by side. Also those two fancy shoulder triggers or mechanical gaming buttons of black shark 5. Pro dont work like it was intended. There is almost no advantage of having those gaming triggers. I have noticed a great difference in thermal management and performance, while playing graphics, intensive games for longer period of time. Red magic 7 pro actually has provided steady frame rate for an extended period of time over black shark 5 pro Music matter, black shark 5. Pro comes with samsung iso cell hm 208 megapixel sensor, and there is no ois. There is a omnivision 13 megapixel sensor for ultra wide photos, but none of these two performs im, not gon na, say red magic 7 for camera performance is better.

The main sensor of red magic 7 pro is samsung gw 364 megapixel also they have added a hynix hi, 846 8 megapixel sensor for ultra white photos, but truly camera performance isnt, even as good as any other budget flagships. Okay, after watching through this video. What do you think we will go for this black shark 5 pro, or will you go for this red magic 7 pro on any day, i will go with this great magic 7 pro, because this one performs, especially i dont – think this black shark 5 pro is Even better than that redmi k50 gaming edition, i mean that amg special edition costs less than this and performs better than this in the long run. Well, a lot of things depends on personal preferences, but the truth is: if you really want to choose a smartphone, a gaming smartphone depending on its performance, then there is no other competitor which could go toe to toe with this red magic. 7. Pro well thats. My verdict, please dont, forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below also, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button.