The follow up to two popular phones from last year, the galaxy a52 and the galaxy a52s. Those phones were considered great value for money. So whats changed this time around and is this one worth upgrading to im? Will for gsm arena and lets find out in our galaxy a53 5g review Music. The galaxy a535g is a new mid range phone that at first glance, looks pretty similar to what we saw in last years models. But once you dig a bit deeper, there are a few changes here and there design wise though it comes from the same mold theres, a pastel color scheme and the camera bump that blends into the matte back panel, which is made of plastic. The a53s glossy frame is also made of plastic, but the phone doesnt feel cheap. It seems sturdy and smooth and as weve seen in previous a series devices, the a53 has ip67 rated protection against water and dust. But one of the upgrades at least on paper, is that the a53 brings a larger 5000 milliamp hour. Battery capacity, bigger doesnt always mean better, though, and jumping into the numbers. The a53 was able to score a 113 hour endurance rating in our battery life tests, thats quite solid, but the same as last years. Model charging speed, hasnt changed much. In fact, its a little slower going from zero to 45 percent in half an hour and in most markets the a535g doesnt come with a charger in the box.

Another difference youll find on the a535g is a new chipset, its an exynos 1280, which is an upgrade over the snapdragon 750 g inside of the galaxy a52 5g. It provides 5g connectivity and solid mid range level performance, the ui runs smoothly and the gaming experience is decent. The thermals are ok here too. The thing is, though, if you compare the benchmark scores to the galaxy a52 ss snapdragon 778g. The a535g is a clear downgrade. Both cpu and gpu wise, so, if youre after the most power under the hood, the model from last year has this one beat and its actually the cheaper phone too. At the time of this review, the a53s display is very similar to last year, its a 6.5 inch amoled with a 1080p resolution, gorilla glass, 5 protection and a fast 120hz refresh rate. The high refresh rate smooths out your swiping and scrolling, but it wont dial down to save energy when youre, not interacting with the screen. There is one change on the screen compared to the a52s, while that model had hdr10 plus support. You wont find that on the a53 for some reason, but besides that this panel is quite nice, quality wise with deep, oled, blacks and color accuracy is great. Also, the brightness has improved a bit here. We achieved almost 430 nits maximum with the manual slider and that boosts up to 830 nits in auto mode when in bright sun when it comes to audio.

The a53 5g has a pair of stereo speakers, but no headphone jack, which last years models did have, regardless. The speakers are comparable, they earned a score of good on our loudness chart and the sound is well balanced, Music. The final notable change youll find here is the camera quality. The cameras are actually the same as before, but because of the different chipset, the processing has changed a bit. The cameras include a 64 megapixel main cam, a 12 megapixel ultra wide unit, a 5 megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor. 16 megapixel photos from the main cam are decent with a good amount of detail. Low noise and solid dynamic range for a mid ranger contrast and colors are a bit too strong here, while the a52 s5g had a more natural look, portraits come out in 12 megapixels and they look great. The subjects have plenty of detail and the edge detection is quite good. Shots from the ultra wide camera are alright, but nothing special. They are rather soft, but at least the colors look much more natural than the main cams. On the other hand, that means that consistency across the two cameras is not great. The 5 megapixel macro camera can produce nice close up shots that are colorful and have plenty of detail. Since focus is fixed. It takes some trial and error to get a sharp photo in low light. The main camera is competent, producing shots with plenty of detail, relatively low noise and sharpening that isnt too aggressive light sources are handled well and so are shadows.

Perhaps thanks in part to automatic night mode processing that kicks in based on the lighting conditions, theres, also a dedicated night mode that you can toggle, which applies more extra strength. Processing its benefits are subtle and the resulting photos are a lot softer, so wed recommend against using it low light shots from the ultrawide camera are quite messy. Theyre soft and dark with narrow, dynamic range. The dedicated night mode doesnt seem to help much either. The small improvements in the tonal extremes come at the expense of considerable softness of the images for selfies. The a535g has a 32 megapixel front facing cam that outputs photos in 12 megapixels. Overall, the quality is solid. With plenty of detail and decently low noise, the a53 can shoot video with all of its cameras and up to 4k resolution at 30fps 4k. Footage from the main camera has plenty of detail: low noise and reasonably wide dynamic range like the still photos. The colors come out quite saturated here, the ultrawide cameras. Videos are decent in quality. There is more noise and softness in the main cam, which is expected. Also. The color rendition here is noticeably different. There is electronic stabilization available for video, but only in 1080p resolution. It does a decent job at smoothing things out and handles pans. Well, overall, the camera quality is decent here on the a535g. However, compared to the a52s, its a bit of downgrade photos from the main cam tend to be too contrasty and the colors are very saturated and the photo and video quality of the ultra wide camera has taken a dip.

Moving on the galaxy a53 has expandable storage on top of the 128 or 256 gigs built in and all thats left. To really talk about are the software features which are largely shared between samsung devices? The a53s interface is the latest one ui 4.1 over android 12.. Its quite familiar with unique features like the edge panel for shortcuts and proprietary apps, such as samsungs web browser. You get android 12 features too, like color palettes, where your ui theme can be set to match. Colors of your wallpaper Music and theres the privacy dashboard, which organizes all of your permissions options into one convenient place. You are missing some features like smart widgets and decks for connectivity, which you would get on the flagships, but you still get one of the most important benefits: samsung software support for four generations of one ui and android os upgrades and five years of security updates. So thats the samsung galaxy a535g, its overall, a pretty solid, mid ranger, providing most of the features we loved in last years models. The problem is, it doesnt have all of them. There are even a handful of downgrades compared to the a52s and at the same time, this model is more expensive.