First, the retail boss is very small, which is good for samsung, but its bad for you, because theres no charger in the box, no earphones and no protective case. So you have to get to stage yourself. The phone will cost you 450 dollars and if you are getting those essential accessories by yourself, you spend up to five hundred dollars in total second inconvenience, because of how the smartphone is designed. Theres no 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means you buy wireless earphones for yourself and that will cost you at least 50 dollars. So to make this smartphone comfortable for you to use like every animal smartphone. You spend up to five hundred and fifty dollars in total, and i also think this will upset the market and set a new order, since this was a major smartphone and theres no challenge boss. It means other company, like xiaomi, techno infinite, will start imitating samsung by shipping, only the smartphone getting charger and other accessories by themselves. How do you feel about that? Let me know what you think in the comment section, but there are so many great things about this. Smartphone first, the display is very bright and colorful. If you are consuming media like on youtube on instagram on netflix, you love what you are watching, because the display the hue and top notch – and then this speaker is stereo speakers. So you have good audio quality and because of its brightness when youre under the so you dont have to strain your eyes.

The display, as well as one where are 20 is refreshing, so you are looking at a very great display. I will give it a glossier. Now, when it comes to ability, this smartphone is doable in two solid ways. First, the front display is protected by calling gorilla classified and at the back you have a plastic bag which, to me is solid for midway device. It is also water and dust proof, thats additional feature to consider something you really see in other mutual smartphone and to me its added to the uniqueness of the classic a35 sheet. Secondly, when it comes to software, the smartphone runs android 12 out of the bus and samsung has promised four years of major os updates. By that way, this smartphone will be upgraded from android, 12 1260, so in the next ccs youre still using the smartphones to be very advanced in the market. Because of the software regularity, when it comes to camera, you have quadrant cameras. You have 64 episode main camera with optical image, stabilization that helps you to take less blurry images. You also have talking app social right, 5 episode, 10 sensor and 5 pixel micro. As you can see, the pictures so far are very good. The nice pictures and the type pictures are crispy. It is an excellent mid range camera smartphone, and then you can record 4k videos both with the back and on the front camera. The front camera is the cement episode which is placed in the center notch, the dot in display the camera.

Strength of this smartphone is excellent. Now, when it comes to performance, that is where the teleconvenience is. This smartphone is powered by samsung is almost 1250 chipset, its a 5g chipset, and if you pay attention during the launch of the galaxy, a series youll notice that samsung didnt talk about the chipset and thats, because its not something im very proud of theres. Most 1280 is not as powerful as snapdragon sales utility chipset. You have on the galaxy a52s 5g, so the 82 s5g was released last year and its kind of the predecessor of the galaxy a535g or the competitive performance of these two smartphones, the f3. The f52s 5g is better performance than this new a5g and with that they also have a 2.5 mm headphone jack water resistant. Every beautiful feature you have on the galaxy h35g. You add it on the processor if you s5g, which means the predecessor, gives more value for money than the a http 5g. And then, when you talk about budget level, the galaxy f3 5g has the same performance with galaxy a83. 5G. So if youre looking for something budget, the 835d seems to be a better day except youll, be unknown at 20 years, refresh rate. So you have to think of that. To me, i feel like peppermint. Coconut a335g is good, but it is not excellent. You can overnight mix if you are a heavy user. Like me, the batch of the smartphone is 5000 mah and it is very strong.

You have 25 watts for star support, but dont share it with the boss, because you can buy it from five watt. One thats. All myself, then, you are good to go so whats. My video to this smartphone samsung, glass, f25g is a good smartphone to buy is something i would recommend. If you are okay with the inconveniences, it brings you long activity, it is doable and then both bots are there something else. I can recommend. Yes, something cheaper, yes, its good excellent performance, same level with h35g, yes, and that smartphone is galaxy. A 52s 5g. The f2s5v gives you more volume for money, it is cheaper and it gives you similar feature not if there is more features than what the 835g brings, because that you have 2.5 minute headphone jack, and then the boss includes the essential uh accessories. Youd have to spend too much again after many smartphones to buy accessories different and with all that it is than the galaxy a35 shield. But if the f2 s5g is not available in your vision and you want to go as if 35g, yes, i also recommend it. Its a good smartphone to buy and, if youre, looking for something projects, the a350 with similar performance, as this is also a good device to buy.