You watching tech originals, this video im gon na do a short review of this nokia double three one: zero. There are four colors available with this version, this modder, which is the yellow, color, silver, color, red color and blue color. All the four all the three are matte finish, but this one is a glossy penis you get fingerprints on this. This has a 16 megapixel, i mean 1.6. I mean 16 uh, md storage. In this i mean i got confused. There is 2 megapixel camera in this. You get pretty loud speakers, you get about 2 inches screen in this and you get 3.5 mm jack. With this you get camera, which is again, i told you, 2 megapixel. You can zoom in optically with up to 6x, maybe yep or 5x digital zoom in and you get about nine uh. You get a option of putting dual seminar. You get sd card with up to 128 gb. I think its 64 gb not 19., and you do get a keyboard light with it, with adaptive brightness adaptive brightness of this in case, if the brightness of this display is less, this will automatically get less. In that terms, i was about to test, and you cant install any app on this any any. No app you cant, install facebook on this except theres, like just a cheap uh, app called smart deal. Sim depends on the sim card, which you use suppose im in india currently so im using uh airtel for an example, so airtel app will get installed and also i get calculator.

I get radio i get app and games what comes under apps and games theres a proper app which comes like in built, which is asphalt 6, currently diamond twister, doodle jump and gt racing 2 and drag racing and subway suffers and go kart mania too thats good. Okay, so subway surfers. I can play loading. I havent put any sim card on this. It is pretty good, oh my god, subway suppose thats pretty good whoa. I can literally play that right now, but not right now: okay, so its currently 2 a.m. In my country i mean, and the phone is right, you can change up to 3 wallpapers on this smartphone button phone, sorry feature phone and the battery life of this phone can go up to 15 to 30 days. So, with intense use you get 15 days. What i mean by intensity is using a lot of sms like receiving incoming and also youre using a lot of opera mini store, so opera and mobile store. There are two different apps by which you can go through the internet and search on internet thats good, and you get also photos app, which shows photos captured from your sd card and smartphone. I mean from your nokia phone. So there are pretty much photos about 198 photos captured on this with the help of my sd card, and you also get you can see like fast calling, but i dont have to actually use this phone.

You get the shortcut keys from here after pressing the top left button and also you get voice recorder. Okay, i think im just covering up all these things again and again so thats a pretty good phone, if youre not using social media and thats thats, a good phone, if youre, not using social media, i want to get off the social media. No distraction wont self development, maybe or just on not want to waste any time on smartphone, and this is a perfect phone for a replacement, because you can ideally use internet on this, and if you think that ill again get addict on this phone using internet. Look, you need a lot of patience to waste your time if thats the case, because there are not a lot of buttons over here: a b c d, e, f g h, i j k, l m n, o p q, r s, t u v w x Y z, so if you want to go to z, you have to press that button four times in lot of patience. Like suppose, i need to use a word called car, so ill press c button three times a once and r. I need to find. Where is it so r is over here, p q r, so i have to press it three times so thats time taking so thats a good thing, sometimes total overfilling and scratches do come on this on the back glass speakers are just fine theres a microphone right.

There, micro usb charging, you get a charger with this chargers over there, so theres, no fingerprint button, theres no lock option, and that is all i can tell you. If you have any doubts, you can comment down below subscribe to my youtube channel turn on the notification bell im, giving a comment im, giving a comment.