Last time i reviewed the dojis v20, a flagship rugged phone with an oled screen and im still very impressed with it. But todays star is equally impressive. The doji s98, its also dojis newest flagship phone, and it is also a little different from other rocked phones. The doji s98 comes in the same large flat square box as the v20. When you open the lid, the package contains almost the same accessories as the v20 and is placed in the same place. Theres a white prey bar that helps you open the sim card slot and charging port theres. Also an extra piece of anti explosion film. The phone is pre applied with a tempered film too. This charger is also a 33 type c charger from the charging protocol compatibility. It should be the same charger as the v20. The only difference with the v20 is that there is no usbc to a female cable in the box. This time the design of the rugged phone is like a human fingerprint. There are no two rugged phones in the world that are exactly the same, but the s98s is even more special. If you only look at the back, you wont even think its a rugged phone. The back panel is very smooth to the touch and has a stitching design, although it is still made of rubber. It looks like its made of leather. It seems like the same phone used by business people. The most special thing is the camera module.

Most other phones have the camera in the middle, but the s98 is different. It has a huge round screen in the middle of the back panel. Yes, its really big, almost as big as my watch. This screen has the same function as the v20. You can check the time or switch songs or answer calls, but also like the v20. There is no way to use the cameras preview. The s98 also has nfc and custom buttons, and the sim card tray can be installed with two sim cards or a micro sd card. Anyway, i think the design of s98s is even more special than the v20 and it is also very functional. The s98 uses a fht plus lcd screen. The quality of the screen is not much better than other rugged phones. Of course, if you compare it with a v20, the gap may be even bigger, but the screen is not its strength. It is enough to ensure normal use. The important thing is that the system is android 12 by default. The gesture animation is smooth and the ui has become good looking because the system update frequency of rugged phones is relatively low, so you want to rock the phone with android 12.. We suggest you buy the phone whose factory system version is android 12, because they will really give you cross version system update as with other rugged phones. The s98 has corning gorilla, protective glass plus a tempered film to protect the screen.

It is enough to ensure that the screen will not be broken when dropped at a height of 1.5 meters. All ports are waterproof and ip68 and ip69k certified. The camera system of the s98 is the same as the v20, consisting of a 64 megapixel main camera. An 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 20 megapixel night vision camera. The performance of this camera system is almost the same as the v20, because the main camera doesnt have the same pixel 4 in one in auto mode. As other phones. You get a clear, sharp photo most of the time, even when you zoom in on a photo, you can still see very clear image details. The s989 mode is almost no difference from auto mode photos when taking in a well lighted night scene. Only when the environment is very dark, you can see that the night mode photo will be slightly brighter. The ultra wide angle, camera can help you capture a wider picture, but of course, the quality of its photos is not as good as the main camera, especially at night, when the light is not good. Finally, night vision, camera has finally added the autofocus function and while the v20 will remind you that you are out of focus by flashing the ir fill light, the s98 will simply turn off the ir fill light. When its out of focus. This directly eliminates the possibility of you taking blurry photos. Doji v20 is using mediatek helium g96 processor.

This is the first time we should see this processor according to result of bench test enter the bench scores. 300 000 points. 3D mark is close to 1 200 points. It seems that the gpu performance of this processor is similar to that of the demensity 700 processor of the v20, but the cpu performance is a bit worse. However, light mainstream games such as pubg are stable at 40 fps and cod mobile can even run at 60fps. The battery capacity is 6 000 million power which can stand by 432 hours or play games for 10 hours. It also keeps the good tradition of doji phone 33 watt. Charging power is much faster than most rugged phones and it also supports 15 watt wireless charging. Very good from the v20 to the s98 doji has always come up with some interesting phones.