This is not a flagship smartphone, but hopefully, as youll see throughout this review, the specs are punch thats, almost as good as the flagships lets begin with the specs. This packs a display that has a 120 hex refresh rate that makes for very fast scrolling, but unfortunately this does not have an ltpo panel. That means that it does not automatically switch between refresh rates, unlike the flagships, so the flagships will switch between refresh rates depending on what youre, using so, if youre doing something that needs higher refresh rates, they will automatically switch to those high refresh rates. But if you are doing something that does not require high refresh rates, it will switch to lower refresh rates and that automatic switching in itself will save battery for you. But this 6.5 inch display with that 120 heads refresh rate, makes for good scrolling. It makes for great watching if youre, watching, content on it. It makes for great gaming if youre gaming on your mobile device, and it also features um an ip67 waterproof rating, which means it will be good for spills and splashes. It will be good if you drop it accidentally into puddles of water or in the bathtub, while youre bathing its also dust proof or dust resistant now in terms of performance. This features the exymos 1280 chip instead of a snapdragon, and i have a lot of people in their smartphone and tech community have been already complaining about this, but i think this is a strategic move from samsung.

If theyre manufacturing their own chip like they are, they can choose to prioritize whatever they believe the best smartphone experience should be. For example, in the samsung a53, you get a 5 000 milliamp battery that lasts you longer than on other devices with the same battery. This means that in the performance course theyve prioritized saving battery instead of giving you unnecessary performance. This does not mean that this is a slow phone as youll see with the six gig on board ram. This is a very fast memory and you can also boost that memory with virtual memory on device to make it um an extra six gig of ram. That is virtual memory. This features an on board memory or storage of 120 gigabytes that is expandable through an sd card and thats a great feature that you dont, get in other smartphones of a similar price range like the iphone se, for example. Also on performance, you get android 12 with the 1ui4 skin from samsung. That gives you some of the best apps that you get on the flagships like samsung pay, given that this has nfc, so you can make those tap to pay payments with your mobile device and ive been using samsung pay for about three weeks now and its just Amazing, but well talk about samsung pay in a different video in terms of the cameras. This features almost the cameras that you get from the flagships, so the main camera is a 64 megapixel camera.

You also get a 12 megapixel ultra wide and you get a macro and a depth camera with a flashlight as well, but those just help you for doing things like portrait mode, night mode and doing macro shorts with the back camera on the front, you have a Cut out that gives you that 32 megapixel selfie camera that helps you take better selfies and for most use cases. 32 megapixels for selfies should be good enough in terms of video quality on the main camera you get up to 4k with 30 frames per second, and that should be good enough quality for things like vlogging, but you also get other features that um honestly, i havent Tested enough, they they seem gimmicky, but through tests we might see where these features lie. Features like um, a steady mode where it stabilizes the video automatically for you. But what ive noticed with this stabilization through very minimal use is that it punches into the main camera, and then it makes um the stabilization digitally either through ai or through built in stabilization sensors, and also its important for us to try and take a step back From the smartphone and think about the person it was intended for because, like i said in the beginning of this video, this is not a flagship device, but this device for the value that you get out of it compared to the price that youre paying for it. It will perform almost as good as some of the flagship phones now this device is samsungs, mid tier device and it was announced um together with the samsung a42 a33.

Sorry, it was announced, together with the a33, which is still not available for some reason: um its gon na be released for purchase, i think, by the end of this month, according to the samsung announcement, but those two phones are samsungs mid tier level, i believe, and For prices that you get them at for this in south africa, you get for just under 9k if youre not buying any accessories with it, you get it in three colors. I believe you get the awesome blue, which i got. You get the awesome white. You get awesome peach and you get awesome black. I believe now the a series, the a stands for awesome, because thats the way we kept hearing throughout the announcement, but you can also get um a few accessories already with this device. For example, you can get a case um, which i did end up getting. You can choose between all the available colors for the devices. You can also get cases from samsung of the same colors, but if you want to mix it up like myself, you can get a different case from the device that you got. So i got the case. That is awesome peach instead of the awesome blue, because my phone is already awesome. Blue and the phone itself in box does not come with a wall power unit, so it comes only with the data cable or the usb cable and its usbc. It doesnt have a 35 3.

5 millimeter earphone jack, so you either gon na need an adapter. If youre using plug in um, headphones or earphones or youre gon na strictly be bluetooth. I saw for the international orders. They were getting free, samsung, galaxy buds with the device, but as far as ive seen with the south african orders, youre not getting those for free or maybe they were only for free orders, but it would be great to get some audio device now ive been using. This device for almost two three weeks now and ive got to say that, in terms of performance, its amazing and in terms of battery life, it lasts you, it lasts me a day, even though some people say it lasts them two days. It lasts me a day because im gaming on this device im using this device, its constantly in my hand – and i always have the device at 120 hertz refresh rate. So if you want to save battery you cannotch it down to 90 heads and that may save you battery, but for the price that you get it for and compared to whats on the market. For example, ive already spoken about this iphone se 2022. You get way more features out of this device than you would at a similar price point. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope this will help. You either understand where this phone lies in samsungs universe or maybe help you make a purchasing decision.

However, you might want to wait for the samsung a33 and well do a review of that when it comes out.