8 inch, hd plus ips display, with a 720 by 1640 resolution and 480 nits of brightness and for a budget phone im, pretty impressed with its screen and so far it produced solid colors with sharp vivid details. Definitely perfect for watching youtube or binging. Your favorite netflix shows now when it comes to everyday use, scrolling through tick, tock and social media was a breeze theres, not a lot of lag whenever you swipe or navigate around certain apps, which sounds good to me. Now lets go over the specs, the techno proven neo has a media tech, helio g25 processor, with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of expandable storage that runs on heos 7.6 based off android 11 with a 4g lte connectivity, which is good for simple productive tasks. Light and regular games, along with smooth app navigation now lets, go over its gaming performance for mobile legends. The graphic quality can go up to high with a high refresh rate and so far gameplay was pretty decent character. Animation looks alright with minimal frame drops from time to time, but my wifi was a bit inconsistent, so that might have affected my mobile legends gameplay. But regardless the poveneo delivered bright and vibrant visuals, while its large screen gave us a little map advantage. So id say playing ml on this phone is really enjoyable with minimal stutters, but i did notice that the device warmed up a bit after playing two games, but its nothing to worry about for call of duty.

Mobile graphic quality settings are set to low, while frame rate can go up to high and honestly guys. So brand new impression was a call of duty, gameplay, nito character, animation was pretty smooth and my shots were hitting accurately and i experienced no lag or input delay. Even while reloading and moving around – and there were little to no frame drops, so you can go all out rambo in this game without any frame drops or stutters, so for a budget phone thats good to hear and if you want to see the numbers here are Our benchmark scores for our pc mark works score. You guys can see that the pova neo overtook the narso 50i for a bit and its performance did excel in its geekbench 5 single and multi core score. However, in terms of other mobile games, i wouldnt recommend graphically heavy games such as genshin impact, since this game is pretty notorious even for mid range hardware to carry through and so far its borderline unplayable on the pover neo, even on the lowest settings, so ml pubg Wild drift and other light regular games would do now powering this phone is a massive six thousand milliamp hour battery with an 18 watt charging capability, and so far the poveneo lasted 21 hours in our battery life test, which isnt so bad and for charging it took Us about one hour and 20 minutes to charge it up from 20 to a hundred percent, so thats pretty decent for the cameras.

This phone is equipped with a 13 megapixel f, 1.8 main lens, along with an ai camera and an led flash. While on the front, it has an 8 megapixel, f 2.0 selfie camera housed in a dewdrop notch for camera settings. It has a slow motion, mode, video, ai cam beauty, portrait ar shot panorama, documents and time lapse, and so far the photos came out really well, especially in good optimal lighting conditions. Colors came out bright and punchy, which is good for social media content, though nope in cologne may just soften details when i zoomed in especially in low light conditions. But the good thing here is that, even in low light, the close up shots on some of these toy models that we took still looked amazing with almost little to no grain. Now the 8 megapixel front, camera did pretty alright skin tone. Colors were decent. Details were pretty sharp and id say this is good for posting selfies. On the gram for videos, this phone can shoot in full hd with 30 fps, and i noticed that it has some video stability, which is great for quick, vlogs or short ig stories. Overall, the tecno po veneo delivers a great display for viewing content, decent specs for everyday use, with some light gaming on the side, workable cameras and a long lasting battery life. All for the price of 5999 pesos for the 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of rom variant and 6 999 pesos for the 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of rom variant.

So id say this phone stood out and offers great potential in this price segment: sobring sulet diba, while the techno poveneo is now available in technos official lazada store, so go ahead and grab yours now. So let us know in the comments down below what you guys think about this awesome budget phone. Once again, this was me, l and ill.