Some uh uh stores – and i heard that this is definitely something worth investing about. My experience with this one, the infinix note 10 pro 2020 Music, so hi guys how about richmond and gadget sidekick and welcome back to my channel so nakhita do not a full unboxing. Now infinix note 10, pro 2020 and first things first whats up because im young guys, the display is definitely one of the largest in hawaiian. By far by far in phoenix its a 6.95 fhd, plus the display ips lcd and medium 90 hertz of screen refresh rate making it a very smooth samata when youre scrolling through social media, when youre watching movies and when youre playing games and whats nicely, though by The things that gaming 180 hertz of touch sampling rate and, of course, tuv rain land certified narenshaw, making it safe, and this one is already sporting. The mediatek helio g95 processor, eight gigs of ram 256 gig of storage and must have some mama liner storage guys and the price of this phone right now is eleven thousand nine hundred. Ninety, my billionaires are my official links now infinix ill be posting it on the description box below checking along. So this one is also expandable uh using microsd card. Then, of course, quad camera and be here somehow price point guys: quad camera, normally its a triple camera or a dual camera uh. It depends a company nah, neglected 64 mp main camera 8 mp, water white, light 2 mp in a portrait lens and 2 mp.

Black and white lens and sahara 16 mp now front selfie, shooter and cinema channel fingerprint scanner, dual unknown speaker and merchant nfc surprisingly running on android 11 and xos 7.6. Five thousand milliampere are some kind battery the cayman charge as fast as 33 watts fast charging. So, along the manatee and g95 is a good gaming processor. So we put it to the test and two to question and 367 000 points. Definitely the score is good and i was really surprised: uh, okay, im gon na score, dito zafo, nato and by pharah. By far, i was scrolling browsing playing this a full nato and doing all the multitasking years of nato is definitely a breeze. Well, im not feeling like a phone call phone call, okay, as far as three weeks down the road uh when it comes to multitasking. So as far as scrolling details, uh browser is concerned, scrolling uh social media is concerned, its 90 hours of screen refresher, guys very smooth mata, and i love the way that its displayed on this very big screen and speaking of big screen. Then i know nothing about the videos here on this phone uh playing on youtube playing on netflix guys, im set up, i dont know phone. I thought these screen size is almost a seven incher, unlocking a display. I love it and the display is quite punchy, indiana, meaning pack ips lcd is well made major or latsna, but uh. This one was able to give me that display now.

Okay, i wouldnt say its the best, but okay, a very challenging display was able to watch some of my favorite shows here: okay and checking some uh videos here in the nature, i can say na really panchayanam callers comparison, uh phone at this price point having a Uh display probably a little bit better than this one pero overall young display. That is okay. What i really love about this one is your sovereign lagging and display its really nice and set up another videos. Detail. Definitely and one thing that i noticed im gon na punch hole here is hindi han, so hindi malayan space, especially me. Now, speaking of gaming, the g95 – i know its a gaming processor, so we put it to a test play call of duty, mobile and, of course, uh. I was expecting them: okay, breezing through the game uh. Well, there are times occasionally my mafi field thing hiccups, but uh its okay. You can always set it a little bit lower and the 180 touch sampling rate is okay, uh, responsible kind of screen, and what i like about this one is young dual speaker and giving me that better experience when i play the game. Okay, im gon na sound about that is a gaming and watching videos on this phone. So this phone has a five thousand milliampere hours of battery uh phone, a bigger battery. I was wishing the salad six thousand nil again, but anyways tonight, im not in it or while using down to 12 percent china, then all the way back to 100, using an default, cable and default charger.

So in roughly two and a half hours, so medjool may continue, despite it being a 30 watts, 33 watts fast charging capability, details of nato, but it still took a while para mapuno and tank neto. So big screen always major luminated battery capacity uh having to supply electricity, a bone screen which is unlucky roughly seven inches it drains a little bit more battery as compression pressure 6.6 incher 6.7 incher. This one. Definitely this one im sure now, and so i did try and battery stress test so now, nine hours and 32 minutes knock on the screen on time. Despite i know, despite malachi, i was expecting cigarette much tatatata, my seven hours kinda screamed on that, but nine hours and 32 minutes really not bad already and on a daily average usage like me, uh using it for social media for, of course, my calls zoom meetings. Uh watching some videos, some mild games throughout the day, well kind of able to survive the whole day, though around six oclock. So i would really suggest nakailano would be the power back or bring your charging brick along the way coming to charge scale uh midway through the day, but better as far as im concerned uh when youre using this one now moderately now, man, i like im sure, Like me, until from eight in the morning until six in the evening, seventeen percent for a battery material, sporting, a 64 mp main camera sensor and quad camera setup and phones, these days, normally wobble bananas, camera and this one see infinix note.

10. Pro 2022 was able to pack in uh four cameras at the same time. So tonight manhattan been it with karamazov during my three weeks of usage outdoors indoors chennai shots, and it was able to give me some very decent shot. Despite uh kind of price point. I wasnt really expecting the infinix would be packing a good camera in this one. But overall i can say its above average my shots, lalas outdoors, okay, clear crisp and well im, almost over saturated but indoors. Okay, there are times so lens was definitely. Okay was able to take some really nice pokey shots because of nato, and i really love it. Okay, sophomores havent, nothing about this note: 10, pro 2022 infinix and its priced at 11, 990 for its 8 gigs of ram 256 gig of storage. Now, thinking about guys solid battle for that price point given uh, it packs a lot of punch inside this one kind of processor is good. The camera is not bad and la la cana. Storage is quite very generous for a price point like this and, of course, expandable shop leave it in the comment section below what you think and con video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click the bell icon button.