It is good to be back in front of the camera man, your boys finally done with vacation the videos that you previously seen that was was previously recorded and it really wasnt like real time. But this right here is back real time. This is the video that is dropping the day that you actually see it. Man so lets go ahead and get straight into it. Now we have a case up here that i think a few of you have been recommending me in the comment section, but i have my eye on it. I just had to go out there and order it. I ordered it while i was on vacation and when i got back it was waiting for me and we are talking about the peel super thin bumper case now. I know youre probably wondering that i already did a review on a pill case. That pill case was a little bit different. That was the thin mag safe case. This case right here, doesnt have magsafe and i know i know yall get me right now. I know the hashtag all right. Every case needs magsafe, but some of these cases are catered to more of the minimalist thin protection. A lot of them dont have magsafe, and this is one that i think im really going to like, even though it doesnt have magsafe so lets go ahead and take a look at it. As you see, pill super thin bumper case flip it over on the back.

It has a little open here attack this has magnetized, you can kind of pause. It read the back story, get all that in, but lets go ahead and open it up and lets see what this case is talking about now right here it says how to install your appeal slide your device into the bottom of your pillowcase and then carefully snap. In the top two corners, all right so lets go ahead and and get the actual case out and lets see what it is working with now. I know a lot of you always in the comment section say: oh well, this case is just like the cheapest case from aliexpress. Look, i dont care about all that all right. Maybe you can go out there and get a cheaper version. Look im just reviewing the case for what it is. I dont know whats out there. I dont know what you can get from alibaba express, like i dont know about that, so were here to talk about the case itself. So when it comes to peel, you already know their thing: man is going to be always minimal, thin style cases and thats. What this one brings to the table as well, but one thing that i love about this case – and i always say its one of my best finishes on a case – is going to be that frosted back right there. So, as you can see, when you hit it with the angle, you get that very nice frosted back.

That youll still be able to see the color your iphone, but its not going to leave it to where you can get off fingerprinting. If it was a straight clear, shiny, transparent style case all right, you get your rubber bumpers that go along the sides, and this is rigid rubber. This isnt anything thats flimsy all right. This is very sturdy, rigid, rubber frames. That goes all the way around it. You get that little raised area for your camera. You get all your necessary cutouts for your ports on the bottom and you get raised buttons with the little air slits cutouts. If thats your thing and on the inside, as you can see it, doesnt have any type of magsafe, nothing like that whatsoever. Now, ah i almost forgot we got to go ahead and get the scale man. We got to go ahead and weigh this bad boy, because when youre talking about pill cases, they always have some of the definitely and let me switch know who messes with my scale, man messing with my my my unit of measurement, so lets go ahead and pop This case down here, in this case its going to be 33 grams, all right, so this is gon na be more on the light side and when youre holding it. Yes, you can tell it is a pretty nice light case. All right so lets go ahead and bring in the alpine green 13 pro max. Now, if you havent seen yes, i have switched from 13 pro back over to the 13 pro max.

I might do a little video telling you about why i made the switch if thats, what youre interested in so lets go ahead and pop it in they say bottom side. First all right, and then you peel the top in all right. You got to install it. The proper way you know, i just slam these cases up in the phone, so lets go ahead and take a look at the actual case itself and that right there is a very nice look. If i can say so, especially if you want to show off the color of it and if you want to show off the you know, arguably the best color out there when it comes to the green, the alpine green man, its the best color phone right there. Where it is im biased, yes, i know, but you can definitely show it off so thats. Why thats, where it is, when you get that nice translucent frosted back so lets, go ahead and take a look around it on the top side, its going to be completely closed. On that left side you get to that new toggle switch very small space, not too hard to get into buttons, nice and tactile. Absolutely perfect right here you do get a little lanyard port. It doesnt come with a lanyard, but if you want to slap a universal one in there im pretty sure you can right there on the bottom. As you can see very nice, accurate speaker, cutouts, and that i was going to say a type c port.

I always want to say a type c port, but we got to keep talking about the old school lightning port, but all the cutouts are good there and when it comes to that power, button nice and tactile there as well and flipping it over on the back. You see that camera is recessed and protected down up in there. Now lets go ahead and take a look at that late on the table protection. Now, as you can see, it does have a little lip that goes all the way around it all right. So i am running the timber glass cream potato and even with that, it does have that little lip. So when you set it down, face first youre, not setting it down on the actual screen itself and it will be making contact with the cases material. So you are good to go in that category right there now. How does this case fit on the phone? Because we already know when it comes to peel cases, man, they always fit very, very well and lets see if theres a difference with this new bumper case. All right so starting off at the top right here. Definitely very snug doesnt give that much dog nice snug come along the sides, even when it comes to the buttons right. Here you get a little bit of pull but thats a very snug fit still come along. The bottoms here you still can pull it, but you really got to pull it if youre looking at my thumb so very snug fit, and when it comes to the bottom, you dont get any droop right here near the lightning port thats, a very nice snug fit And when youre talking about popping it on you get a nice pop, basically on all corners – and this is a very, very nice fitting case – i really really love the way this case fits.

I mean i cant say there is anything bad about the fit of this. Actually case peel knocked it out the part when it comes to the fit and how does it feel in your hands? It actually feels very good. It keeps the phone once again very thin profile thats. What peel is known for when it comes to their cases, so thats? What you can can expect and when youre talking about the grip, this rubber material on the side actually feels pretty grippy. So when youre holding in your hands, it doesnt feel like its going to slip out your hands and it keeps the phone very minimalistic still because youre talking about 13 pro max youre talking about a big behemoth of a phone all right. But when you got this case on it, it kind of mean it kind of tones it down a little bit and you get a little bit of grip on it and i think it does very very well when it comes to the whole package. Man, just nice, solid, smooth, filling case right here, all right. So now they do say it does work with magsafe, although it doesnt have any magsafe charges on here so lets see. So it does work with magsafe, but this connection is very, very weak. When you slowly move it, you can kind of see it snap into place, but this is anything that i would rely on using with magsafe. If you want users with magsafe, you might want to just be careful before you walk away, make sure its connected and make sure you actually have those magnets.

So it does work with magsafe, but just not as strong as it would just be nice to see it have the mag safe on it, but they make a separate case for that they make a mag safe case. If you dont care about magsafe, then you can get this case, so you can just show off the whole back of your phone without it being interrupted, or anything like that now, if you use anything like the wallet, definitely dont do it all right. Definitely dont. Do it if youre using anything like the magsafe wallet, you can feel that connection thats, what kind of keeps it on, but as soon as you give it a a nice little shake its going to come right off, so the magsafe wallet definitely something i wouldnt use And lets go ahead and bring in one of the battery packs same thing with the battery packs. It get a little bit of connection, but as soon as you move it a little bit its going to fall off now, if you want to put it up, there sit it down on the table or something like that and then lets uh cut it on, and Then it uh itll start charging, but its nothing that you need to be off picking this up being on the go with this thing attached, because its not going to stay up here. So yes, it does work with magsafe, but it doesnt work as good.

If it had the actual magsafe magnets, if you get what im saying so this is it man? This is going to be the peel bumper case. I really really like this case. If youre a person who wants a minimalistic case, you dont care about mag safe, and you want to also show off the color of your phone with possibly the best type of finish thats on the rear. Thats not going to show a lot of smudges. Then. Definitely definitely give this case a try. I really really like the feel of this case. This really looks good like if this thing had mag safe with this type of material, i probably and thats what the pill bumper case, the the max head case is. I easily use this man because it definitely does feel really good, so go check it out man. They only make this in two colors. They make this in this black color and they make a sierra blue one to go along with the sierra blue iphone. So you already know, i will leave the link down there to the description below. I know theyre making for the 13 pro and i know theyre making for the pro max. You know you always got to check about a 13 to 13 minute. You know some case companies just dont show them that much love. So whatever is available. You already know the link will be down below so go check. It out, go pick yourself up one and uh.

You already know man do all the youtube things hit that like comment down below make sure you hit that sub button and turn that bell on.