. The oneplus 10 pro has a new design and chipset, but also a lot of similarities with last years 9 pro. So is it worth considering this year im enrique for gsm arena, and this is our review of the oneplus 10 pro with the oneplus 10 pro. It feels like the brand has made an effort to stand out among similar offerings from its other sister brands at least visually. The phone has a less generic design than the nine pros, and the square camera bump is a bold choice that blends nicely into the frame of the phone. The back of the 10 pro is made of gorilla glass 5, and the frame is aluminum with a matte black finish. What youre looking at here is the volcanic black option, but an emerald forest option is also available. The fingerprint scanner was placed further up the display. This time making it easier to reach with one hand overall, the phone feels very nice to hold the matte texture does a really nice job of repelling fingerprints, but sadly, it provides limited grip and the phone is rather slippery. The oneplus 10 pro isnt, officially ip rated, except for the t, mobile variant in the us, which has ip68 water resistance. The 10 pro has the same display. We saw on the oneplus 9 pro its a 6.7 inch amoled panel with qhd plus resolution and second generation ltpo technology, with a dynamic, 120hz refresh rate. The protection, however, has been updated to gorilla glass fictus on the oneplus 10 pro the panel has undergone dual color calibration, meaning that oneplus tuned the color profiles at 100 and 500 nits of brightness, so that we can see more accurate colors across more levels of brightness.

We found the display on this phone to be very color, accurate, making it ideal for consuming or even creating content. Otherwise, the screen is rated for up to 1300 nits of brightness with great visibility outdoors. The interface here is oxygen, os 12.1 running over android 12., but this is not the oxygen os weve come to know over the years since oneplus merged its code base with oppo. This ui is very much color gen os oxycolor its not oxygen os. Although the look isnt as clean as before, youll still find most of the features that oneplus had on its recent phones like zen mode oneplus shelf and the always on display canvas feature key. One plus apps are here too, like the file manager and stock gallery app. Although they have been redesigned, you can get 128 or 256 gigabytes of non expandable storage in europe and india, but in north america you can only get the 128 gigabyte version at launch oneplus plans to bring a 256 gigabyte variant later this year. On the 10, pro youll find the snapdragon 8 gen 1 paired with oneplus new 3d passive cooling system. Weve seen this chip run pretty hot on other phones, but the 10 pros got excellent thermal management with minimal throttling in our testing. This makes the 10 pro a great choice for gamers, but keep in mind that most games will be limited to 60 hertz, refresh rate failing to take advantage of the chipsets raw performance.

The oneplus 10 pro comes with a larger five thousand milliamp hour battery compared to its predecessor and it scored 107 hours overall endurance in our test in north america, youll get the 65 watt super book charger included in the box. With it, we were able to charge the phone from zero to a hundred percent in 32 minutes everywhere else. The 10 pro comes with an 80 watt charger, but that one makes hardly a difference in overall charging times. The oneplus 10 pro does feature dual stereo speakers. Theyre good enough for watching youtube videos or listening to podcasts, but music can sound tinny at higher volumes. Now on to the cameras, the 10 pro has the 2nd gen hasselblad camera in the lineup, and its hardware is identical to that of the first one. On the 9 pro, it consists of a 48 megapixel main camera with ois an 8 megapixel telephoto camera with 3.3 times optical zoom, and a new 50 megapixel ultra wide camera with a 150 degree field of view. Unfortunately, this ultrawide camera has no autofocus the main camera outputs 12 megapixel photos by default in daylight. This camera produces great shots with good amounts of detail. There is some noticeable sharpening throughout all the shots, but nothing too aggressive, color rendering has been improved, though not perfectly accurate, colors come out vivid and are pleasing. To look at hdr is a bit more conservative, so images have a more natural look. Portraits are shot primarily with the main camera with an available digital zoom mode.

The blur effect is convincing, handling, hair and edges fairly well, but glasses can still trip it. Telephoto shots maintain the same colors and resolved detail, but with more pleasing contrast, the shots also have noticeably less sharpening applied than those from the main camera shots from the ultrawide camera might only lose a little detail compared to the main one, but colors look very similar. However, it has lost the autofocus capabilities and the macro photography that came on the 9pros ultrawide camera, which is disappointing. You can shoot in a 150 degree ultra wide mode which unlocks the cameras full field of view, its hard to ignore the lens distortion of the edges. But it can make for some interesting shots depending on the subject, then theres the fisheye mode, which produces even more dramatic shots Music in low light. The main camera takes excellent photos even without enabling the night mode. This large main sensor captures low light scenes well with plenty of detail and without over sharpening images, while retaining pleasing colors using night mode mostly makes a difference in situations with extremely low light, or whenever there are light sources in the photo night mode retains highlights very Well and exposure is more balanced Music. The telephoto camera did very well with night mode. Exposures were well balanced and colors pleasant. The ultrawide camera struggled a bit at night photos. Look very soft, even with the night mode turned on. Noise, however, is very well suppressed.

The 10 pro has a new 32 megapixel selfie camera with f 2.2 aperture resulting photos have great details and very well handled dynamic range in backlit scenes. Colors are pleasant and not too saturated. There isnt any autofocus. Here, though, and videos are limited to 1080p 8k video doesnt appear to be true. 8K, though it looks more. Like 4k video thats been upscaled and sharpened to mimic 8k, the best mode to shoot with is 4k and its available on the main camera in 30, 60 and 120 frames per second footage looks clean and crisp with great levels of detail. Color and dynamic range performance is similar to still images. 4K. Video from the ultrawide camera looks decent with reasonable detail levels. Good color and dynamic range. The telephoto camera maxes out at 1080p 30 frames per second, which looks decent enough. The oneplus 10 pro brings an updated look with a smudge free finish: higher battery capacity, bright and accurate amoled screen a flagship grade, chipset with 5g support and capable cameras. Battery life is great and charging speeds are blazing fast and thermal management is top notch. But there are a couple of things that left us on a sour note, the major one is oxygen os, which has lost much of its character in its merger, with color os its inconsistent too, and its bound to disappoint long time, oneplus fans who remember the ui Differently, meanwhile, the cameras perform well and low light performance is great, but the app is missing polish.

Not only that, but the ultra wide camera has lost its auto focus compared to the 9 pro we would have preferred they kept the macro and auto focus capabilities on the ultra wide instead of the fisheye camera at 900 bucks. The 10 pro has the punch and performance that oneplus has been known for, but there are a lot of great options to consider at this price point and even if you pay just a little bit more, you can find something thats decidedly more polished and well rounded. Thank you for watching ive been enrique and ill.