The smartphone utilizes a light ring hey guys, welcome back to another video of tech paper. Hopefully, youre having a great deal here, your host and in this particular video im about to unbox a product that was sent maybe a week ago, then its launched it and i received it a day after the launch date. And for that i would like to thank utc for fulfilling the commitment to deliver on time and now lets just jump on to the unboxing of oppos f21 pro, and this smartphone has some exciting features and im really looking forward to test them. One of them is its selfie shooter, which is the key selling point, and it is sonys imx 709 sensor and, along with that, the smartphone carries a micro sensor. Yes, you heard it right. The smartphone packs a micro sensor instead of the macro lenses that are normally found on the smartphones, and i must say that is worth checking out and speaking about the design. The smartphone packs of flat edges design with fiberglass green leather and it definitely looks impressive and im pretty sure that youll love it so without further ado lets jump on to the unboxing and first impressions of the opposite. 21 pro and here we go, and this sleek lightweight and flat design makes the smartphone sit comfortably and use it even with single hand. Now, speaking about the back of the phone, the color that we have received is sunset orange and it is a fiberglass leather design which looks promising and not just that, but its pleasing color, which attracts user a lot.

This textured leather bag houses a triple camera setup in a rectangular module. Now lets just switch the phone to the bottom and there you will find a speaker grille along with usb type c connector or microphone and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. And it is a standard placement of these modules. And if we switch the smartphone to the top youll find the noise cancellation microphone there at the left side of the phone youll find the placement of volume rockers along with the same tray and the sim tray slot has a dedicated micro sd card slot, along with The dual sim slot, so you can expand the storage whenever you want. If we switch the smartphone to the right side, youll find the placement of power button and, as far as the buttons are concerned, they are tactile and clicky. At the same time now lets just talk about the display and the opposite: 21 pro features a 6.43 inches full hd plus panel with 1080 to 2400 pixels of resolution. The display also offers 90 years of refresh rate, and we can confirm that by just going into the settings and for better user experience, you should opt for the high settings in the menu along with the 90 years. Refresh rate, the display is protected with the coating of corning gorilla glass 5, and that makes the smartphones display kind of unbreakable speaking about the bezels. They are thin and they also provide a premium glass at first look, the normal brightness of the smartphone is 480 and it can go up to 600 and as far as the peak brightness of the smartphone is concerned, it can go up to 800 nits, which is Quite decent, that means you can use the smartphone under direct sunlight without any trouble.

Now, speaking about the colors and the saturation lets just play a video and test those, you can play videos on youtube and netflix at maximum of 1080p on the smartphone and as far as the colors and the saturation is concerned, the blacks are deeper and the whites Are brighter so that definitely provides an impressive look to the display of the smartphone. As far as the viewing angles are concerned, they are good, while speaking about the display, the smartphone carries an on display fingerprint scanner so lets just test the performance of it and, as always, the oppos on screen. Fingerprint scanner is working really quick lets just test the speaker of the phone, even though the phone does not carry a stereo speaker setup, but still the overall sound experience of the opposite. 21 pro is pretty decent and speaking of the overall media experience on the opposite. 21 pro the display offers accurate, color reproduction. That makes it a suitable device for binge watching. Well, now its time for the performance and the audio section and the oppo f21 pro is powered by snapdragon 680 chipset, which is paired with 8gb of ram and along with that it has 128 gigs of internal storage, and at the top of that, the ram is Expandable up to 5 gigs extra and that takes the total ram up to 13 gigs and, while speaking about the performance, lets just open the benchmarks of the smartphone, which i recently performed and in antutu benchmark score.

This phone has managed to secure 281 565 scores, which is an average smartphone score, considering the price range of the smartphone, it should have been above 300, 000, but thats not the case here and speaking about the geekbench five scores on the smartphone. This smartphone has managed to secure 382 single core scores and 1576 multi core score, which is kind of similar to the opposed a 96, because that particular smartphone from oppo also has snapdragon 680 on board. So the overall performance of both of these smartphone is quite similar. Speaking about the 3d marks benchmark scores, the smartphone has managed to secure, and i would like to mention that these are not the exceptional scores, because this smartphone is not particularly made for the performance, enthusiast users and the gamers. And while we are speaking about the gamers lets just play pubg mobile and check out the performance of the phone and similar to every device with the snapdragon 680 that ive recently unboxed. This smartphone can play pubg mobile, like games at smooth settings on high frame rate and if we switch the graphics to the balance setting, you can play the game at medium frame rate and there is no option to play the game on hd settings. So thats the downside, so if youre a gamer looking to buy a device, particularly for the gaming purposes, then the oppos f21 pro may not be a right choice for you. Well speaking about the software experience of the opposite 21 pro, it is really an improved ui.

Over the color os 11.0 because the smartphone is packed with color os 12.0, which is based on android 12. So you are not only getting an updated ui from oppo, but you are also getting the latest android system out there. The overall user experience the color os is overall decent and it provides quite realistic and near to the stock android experience opens worked really well on the animation part and, as you can see, the overall user experience has been improved with the animations and the color os 12.0 has better animations than most of the uis available out there, as you can see, and there is also an option to create an emoji. Another cool feature in the ui is creating an emoji which will be a unique representation of yourself when you are using the smartphone and you can customize it as per your liking. You can change the head, the hairs, the bros, the eyes nose, and you can literally optimize this emoji feature as per your own convenience, and this particular feature not only makes the color os 12.0 unique, but at the same time it is also entertaining wallpaper based theming Of the smartphone and the icons changes the color based on the wallpaper at the back. Another cool feature of the colorways is that you can customize the icon as per your liking, and it is rarely available in the user interfaces of the other company. So its definitely an impressive thing now, its time to discuss the cameras, part and the opposite.

21 pro comes with a triple camera sensor and the primary sensor is a 64 megapixel main camera with f 1.7 aperture theres, a 2 megapixel microscope camera with f 3.3 aperture and theres, also a 2 megapixel macro camera with f 2.4 percent. So you are getting a micro and a macro lens in the smartphone, and that is the most unique feature about the smartphone, and this micro lens is really impressive and youll find it soon enough. The selfie shooter on the front is sonys imx 709 sensor, which has been made between the collaboration of oppo and sony, and it captures the images really well even in low light performance and were going to test that in a while. Now lets just take a look at the camera samples of the smartphone theyre appearing on your screen. You can, let me know how did you find them in the comments section and youre also going to take a look at an exciting feature, which is the micro lens of the smartphone to capture amazing microscopic shots, the smartphone utilizes a light ring that is appearing right. There around the micro camera. This really helps to take impressive pictures. Let me show you a sample so heres, the sim ejector toolkit, and you can check out the quality and the detail that it can captures. It can literally capture the micro details on any surface and the camera results will surprise. You ive tested this smartphone under broad daylight, and the camera has managed to capture some really good shots.

The images captured offered ample amount of detailing with the vibrant colors and the color reproductions is also up to the mark and not only the back camera. The smartphone is well, but the front camera of the smartphone will also surprise you with its results. The main concern when it comes to the video recording is the restriction of 1080p that has been imposed by snapdragon 630. For sure, and to be honest, that is the only downside i found in the opposite: 21 pros camera section overall in the initial camera tests that ive performed this smartphone overall impressed me speaking about the battery life, the smartphone packs a 4500 mah battery, and that comes With a 33 watt of power brake, which, as per oppo, will charge this particular smartphone up to 100 in 60 to 65 minute, which is a decent charging time and at the top of that, the smartphones battery will last longer because of the optimizations, and for that Id like to credit, oppos, new, color os and also the snapdragon 680, which is a really power efficient chipset. So, overall, if you are concerned about the battery life, the smartphone is not going to disappoint you and you can take my word for that. Now concluding my first impressions of the oppose f21 pro, and this smartphone is really good for users who are looking to opt for a device that can stand out in terms of the design. Not only that, but if youre a consumer looking to buy a device for the camera purposes, then to the opposite.

21 pro will not disappoint you. It has really good camera system and for the gamers out there. The opus f21 pro evo, though, delivers a decent performance, and it can manage to run any day to day tasks that you may throw on it. It can also play games like pubg and call of duty, but not on the maximum settings that you may be looking for.