Theyre, cheap phones that outperform most rivals and today were excited to have not one but two of their latest phones for review. The xiaomi redmi note 11 pro 5g and the xiaomi redmi note 11 pro plus 5g thats a mouthful priced at about 350 dollars or euro. These two phones have flat sides just like the iphone 13 family, which makes them trendy and they also look the part. The back of the pro plus is made of glass, while the front features guru glass 5 as well, which is nice to see with 6.7 inch screen sizes. These are definitely big phones, make no mistake about it, and they also weigh more than seven ounces and are not the thinnest phones out there and actually thats the one thing to keep in mind for many people, these might just be too big and unfortunately, xiaomi doesnt Offer them in a smaller sized version. Now that aside, you get a bunch of connectivity and ports. First usbc on the bottom, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the top micro sd card slot support, but even fancy stuff like an ir blaster. That turns your phone into a remote for your tv. Now the physical buttons are, on the right hand, side you have the volume keys on the top and the power button below and the fingerprint scanner is actually embedded in the power button and its super fast and accurate and in reality, its much faster than those modern.

Under the screen type fingerprint readers so kudos to xiaomi for that now, one interesting thing is that haptics are excellent on the pro plus model, with a strong and precise vibration. So you dont miss notifications, but, interestingly, the non plus model has a totally different vibration. Motor and haptics on it are quite poor. So keep that in mind under the hood you get some of the faster mid range chips out there on both phones, but nothing quite extraordinary. The redmi note 11 pro 5g has a snapdragon chip inside it, while the 11 pro plus 5g model comes with a slightly faster mediatek dimension, 920 processor, in real life. They feel similarly zippy and stutter free and i didnt feel like i needed more power for just daily tasks. However, for gaming there is a difference in cpu performance. The plus model scores only slightly higher than the nonplus version, but for graphics it has a significant advantage and in some cases, has double the scores of the non plus model in benchmarks and in real life. Gamers should definitely go for the plus model, which is more powerful. Now on this topic, we should also talk software. Both phones come with miui and miui is a fast interface with a bit of an inspiration from ios, especially in that control center like menu, but its mostly just well a clean interface. Our version also had no ads, but we know that in other markets you do get ads, which is a bit annoying, but our version did come with bloatware and lots of it.

Fortunately, we could easily just delete those pre installed. Apps, though, so not a big issue for us, but what we do have a problem with is the android version on board on both phones. Now they ship with the older android 11, which is just a bit puzzling and considering that these phones will only probably get two major android updates its not a good look for those who value security and new features. But we guess thats. One compromise that xiaomi chose to make to keep the price of these devices lower. Okay lets talk cameras because most people care about that youve got 108 megapixel main camera with an 8 megapixel ultrawide shooter, as well as a 2 megapixel macro camera on both phones. For a total of 3 cameras and 108 megapixel that sounds, super impressive and photos during the day look mostly fine with pleasing and, i would say, balanced, colors now. This is definitely not your typical samsung phone that goes berserk with super saturated tonalities, its a more toned down image, but we do notice some issues. We noticed that the highlights tend to get blown a bit and images. Look a bit bleak for our taste. The bitter drop in quality comes with the ultrawide camera. That is not quite as detailed as the main one. However, the really big compromise with these phones has got to be video. Recording the redmi note: 11, pro 5g model doesnt. Even support 4k video, meaning that you only get 1080p recording and looking closer at the footage, youll notice it crops in quite a lot and there are very abrupt changes and exposure as we move the camera around, while recording video.

Now, if you step up to the pro plus version, you do get 4k 30 video support, but with no proper video stabilization whatsoever. So footage looks incredibly shaky and almost unusable and again you might be better off. Switching to 1080p recording is at least that is stabilized, and we also noticed that once you start video recording with the main camera, you cannot zoom out to the ultrawide. You need to stop the recording then switch to the ultra right camera and start all over again. If you want to use that camera so overall, if you value good video recording, should probably look elsewhere now on the positive side, the audio quality coming out of the redmi note 11, pro plus speakers in particular, is very impressive, especially for this price point. The highs and mids are covered very well, and the base is not bad at all for a phone in this price range and next up looking these two, you might be surprised to find out that the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g model actually has a smaller Battery than the cheaper non plus version now the plus has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery, while the regular pro model has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, but in exchange for the smaller size, however, the plus version rewards users with much faster charging and, unlike the Non plus redmi model, which uses a standard battery the plus version, features a dual cell battery, which allows it to handle much faster 120 watt charging speeds compared to a 67 watt charging speeds that you get on the non plus model.

So on the plus. This translates to zero to 100 charge in as little as guess how long just 20 minutes. Every time i checked on this phone after a very quick coffee break, i was just genuinely surprised at how fast it had charged up. As for how long the battery lasted me on the full charge, lets just say that you can safely put this bad boy through its paces and not worry about it and thats the case on both these phones. I could go through a full day of heavy use and at the end of the day, i didnt even have to worry about plugging it in because in the morning i could just do that for 10 minutes and have hours of battery life recharged. So, at the end of the day, we love the new redmi note 11 pro series, but as good as they are, they are not for everyone. If you value a great camera, the samsung galaxy a53 and the google pixel 5a offer a lot more in the camera department. And if you still want to keep that fast charging and just pure speed. The oneplus nord ce2 might be a better pick. But if you dont, obsess over camera quality and dont care about having slightly older software and less software updates and just really want to save some money. Well, the redmi series are a very good choice: theyre, both cheaper than most of the competition and have longer battery life.

Plus you can break to your iphone using friends that your phone charges fully in just 20 minutes and it has a charger in the box. Also yeah definitely go with the redmi note 11, pro plus 5g model for the charging speeds, but also for the much better haptics. So this will do it for this video. Let me know if youre, using the xiaomi redmi note series and what you think about these latest editions, what you like and what you dont like about them, as always thanks for watching thumbs up if you loved the video subs to see more from us, our channel Is phone arena? My name is vic and ill catch.