So it all comes down to one simple question: should you actually buy this, and also is it better than the competition? I guess thats two questions, but also, if you have already bought one of these yourself, then let me know what you make of it. The good and the bad share your experiences in the comments now theres, always a ton of hype around a new flagship, samsung phone but ill. Tell you what i havent come across a more feature: packed phone from the s pen to supporting wi fi 6e having dual telephoto lenses, which gives us frankly, the best zoom on any phone, also the fantastic expert raw mode which nowhere near enough people are using. We also get solid battery life that really only falls short of the iphone 13 pro max plus we have the brightest screen on any phone ive tested, which now the sun has finally reappeared after its six month. Hibernation here in the uk makes it easier to use outdoors so by combining the best of the note series. This is the note 20 ultra and the f series. This is the s21 ultra. Imagine these guys had a baby, not quite sure the logistics of that, but it brings us to this the s22 ultra, which is effectively the note 22 ultra, but you know without micro sd card support, but still for me this is the best all round flagship android Phone that you can buy, but its not perfect.

It is very expensive and theres a few things about it that do kind of annoy me. For example, as im sure you guys know, the s22 series comes with either an xnos 2200 or a snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip. So, a couple of days ago, i did my big comparison, video and found that the snapdragon was a good 10 faster, particularly in games where it also had better support and more graphics options available versus the exynos okay. This is future time jumping in for a second, because call of duty has actually been updated to support more graphics options, so that is now on par with the qualcomm version which im using to film this on, but pubg still hasnt. So generally, games are still better optimized or at least more quickly, optimized for the qualcomm version. Now the good news is that i did find battery life to be pretty much the same between them. Although i know other people have had different experiences, particularly with the exynos, where it seems were having a bit of a chip lottery perhaps, but there is still a noticeable difference when it comes to. The camera definitely have a watch of the full video, but my takeaway overall is that the snapdragon version is still superior, maybe not as significantly as in the past, but its the one im going to use going forward. It is frustrating to be honest, no one should have a inferior or even a superior version of this.

If were paying the same amount of money, most people 95 of people wont really notice the difference. But if you are paying 1150 pounds for this and you are buying the ultra because presumably youre a bit of an enthusiast – and you want all these – you know bells and whistles, then it may make you consider buying something like the oppo f5x5 pro or the oneplus. 10 pro or the xiaomi 12 pro, because with these wherever you are, you are guaranteed a qualcomm snapdragon chip credit to samsung for giving qualcomm some strong competition, but it shouldnt be at our cost and speaking of the competition lets talk about price because, as i mentioned, This will cost you 1150 pounds here in the uk, which is an awful lot of money, and for that we only get 8 gigs of ram and 128 storage, which is pretty stingy considering for 100 pounds less. You get 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage on the phone x5 pro and even the iphone 13 pro max is a hundred pounds cheaper. Now we do have ram plus, where you can assign up to eight gigabytes of storage, to help boost the ram which does mitigate it a little bit and realistically, this isnt something most of us could really tell the difference between. But storage is an issue, especially as this doesnt support microsd cards, so i would probably recommend paying the extra 100 to get 256, which also bumps the ram up to 12 gigabytes, although to be fair, samsung does give us more options than most phones offering up to One terabyte of storage – if your name is mr moneybags and also of course, we dont get a charger in the box either.

So if you want to take advantage of that faster 45 watt charging, then youll have to pay samsung 45 pounds for the privilege. Samsung do offer some pretty decent trading schemes, which are definitely worth looking at, but given what the competition is offering for similar or less money, i feel like they could do better, especially with the likes of xiaomi eating away at their market share. Now, since the s22 ultra supports wi fi 6e, let me introduce you to todays sponsor netgears new flagship orbi, the worlds first quad band, mesh, wi, fi 6e system. Orbi is known as a no compromise best of the best mesh system and with their new 6e router and satellites which come in a pack of three by the way in either white, or this very stealthy new black color for devices like this that support 6e. They can now access the new six gigahertz spectrum, which is far less congested than five gigahertz and so can help you get the fastest up to gigabit plus speeds. So i use the ob router or router for my american friends and together with the two satellites, you can eliminate any dead zones in your home. In fact, it can cover up to a whopping, 7 500 square feet, which i can tell you is several times bigger than my house and right now i dont even come close to maxing out what this can do. So if, like me, you want the absolute best, wi fi performance for gaming streaming and browsing definitely check out the new flagship, orbi and ill leave a link in the description below.

If you want to check it out. However, one thing that the iphones and oppos and onepluses and realmes and xiaomis of the world dont offer is bixby. Okay, no, not really the s pen. This, i think, is what really makes the s22 stand out. This really is the note 22 ultra in both design with those squared off corners and that embedded s pen which, by the way, has the fastest response time of any s, pen compatible device. And while i must admit, i dont use it that often maybe a few times a week being able to use the s pen as a remote trigger for the camera or signing your document or capturing gifs like a video screenshot. It does come in handy and if you are any kind of serious, doodler, drawer or designer in apps, like sketchbook, you can see just how much more precision you get with a pen over your chubby finger, so youre either thinking yes, i love it. I need this in my life or meh – probably not gon na use it that much in which case i would seriously consider saving a couple hundred quid and going with the s22 plus instead. So this is 950 and this is 1150 here in the uk 200 quid more and for that you do get a bigger higher resolution screen the s pen, better cameras both front and back plus that extra 10x telephoto lens. So yeah. You are getting a fair bit more for your money with this, but if youre not bothered about the high resolution or having the best camera and the longest zoom and also perhaps you prefer a slightly smaller, more comfortable phone, because we have these rounded corners and it Is 0.

2 inches smaller, so its a lot more comfortable to use and youre not really. First on the s pen, then i think for most of my friends looking for a new samsung phone or even a you know, high end android. I would suggest the s22 plus having said that as unwieldy as the s20 ultra can be, especially with the case that big 6.8 inch quad hd screen is absolutely glorious and with the ridiculous 1750 net brightness, including that nifty new extra brightness mode, as well as pretty Good speakers, hdr 10, plus support everything from gaming movies. Binge watching tech chat, youtube videos, it all looks fantastic and actually even multitasking with split screen. Apps is a comfortable experience and i, like this labs feature that removes the notification bar and gives you a proper full screen when you are using two apps side by side. In fact, as someone who bought a galaxy z43 myself and i do love the fold, dont get me wrong. I would pick this every time. What i would like, though, if samsung are watching, is a dynamic or auto switching resolution option. We have it for the frame rate and other phones, like the fine x5 pro give us this auto switch resolution option. It would be useful to adjust the resolution based on my battery life and usage pattern, so i dont have to manually think about it. One minor gripe i have come across, though, is that the bottom firing speaker is noticeably louder and fuller versus the top one which doubles as the speaker grille.

So sometimes the sound can well sound a little bit. One sided and i think the iphone speakers are still a touch better. I also mentioned the glass gorilla glass victors plus on both the front and the back, which is the only phone right now to have that, but, as you can see from my exynos version here, if i bring it up to the light, i have already scratched it. Quite badly, probably from camera lenses in my pocket or maybe my keys. I know my friend, daniel over at zone of tech had a similar issue and i havent yet scratched my burgundy one, which i love this color by the way. But i would definitely recommend putting a case on it, not just for that. But if i actually demonstrate on a table that gets quite annoying, the sticky elty lenses make it quite one sided. So by putting a case on it, not only do you prevent those horrible scratches and its a bit more comfortable to hold no more movement. Lets talk about this camera because i am pretty blown away by it, even more so actually, after the recent march update the edge detection of individual hairs in portrait mode, the ability to go from this to this thanks to the extra zoom lens realistically anything up to 30 times actually looks quite good, and i find myself using it way more than i expected, and i even found that versus last years, s21 ultra the zoom shots looked less processed and that three times optical zoom in particular, gives you a great focal length for portrait.

Shots so having that ultra wide, which doubles as a macro, together with the main and the dual telephoto lenses just gives you so much versatility and in fact, over the last few weeks, ive made in depth camera comparisons with the oppo f5x5 pro and the iphone 13 Pro max, and while i must admit i do still carry an iphone 13 with me mainly for video, you just cant, beat it stabilization and smoothness of transitions between lenses. I do think that, as an overall package, the s22 ultra has the best camera setup on any phone Music and also one of the most underrated features of the s22 ultra. Is this the raw expert photo app and you download it from the galaxy app store, but expert raw is essentially the pro pro mode. It gives you all the usual options for tinkering with the camera settings, but also like apples pro raw mode on the iphone. It also shoots multi frame raw photos and with a little bit of editing in lightroom or snapseed, you can end up with some stunningly detailed shots with impressive dynamic range, so its definitely worth having a play with. If you are a keen photographer, but then again, the regular camera, app and all of its modes from single take to portrait, video and directors view, even just as a simple point and shoot. This does a great job and in my experience it is a noticeable step up even compared to last years s21 ultra one area i was a bit disappointed by, though, is low light video.

It was surprisingly noisy and shaky, not really what i expected. The good news is, this has got better. The march update has made quite a big difference, although, as i say, i still think the iphone is king when it comes to video and also there are some quite significant differences between the snapdragon and exynos models, particularly in very low light, and actually this is one Of the areas, i think the exynos does beat the snapdragon with more effective noise reduction, but still updates have made a difference, and video is now much better than it was when we reviewed this a few weeks ago. Actually, that march update did also fix. One of my issues around bluetooth connectivity – i know my friend supersaf, also experienced this and my bluetooth headphones would often drop out, not since the march update, so that does seem to have been fixed and they also addressed some performance issues where it would only run at Full speed in benchmarking, apps and not games and also importantly, samsung, do promise four years of android updates with this. But what about battery life? Well, i can tell you from my experience, mainly of using the exynos version ive only switched to this about a week ago that im getting about seven hours off screen on time and by the end of a regular day, i have about 35 left at 11 p.m. So, with a bit of rationing a day and a half is definitely achievable and, as i say in my comparison, i didnt really see much difference between the two versions of the phone, which is good.

So it is still up there with the best of them, but not quite reaching the heights of the iphone. Although i do wish charging could be a bit faster, even with the 45 watt charger which actually doesnt make that much difference even over the 25 watt. Itll top up to about 67 in half an hour, which is fine, but it is falling behind a lot of the android competition also bear in mind that, like all phones, your experience may vary. Plus you can expect your battery to improve with time as it learns. Your usage patterns now, as you can see, i do have quite a few phones here, so i am planning to create a big flagship phone battery rundown test very soon so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned now. I have mentioned the iphone a few times because right now i do carry both of these with me. I have sim cards in both and i use them for different things. Usually, i do wear an apple watch and also i mostly work off this a macbook pro 16. So i really do appreciate the apple ecosystem and also the video, the stabilization and the incredible battery life in this. So those are all big pulls towards the iphone, but at the same time samsung also has a pretty decent ecosystem, with their galaxy watches and excellent galaxy buds to their tablets like the new s8 plus, but not only that. I think this is a much more functional phone and not just because of the s pen but being able to have you know, apps side by side, split screen, multitasking, which i cannot believe we still dont have on the big iphone or any iphone really, and also, If you do like to use your phone as a bit of a hub, then youve got dex which does work well, even if it is quite a niche feature, so one isnt better than the other.

It all comes down to what you want and what other tech you use, but certainly in terms of versatility and if you are perhaps a more enthusiastic phone user, then the s22 ultra is probably a better choice. So lets wrap up. And while i do maintain that this is the best android flagship phone, you can buy its not for everyone, it is big, it is expensive and if you dont need the s pen, then you can get well better specs for less money. If you look elsewhere and the whole snapdragon versus exynos thing is annoying, but this is a galaxy note and theres nothing else out there that can do everything this can, and so, if you can afford it, then yeah i highly recommend it. It is an incredible phone and im having a really good time with it, but what do you make of the s22 ultrum? Have you bought one or are you planning to? Let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys and ill catch.