. Today we are going to take a quick look at the OK, not this one. This is OPPO Find N, also not this Honor Magic V, but this vivo X Fold vivos first foldable phone. Special thanks to KJMX and Phoenix Lab for sharing the content. For that boring. Unboxing part Ive already done a Shorts video two days ago. You can check it out if you want. In this video, I only focus on three things. Design, gaming and camera. Performance. Later I will translate my partner Evas foldables comparison, video in which they compared the newest 6 foldables on the market.. I think that video is probably the most comprehensive one on the internet., So please give us a subscription and turn on that notification bell. So you wont miss any informative tech, video from us. About the design. Here, the one we are showing you is the grey leather edition which looks so business style, which I think is perfect for my video viewers. After all, you guys are all successful CEOs. This design fits your noble status.. There is also a blue color, looks clean and fashionable., Which one do you like most. Let me know in the comments section.. There are two designs on this foldable that I really like, and I havent found on others. One is the physical alert slider., Just one slide to silence everything perfect for you when attending a summit meeting. The other is the 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on both inner and Outer screens.

, It is even faster than the vivo X70 Pro, And you know what the best thing is. Even when your hands get wet, you can easily unlock it as well. Wow.. Of course, I guess the most concerning part for anyone who is going to try a foldable is the crease.. Here is how it looked when we just took the phone out of the box. It looks perfectly fine, not obvious at all., Not like one big brand Samsung.. Even if you dont use it, you can see a giant crease there., But what about? After some time of use? This is the one. After one week of daily driving, we fold at least 50 times a day.. We can see the crease from certain angles., But I would say its still good among other foldables. And if we light up the screen, its even less obvious. But yeah. If you have to ask who has the best crease, I would say the OPPO Find N. Ive been using it since its release. Back 3 months ago it still looks good.. Oh btw vivo advertises that the phones screen should survive 300000 folds. If you fold 80 times a day, you can fold straight for 10 years 10 years. By that time I would be too old to make tech videos. Alright. Moving to the next part gaming., I know for busy successful business. People like you may not care about that. Much but maybe still play some games occasionally for relaxation.

So we tested some popular games a little bit. For Genshin Impact. We found that after only merely a minute of around 60fps, it then locked the game at around 40fps. After half an hour. The highest temperature on the front is 40.7 degree Celsius, while 45.3 degree Celsius on the back. Seems. The X Fold adopted a less aggressive strategy towards its gaming performance.. Also, I found some interesting things when we were gaming. For Honor of kings. If we used the inner screen, we found it has a longer but narrower viewing field. If we compared to a normal phone.. If we used the outer screen, we found that the X Fold has a same vertical but longer viewing area, as we can see from the video. For PUBG. We found the X Fold has the same horizontal view, but much more vertical content. Holy smoke See thats. The reason why I always win in PUBG games.. Lastly, about the camera., The phone adopted a 50MP main, a 48MP ultra wide, a 12MP portrait and a 5x optical60times digital zoom periscope lens.. These are flagship level, specs arent. They We compared it with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra. For me personally, Im amazed by how it performs in different scenarios. The pictures look clean and have a good color reproduction. I dont think they fall short to the other two.. Alright thats the video.. I know there are many things I didnt cover like its specs or software.

Side., No worries I will put them in my next comparison. Video., Please make sure to subscribe Its, not easy to make good quality videos Even shitty ones. Anyway, thanks for watching.