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If you are interested in a vpn, then you should get ibc vpn. Okay lets start from unboxing. This is vivo x note. I have got that 12 plus 5 12 gigabyte variant. This is the blue. Colored variant so well lets start from unboxing its nice to see that they have added a pool tab. This box is even better than vivo x70 pro plus box really premium packaging. This is our vivo x. Note lets put the phone aside and lets see what things we have inside this box. Okay, we cant open from this way. Actually there is a dryer wow. This is the protective case. The textures build quality materials. Everything is so premium. Actually, this is my vivo x70 pro plus, and the protective case of this fifo x note is almost similar to this vivo x70 pro plus, but i must mention this. One is way better. Quality of this vivo x, not protective case, is way better than vivo x70. Pro plus, okay im a bit surprised and disappointed to see that vivo didnt provide those wireless earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, because the vivo x70 pro plus box came with those wireless earbuds, a v4 tws2. But this one doesnt have that there is a 80 watt charger included inside the box. Wow everything is premium material, even this envelope, which contains well some protective materials, vivo x, node, vip membership card, a sim ejector tool and some paper works. Even this envelope is built with premium quality material.

Yeah vivo has also added premium quality, usb c to usb c charging cable. This is really a great unboxing experience. I will put everything inside the box and then unwrap our v4x note. Well lets unwrap this newest beast. Wow, its a really massive, very big okay side by side with this samsung galaxy s22 ultra, this fb4 x, nut, looks a bit bigger because this one comes with a bigger screen, size and in hand, feelings yeah. Definitely this vivo x not feels better than the samsung galaxy s22 ultra at the back, its a leather. They call it vegan leather, but my true opinion is this is some sort of plastic. This feels good in hand. It feels a very good, very smooth. Okay, at the back, there are some designs if youre thinking that these are stitches. No, these arent – these are actually some type of design language and from a bit far, it looks like stitches and gives a feeling like this leather is actually stitched at the back of this rear panel, but its not its actually glued. At the back of this vivo x note design language of this fifo x. Note is almost similar to that vivo x70 pro plus yeah, but its a bit different. They have tried to give a new outlook. They have tried to make something unique, but actually this reminds me of vivo next, the v4 next series had this type of round and circular rear camera design.

Definitely this is a flagship, smartphone and all vivo flagship. Smartphone comes with dice t star coated lens this isnt. Any difference, and almost all the sensors of this rear camera setup is the same of that vivo x70 pro plus. So at this moment, im not sure what type of camera performance can you expect from this one, and this one also comes with that v1 isp in hand. I feel like its a bit big, but if youre fond of big smartphones, then maybe you will like it. I also like this one because ive been using this samsung galaxy s22 ultra for almost two months now and i dont think the size is an issue. Well, this fifo x naught is no way a competitor of this oneplus 10 pro, but there is something that vivo has borrowed from this oneplus thats, the slider profile, slider ive been very fond of this profile, slider of oneplus devices, and every time i had any option To give any input to vivo, i have always mentioned that i wan na get that profile, slider on all the vivo smartphones and there it is its actually not the same as oneplus its more like iphone like you can only put it in silent mode, but in One plus, you can actually select a vibration or silent, but here the options are you can select silent mode or disable the silent phone. Well, one more time very good, build quality premium, build quality power button and volume rockers are on the right side.

There is a sound profile slider on the left side, on top its almost the same as vivo x70 pro plus and at the bottom, its the same as the vivo x70 pro plus, i dont see any difference other than the speaker, grill cutout yeah, the speaker, grill Cutout design is a bit different, but everything is in the same place, speaker grill, usb c, port, primary microphone and a sim tray yeah. This is a compact sim tray, so you cannot expand your storage, so i have decided to go with this 512 gigabyte edition because most of the time i need a lot of storage swing locks. The protective case of this vivo x note is almost identical to vivo. X70, pro plus protective case, but definitely xnode protective case, has much better outlook and provides better more premium in hand feelings. Actually, there is almost no difference in design and in hand feelings between the rear panel of xnote and the protective case. I dont know why, but vivo has done something terrible. The protective case cannot fully protect the rear camera setup. The rear camera setup is way more protruding on any flat surface vivo x, not wobbles as rear camera panel, touches the surface in a very uneven way. Moreover, this protective case offers zero protection to the side panels of the smartphone. I was worried about the weight of vivo x note, but even if vivo x, naught is taller than samsung galaxy s22 ultra its almost 11 grams, lighter than samsung galaxy s22 ultra x, not weighs 219 grams, while s22 ultra weighs 230 grams.

Well, i have taken my primary sim card out of my samsung galaxy s22 ultra and this one is going to be inside my vivo x. Note ive noticed that there are a lot of people who is making fake unboxing videos copying some chinese or other peoples. Videos or some people are making videos standing inside a store. They just go to the stores and do some videos and give their verdict. I really hate that, because you cannot know anything about a smartphone by holding it for a few minutes. You have to have it. I have the phone in my studio for a long time now, and i think you at least need three to five days time to check or test a smartphone anyway. I have already inserted my sim card into this. Vivo x. Note lets power it on vivo x. Note comes with origin, os and android 12 out of the box. I think android 12 is the standard for any flagship of 2022.. All the standard features are there. It actually is the best os developed by any bbk group brand trust me its more optimized than oxygen os. There is a ram expansion option and you can expand up to 4 gigabyte of ram vivo x note has a secure processing unit spu. Also, the fingerprint sensor of vivo xnote is a large ultrasonic, fingerprint reader, its actually a 3d sonic max from qualcomm. The fingerprint sensor is so large that it can read two fingerprints at the same time, but im happy with standard single fingerprint performance, its easy to register and works perfectly fine.

If youre interested in face unlock, then yeah vivo x not also comes with standard face, unlock option, vivo x not got a 5 000 mah battery and comes with the 8 0 charger inside the box. It also supports 50 watt wireless charging. Vivo x not took 33 minutes to get from zero to hundred percent, which is pretty fast. Considering it has a 5000 mah battery. This vivo x not gets fully charged within 58 minutes with a vivo flash charge wireless charger. I have managed to get around six and a half hours of screen on time at 1440p resolution with smart switch refresh rate. This is really amazing, because i cannot get more than six hours on samsung galaxy s22 ultra with similar settings and similar usage pattern. If you use smart, switch screen resolution and smart switch refresh rate, then you will be able to extract more than 7 hours of screen on time. But if you are like me, if you really need to use 1440p resolution, then i dont think it can go beyond six and a half hours. Vivo x note got a very impressive display panel, its a 7 inch samsung e5 amoled ltpo panel with qhd plus resolution. You can select whether you want to use 1440p or 1080p resolution. You can also select between 120 hertz and 60hz refresh rate. I have tested vivo x, not display side by side with samsung galaxy s22 ultra and its a very difficult to select a winner.

Both the display panels are amazingly good and offers a vibrant picture. Quality black is very dark and white is very bright, vivid colors with natural tone altogether no complaint. This is a top class display. Panel 1440p resolution, along with 120hz refresh rate, offers very snappy buttery, smooth scrolling and user experience. Now its time for antutu benchmark. We will run antutu benchmark a few times to check whether there is any thermal throttling or not. You can see both the smartphones are fully charged and vivo x. Note is a bit cooler than samsung galaxy s22 ultra in ambient room temperature lets run unto the benchmark and check whether we can get more than 1 million or not. I personally do not prefer anti benchmark. I prefer 3d mark the gamers benchmark more, and we will also run that after this antutu test. After the first run, vivo xnote has managed to score 1 million and 18 000, while samsung galaxy s22 ultra is tottering. Beside this monster, samsung galaxy s22 ultra has only got 930 000 vivo x. Naught is already doing great without wasting any more time. Lets run again. Lets see whether there is any thermal throttling or not. Wow vivo has got a delightful score after the second run, almost no throttling who would believe this 1 million and 10 000 antutu score after back to back running antutu benchmark samsung galaxy s22 ultra has also done well. It has got 905 000. Actually, this clearly shows that there is some type of thermal throttling in samsung galaxy s22 ultra, but thats, nothing too heavy.

Now we are gon na run 3dmark at the beginning. Let me show you room ambient temperature, its 26 degrees celsius. I have given enough time to these smartphones after antutu benchmarks, so that these phones can get back to normal temperature. This wildlife, extreme stress test is a nightmare for any smartphone. There are 20 loops. It takes about 20 minutes to finish and provides a lot of useful and correct information. Wow, im, surprised and speechless vivo x note has got 2 2610 in first loop and 2428 in loop number 20, which is an incredible performance. I have never seen such a balanced and steady performance from any snapdragon processor. I mean no other snapdragon 8 gen 1 based smartphones are performing like this. There is almost no drop, almost no throttling look at the stability rate 93. How can it be possible? I have tried a few times and most of the time it has performed well kudos to vivo. I dont know what did they do to get this type of stability, but whatever they did? It is working time to check stereo speaker setup of fifo x. Note. I have tested samsung galaxy s22 ultra side by side with vivo x note. We are going to listen to the same music on both of the vivo x note and samsung galaxy s2 ultra lets see which one performs better: Music, Applause, Applause, Music Applause, my imagination; everybody gets the best: Music Applause, Music Applause, Applause, im, addicted; Music Applause, Music; okay, As usual, i have done a separate camera comparison, video between samsung, galaxy, s22, ultra and vivo x.

Note. My true opinion is this: vivo x note is a rebranded version of vivo x70 pro plus. This is just an upgraded version of that anyway. Vivo x note comes with a 50 megapixel samsung iso cell gn1 main sensor 48 megapixel sony, imx, 598 ultrawide sensor, 12, megapixel, sony imx 663 for two times telephoto, eight megapixel omnivision ov08a10 for five times zoom photos. I dont see much of a difference, but vivo has actually tried to optimize it. You need to watch the camera comparison. Video between this vivo x, note and samsung galaxy s22 ultra to understand whether samsung has done better or vivo has done the magic one more time. Yeah, please tell me that i cant that i wont that i fail that ill, never make it out. Yet, please tell me all the bad names are good fill my head full of every single doubt, yeah, please say any negative thoughts. I pop off. When i hear people say i cannot, i get off to the thought of proving everyone wrong time to evaluate gaming performance. The truth is in real life. Vivo x note. Gaming performance is better than any other smartphone that comes with snapdragon 8 gen 1.. This one provides more efficient performance with stability. I mean almost no throttling, even after playing games for hours. I can only think about one another smartphone that offers better gaming performance and comes with snapdragon 8gen1, thats red magic, 7, pro thats, a gaming smartphone and definitely performs like a beast, but this vivo x, not gaming performance, is way better than any other smartphones in its Class, it has outperformed any other smartphones in its class, especially while playing graphics, intensive games for longer period of time.

It has provided steady frame rate and i have never felt any lagging. The only thing that i have missed in this x note is shoulder triggers or gaming buttons other than that this is a gaming monster. The display panel is so amazing and overall smoothness will make you play games for hours after hours, okay, its time for verdict, but why am i holding a vivo x70 pro plus yeah vivo x? Note is here actually vivo xnote is a rebranded version or upgraded version of this vivo x70 pro plus. Actually, this vivo x note is a perfect version of this vivo x70 pro plus, but there is a question: can vivo x not compete with this samsung galaxy s22? Ultra can vivo x not perform better than samsung galaxy s 22. Ultra. You have already watched through this video. It has already outperformed samsung galaxy s22 ultra. However, there is one more point that we should check: thats camera performance. How good is the camera performance of this fifo x? Note so dont forget to watch the camera comparison. Video between this samsung galaxy, s22, ultra and vivo x not and then decide which one is better, but considering the price. Even if the camera performance of v4x not is worse than samsung, galaxy s22 ultra vivo x not is a much better option than samsung galaxy s22. Ultra im using this one as my daily drive now, so you can understand im already in love with this one.

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