But the price of the oppo a96 is only at 1, 299 right. So in todays video. Let us share our opinion with you about this phone Music for the review of the oppo a96, since this is a simple phone after all. Well still be sticking with our usual six points that makes up a smartphone and we will start off by talking about the design, because the oppo a96 still uses the iconic oppo glow color and, as you can see here, it has this kind of sparkly finish at The back and it changes color depending on what angle that youre, looking at from what i can see it changes from somewhere between blue to green to a peachy kind of red color, and it also feels really amazing, because theyre using this very fine matte finish at The back and yet the oppo a96 isnt exactly a big phone too, and that makes this phone really nice to hold. And i truly appreciate the curvature from the back edges here into the phone of the frame, but still retaining a flat display at the front. The display on this phone is a 6.59 inch ips lcd screen with up to 90 hertz refresh rate at the resolution of 2412 by 1080 pixels. While some people might complain that the bezels of this phone is not symmetrical since the bottom bezel is a lot thicker than the top, i have to say that its actually fine, in fact its actually more ergonomic this way, because everything is lifted up and your thumb Can reach that part of the bottom on the screen? A lot better, however, having an ips lcd screen at this price point might be a bit difficult to accept, since other phones within this price range is using an amoled screen or oled for that matter.

But dont get me wrong. The ips lcd screen on this phone still looks good its just not as good as oled and then comes the performance of this phone. Our version of the oppo a96 here comes with the snapdragon 680 chipset and we have already tested it in other phones and overall, this chipset is good enough for day to day tasks, but i dont think you can run games like venturing back at a comfortable 30 Fps, even with that 8 gigs of ram, but with the 8 gigs of ram, though that means the oppo a96, can literally multitask like nobodys business. Yet we can further expand the ram with the ram plus feature or ram expansion. For this case, its not going to be as fast as the real ram but its there, if you need it. As for the cameras of this phone, i have to say the oppo a996 did the right thing here. It does look like theres two cameras in the back, but, like many other mid range smartphones these days, only one of them can be used to take pictures because the other one its a depth sensor, but thats, not the point today, because this phone can actually take Some surprisingly good pictures take a look at this shot that i took randomly. They all look pretty okay and nothing too extravagant in terms of vibrancy or contrast its just pleasant to look at the night. Shots, though, is a little bit noisy, but im kind of expecting that anyway.

As for the battery life, this phone comes with a 5 000 million power battery, and i have no idea where they stuff it, because this phone is small and also really thin. At the same time, anyway, the battery life of this phone is very good, lasting for about 16 hours in our battery life test, and that is not surprising, since the snapdragon 680 chipset is very low powered anyway. As for the charging time, this phone comes with a 33 watt super volc charger and it can reach from 15 to 100 in about an hours time, and that is pretty typical for a phone with 5000mah battery and 33 watts was charging and now comes the software. The oppo a96 is coming with the coloros 11.1 and android 11. truth be told its a bit dated piece of software right now and i have no idea why its shipped without color west 12 and android 12. anyway, coloros 11.1, is still pretty good to use the User experience is decent since theres no annoying settings menu, random timers or app scanners that pop up when you install apps through google play store. However, the oppo a96 is plagued with a lot of bloatware out of the box, and there are many ads pushed via notifications from built in apps, like the team app the oppo app market and also the game center. I eventually just muted everything, so, at the end of the day, though, i think that for the price of 1299, the oppo a96 is indeed a 10 bit higher in terms of price compared with its competitors with these kind of similar specs.

However, the user experience offered by the oppo a96 is a lot better than its rivals. Even the camera, though theres only one camera, it just takes good pictures overall, and i would say the oppo a96 is a good choice.