It comes in two colors fluid black and fantastic purple. Now ive gone for the fluid back today, i must admit the fluid. The fantastic purple does look really good as well, so its pretty cool im just going to get straight into this and get this bad boy open right. So in the top here, youve got your box inside that which is really nice. You get a nice little case with that little cover uh. Also youve got your sim ejection tool inside which is brilliant, okay, so the sim injection tool right there got that out of the way, then also, most importantly, guys, the phone. Obviously we need that and then looking further inside youve also got your plug in here as well. You will have your usb a to c, which is good and surprisingly enough guys we get a nice pair of headphones with that as well and they arent bad. Looking to be fair and it takes a standard three and a half mil jack to boot, which is brilliant, okay, so were just gon na pop that all back now. So this is probably one of the most satisfying parts of unboxing the phone getting it out of that plastic, which is lovely there. It goes get out of the way, as i said, ive gone for the fluid black, which is a nice gloss. Black finish, i think its lovely to be fair, um plastic casing, which is all right. You know its quite solid, theres, no flex to it, its really nice um, again nice low profile on the camera.

So i dont stick out too far, which i think is lovely, but overall its a nice looking phone really is good um. What youll find on this device as well on the side here, where your power button is thats, going to be your your fingerprint sensor? Okay, so you can use that to unlock the phone and then also what youll notice at the bottom as well, guys, which is absolutely amazing – and i think this is missed out on a lot of the the high end – phones, its a three and a half mil Jack, which means you know i can go back to listening to my sennheiser headphones, which i absolutely love and its a big thing for me to have that the phone has a a very respectable 128 gig memory inside. So youve got plenty of storage there, but you can expand it further with a micro sd card as well, and youve got four gig of ram on that. Also, this really isnt a bad screen at all were talking about a six and a half inch lcd full hd screen, okay, which is brilliant. Its got 90 hertz refresh rate, which is well what it means is its really comfortable for watching, like yeah yeah, your netflix youtube and other streaming sites as well. The other good thing about the 90 hertz is that it means that you get a nice fluid judder free experience when navigating a handset, which is absolutely brilliant, because i hate it when you change it between bits and it just goes off uh also as well.

If youre a bit of a gamer games like fortnite pubg, um cod, theyre theyre, going to be absolutely brilliant and youre not going to get out done by them, gamers that have got a sort of bigger bad of phones. You know what i mean, because the the refresh rate and that, coupled with the mediatek helo g35 processor, means youll truly be on top of your game. With this phone right now were going to take a look at the camera system, its a try lens system, giving you a whopping, 50 megapixel main camera, which you know its great for your general photographic needs. Uh. You get a 2 megapixel depth sensor on there as well, which really breathes life into your image and then, finally, you get a 2 megapixel macro lens, which is great for your close up views. Anything you want to do like a still image or still life. Image is great for that also guys at the front cant you see it. Remove youve got your teardrop shape, um selfie camera. Now this ones an eight megapixel, but its also wired, as well, so its great for your youtube uh for your facebookers instagramers. Absolutely superb! For that as well and as well guys, youve got a truly amazing 4k video camera to boot. So absolutely stan stunning. You know youre not going to want for this this camera at all and finally, like i said i was going to touch on the battery its a massive 5000 milliamp.

So that means that this phone is a truly all day battery life uh. Just to put it into context for you, the battery is so colossal that you could watch youtube for 21 hours. Non. Stop now thats pretty amazing, so guys thats all weve got time for today. But if you like, the video give me a thumbs up as normal. Okay uh also dont forget to hit the alerts button. So you know if, when theres another, no nonsense review also, if theres, i dont, know another phone, another piece of tech you want to hear dont forget put it in the comments below and ill try and get around to it.