You already know whats good about this phone, its the very top end samsung phone. You can buy so best display best resolutions. A super bright 1750 knit screen gorilla, glass, victus, hdr, 10, plus and dolby vision, so super premium build quality. It feels durable its solid in the hands. I love the curved edges, so it is very comfortable to hold in the hands youre getting a massive 5000 milliamp hour battery. The stereo speakers are great, youve got awesome, camera set up, and the list goes on so so many reasons to buy this phone, but youre not here for the pros youre here to know about the cons so whats bad about this phone. Well, first of all, this phone is powered by the samsung exynos 2200, which is a four nanometer octa core clocked at 2.8. Gigahertz. The new exynos chip does have some issues when gaming, the gpu, is not as powerful as the snapdragon chips, and currently most popular games do not support a higher resolution and also a slower overall performance and frame rate. Now i know it could be just a gain. Compatibility issue with the exynos chip, so graphics, quality on cod mobile. You can see that its limited to low graphics and high frame rate now hold on right there about a week ago a firmware update actually fixed this issue. So here are the new graphical settings for cod mobile and, as you can see, graphics have now been bumped up to very high and frame rate max.

But when you select very high graphics, you can only select very high frame rate. If you want maximum frame rate, then the graphics will drop down to high and, as you can see, there is no option for ultra, and here is some gameplay footage with frame rate set to max Applause. So, with the graphics set to maximum frame rate, you can expect around 60 fps gaming Applause. So after just a single game of call of duty, mobile on maximum frame rate, you saw the temperatures soared to 52 degrees. Now, if i play a second game, thats going to be on red, so we definitely have an overheating issue all right, something that i really really do like uh, the s pen, i love having it built in and im also glad that they didnt reduce the battery Size because of the s pen, we still have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery s. Pen fits really nicely, but also they managed to keep the slimness of the smartphone at a comfortable 8.9 millimeters. So that is quite incredible. Battery life is decent. I achieved around 10 hours in the battery benchmarks, so easily lasts me 1.5 to 2 days, so, based on my medium to light usage but heavy usage, it will still last you a full day, but you have slower charging than most of the rivals. 45 watt fast charging wired is still better than 25 watts from the previous samsung models. So same story with wireless charging, 15 watts is a bit of a joke and it means i dont even bother using a wireless charger with this phone now plus point.

I was very satisfied with the speaker, quality stereo speakers loud and clear, no issues at all love the audio on this phone. Another plus point: you have a great set of cameras: impressive zooming capabilities, impressive, primary, impressive, ultra wide, very nice camera setup. However, there is no camera bump, which means you are going to see dust build up regularly around the lens and you will find yourself cleaning the lens very often. Fortunately, the ultra is ip68, so you dont need to worry about dust or water damaging the phone. Now an obvious con, which i already mentioned, there is no charger in the box. At this price point. You should be getting charger a pair of earphones, an adapter in the box. Unfortunately, you dont get that 45 watt charger in the box. You have to go out there and purchase a 45 watt charger. Also, there is no micro, sd expansion come on samsung. This is disappointing. Considering that the base model is only 128 gigs, it means you have to pay extra for 256, making an expensive phone even more expensive again. This is supposed to be the best of the best, the ultra it should have come with an sd card slot. At least that would have been the icing on the cake um, but no, you dont get it now. Netflix fans will be pleased to see that this phone does stream in full hd with hdr and with those atmos sounds streaming.

Your videos and movies look amazing on this phone. That was my honest opinion on the samsung galaxy s22 ultra after using it every single day. As my daily driver for around a month now, dont get me wrong. There is a lot to like about this phone. I really love using it. I really love holding it in my hands. I love the s pen and i love the scribbling noises that you get from the s pen. The display is one of the best ive seen on a smartphone beautiful display. There is so much to like about the smartphone, although it still leaves you slightly underwhelmed. This is not what i expected samsungs new ultra, to be like its kind of like giving you your favorite dish for dinner, but forgetting to season it with salt, making your favorite dish tastes bland. This could have been a much better phone. This could have been much spicier, but instead samsung underwhelmed, us youve got exynos gaming performance, lack of charger no sd card slot 128 gigabyte base slow charging, underwhelming gaming experience, camera bump collects dust. I think the snapdragon version will be better in terms of gaming, but the other caveats that i have mentioned will still be there, but the question is: will the snapdragon version overheat, like weve, seen in the other snapdragon 8? Gen? 1 phones? Yes, it probably will but ill have to wait and see until i get my hands on the snapdragon version of the s22 ultra so ill continue testing this phone anything new.

I learned i would pin in the comment sections. Meanwhile, i hope you found this one useful. Thank you so much for watching and ill see you all in the next one. Peace, Music, yeah team test match Music contact with enemies, Music, Music Applause, enemy, Applause, Music, heads up, enemy, Applause lets, go Music, Music Applause lets go lets Music back, go Music Applause, Music lets go lets, go lets, go Music Applause; contact with enemy Applause lets go lets. Go enemy, uav, spotted targets in sight; Applause, Music, Applause, Music, contact with enemy enemy, contact; back up Applause lets, go Applause; Music, Applause, Music, standby, Music contact, Music Applause, Music, friendly swarm activated lets.