4 inch amoled display a 64 megapixel main rear camera and a fast 33 watt fast charging technology, but at the price of 14 899 pesos. Will it be worth it heres our vivo, y73 review Music first lets talk about that trendy design. This phone sure aims to be artistic, especially with this diamond flare variant, that we have its supposed to give a diamond cut appearance, but it honestly looks like a mosaic design. It doesnt look that premium, yet it doesnt appear cheap either its body is made out of a plastic and it has an anti glare glass coating on the top, which repels fingerprint smudges. This also makes the phone comfortable to grip, plus, it is lightweight weighing in at 170 grams found on the upper left corner. Is the minimally protruding camera module that looks similar to vivos previous flagship devices? There is still a camera bump, but putting a case on reduces the matter on the front. The y73 flaunts a 6.44 inch display with slim bezels and a slightly thicker chin theres. Also, a water drop notch on the top that houses, the 16 megapixel front camera and the earpiece just above that theres no corning gorilla glass protection mentioned, but thankfully theres a pre installed screen protector in place for an extra layer of protection as for buttons and ports Located on the right side are all the buttons specifically the power trigger, and the volume rocker on the left side is a triple card slot for two nano size, sim cards and a dedicated micro sd card slot alone at the top is the secondary microphone, while at The bottom are your speaker, grille usb type c port main microphone and a 3.

5 millimeter headphone port for its display. It sports a 6.44 inch amoled screen with a 2400 by 1080p resolution and a pixel density of 409 ppi. The display makes it great for video watching and the details come out looking crisp and sharp. As for color reproduction with an amoled panel, we get vibrant colors and deep blacks in the settings. Users have the option to adjust the color temperature of the display and theres an always on display option too. Audio quality is where things start screaming budget, as there is only one single downward firing speaker. That is only good for voice goal and is loud enough without getting distorted. We recommend using your favorite pair of headphones or external speakers. If you desire better quality running on the software department is android 11 skin with fun. Looking fun touch os 11.1. There is an app drawer option in the settings and you have the option to use navigation keys or gestures, expect it to be highly customizable, with a lot of features you can play around with. There is some bloatware and very few pre installed apps, including google, apps, netflix and facebook for other features. The y73 has a digital well being and parental controls, jovi home ultra game mode, where in you can enhance your gaming experience, esport mode game picture and picture 4d game vibration and accidental touch prevention out of the 128 gig based storage that come with this device. We were left with a usable space of just 110 gigs out of the box for biometrics.

It comes with an in display fingerprint scanner and a facial recognition. Both scanners are snappy, although the fingerprint scanner is positioned on the lower part of the display, which can be awkward to reach and take some getting used to now powering this device is a media tequila g95 chipset, which includes a male g76 mc4 gpu 8 gigs of Ram with 4 gigs of ram extension and 128 gigs of internal storage, its good enough to handle basic tasks such as browsing, the internet and heavy social media use. The phones performance seems to be fine. When playing graphically intensive games, you might encounter stutters, especially if the scene starts getting crowded or busy. The ram extension feature does help with multitasking. It would have been a lot better if the os does a better job of keeping system apps at a minimum. If you are interested in benchmarks that we got, you may check our written review link in the description box below the vivo y73 has a modern connectivity features, including wi fi, bluetooth, 5.0, 4g, lte gps, and it also has fm radio. As for battery, we get a massive 4000 lithium ion battery with 33 watt fast charging support using the device last as a day or two of moderate usage. We also run it through our pc marks battery test and the vivo y73 yielded a score of 12 hours and four minutes charging time can also go as fast as zero to sixty percent.

In just 30 minutes now for cameras, we have a triple camera setup, consisting of a 64 megapixel main a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens. Then for taking selfies, it has a 16 megapixel front. Shooter images produced from the vivo y73. Look pretty good when you get an ample lighting, daylight shots produce, vibrant colors and details are present. Highlights, however, tend to look overblown in some scenarios, which kills off the shadows. The portrait mode does a pretty good job of separating the subject. From the background, though, sometimes it can be quite a hit or miss when it comes to low light shots. It isnt the best as details come out muddy, but still usable for usual social media posts. As for selfies images, produced, looked pretty modest with nice details and good colors, they are usable enough for social media postings, just be careful using the beauty mode, as it looks too overdone. As for video capabilities, the vivo y73 can shoot up to 4k at 30 frames per second, and the quality is average at the best. Now. To conclude this video, the vivo y73, is priced at 14 199 pesos and is not an easy phone to recommend. Considering that there are other devices from competitors that can deliver better performance for the same price range, the 15 000 peso mark is such a very crowded and competitive price segment in the smartphone market. That being said, the vivo y73 is still a reliable daily driver, with its large display trendy design and good set of cameras.

If you were a viva fan, then this device would be able to offer you a decent android experience without breaking the bank. As long as you are not into heavy games, the vivo y73 definitely deserves your consideration. So thats it guys. What do you guys think about the vivo y703? Let us know in the comment section below and if you find this video helpful, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content, hit that bell icon, so youll, be sending future uploads and be sure to visit. You get it.com for the latest tech news and reviews. This has been real and ill catch.