This is aj in the kingdom of foreign Music, a paneer button select paneer foam coffee, select, paneer, sudan coffee next time. One of the leading household brand is not a cordless mop. Carbon filter, the distortion, free vibration, free summer, clarity, foreign wow Music from long time ago. This is our father business. Now, from 2015 me and my brother started, this niagara store gadgets, its like means new buddhism, so we always update ourselves every seven days we bring all high end gadgets. You can find all these gadgets we sell here. You can only find in their gadget. Oh all, the latest gadgets you can find in niagara okay. So there are many celebrities who have come to our stores like chess player, vishwanathan and oh viveksa used to come. Wow anirudh, sir, has bought from us. There are many many celebrities who are coming to us mrf is our good customers. India cements are good customers wow, so all they they come to our stores and they buy from us. Oh thats, very nice thats. We maintain the service. Also, we give them the latest products, we give them the premium lifestyle products – okay, so they are more keen to you know uh more interested to buy from us. Oh and you provide support as well. Yes, we do that oh thats, very nice, thats right. We also have an online presence. Our website name is, giving your products and internet delivery pondering your offer is going on in your electronics.

We will always be very competitive price. Okay compared to market, oh anytime, you will find discount in the air gadget. Oh thats, great, very good hospitality. Thank you so much padam, sir. Thank you so much. Thank you very much.