Everyone amani here from mr phone and in this video lets talk about the galaxy book 2 pro 360, which was recently unveiled in india alongside the galaxy book 2 pro the galaxy book 2 360 and the galaxy book go. The version i have with me is the 13.3 inches model, while theres a 15.6 inches version of this laptop as well. But the good thing is whether you get the 13 inch model or the 15 inch model. You wont be sacrificing much on the internals because they come with the same hardware, apart from the different battery capacity and the physical dimensions, of course. So, with all of this out of the way, let me share my experience of the galaxy book. 2. Pro 360 with you guys, but before we go any further, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates. Ive been a die hard, macbook user and ive been using macbooks for a good part of the last decade, but over the past two years, ive had the itch to switch to windows, but its always the apple ecosystem. That has helped me back not anymore. With the galaxy book 2 pro 360, i have finally been able to make the switch from mac os to windows, 11 and so far i am liking. This change. The good thing about the galaxy book 2 pro 360 – is that, of course, theres windows 11, but, along with that, samsung also bundles their suite of apps, that let you use your galaxy phone and the galaxy tablet with a galaxy book seamlessly so samsung sent me the Galaxy book 2, pro 360 in silver color, while theres also a gray fight color on offer for those who prefer a stealthier finish, build wise.

You get this portable form factor cased in an aluminium housing which feels premium and sturdy. Despite the slim and light nature of the device on the outside theres, a metallic embossed samsung logo that looks dope. The bottom is a little curvy around the corners and is also home to the dual speaker system of this laptop. Now this 13.3 inch galaxy book measures. Only 11.5 mm in thickness and carries a weight of just 1.04 kilograms, which makes it extremely light and handy as for the usability. The hinge on offer is sturdy and is able to hold the lid in place, even while doing rigorous typing activities on the galaxy book. Being on the table or being on my lap now, of course you can use the galaxy book 2 pro 360 as a traditional laptop or you can use it in temp mode, which i love. A lot especially comes in handy for those movie sessions, or you can simply use it as a full, fledged windows tablet. This reminds me that you also get a bundled s. Pen in the box that comes with a 25 millisecond latency, and so things like note, taking in tablet mode or sketching, is really a standout feature. Although i will admit that i am not much of an artist moving on in terms of connectivity, theres a bluetooth 5.1 and the laptop also supports the latest wi fi 6e standards. Although you will need a supported router to take advantage of the tech.

The port selection is also decent on this convertible laptop, so two usb c ports on the left out of which one supports thunderbolt 4. on the right theres, a 3.5 mm jack, another type c port and a micro sd card slot, honestly not having a usb a Port on this laptop is okay. For me, i mean macbooks have already taught me to live with usb c ports and genuinely. I am okay with that fact. That said, a full sized sd card slot would have definitely been better rather than a micro sd card slot. That you get here moving on lets talk about the gorgeous panel up front and boy. Oh boy, samsung has done a great job here, and the display that youre getting on this laptop is a genuine treat for the eyes. So what youre looking at is a 169 aspect ratio screen. This is a 13.3 inches amoled display that refreshes at 60 hertz and comes with a full hd plus resolution. Personally, i would have preferred a 16 is to 10 panel, but the display in itself is so beautiful that im ready to overlook the aspect ratio now in terms of brightness theres, very little to complain about here. So a typical peak brightness of 400 nits and if you want to consume hdr content. Yes, this display supports hdr playback. In those scenarios, the panel can also hit up to 500 nits brightness overall, im sure the solid color reproduction and the inky blacks are definitely going to win over anyone who comes across this display.

But then again we have seen how well samsung has been doing panels on their smartphones and tablets. So this one on their laptop is no surprise. That said, i really wish the 4 watt bottom firing. Dual speakers were a tad louder, specifically, while watching content on ott platforms such as netflix and prime, i found the volume output to be a little underwhelming for my liking, so maybe that can be fixed by a software patch i mean i dont know if thats possible, Although audio output, while watching youtube content or while playing movies on a say, a vlc media player sounded just about loud and clear on to the keyboard and trackpad and ive simply loved using this keyboard. In comparison to my macbook air, i found the keyboard on the samsung to be slightly better in terms of feedback and accuracy. In fact, my max keyboard is very good, but at times i found it to be a bit mushy while typing, while on the other hand, this backlit chiclet keyboard on the samsung feels great to type on. In my opinion, the keys are well spaced. The layout looks roomy, and the travel on this thing is fabulous by the way. The power button which is situated in the top right also doubles up as a fingerprint reader, which is again fast and accurate in terms of unlocking the laptop as for the trackpad. Well, in terms of size, it kind of rivals the macbook airs trackpad its just that the airs trackpad is a bit taller.

That said, no issues whatsoever in terms of the accuracy and responsiveness with the galaxy books, trackpad, and i believe this trackpad is more than enough to carry out all the taps and gestures that windows 11 brings to the table. Speaking of windows 11 – and let me tell you guys that never in my life have i enjoyed using the windows platform as much as i have with the galaxy book. 2. Pro 360.. Part of the reason is the samsung goodies that come along that only enhance overall software experience. So, of course, windows 11 is great and i really appreciate the open nature of the platform, something that you dont see with mac os, but beyond the os, its the things like link to windows or samsung flow or quick share or a second screen, and basically all The additional samsung software that comes pre loaded, i mean this samsung and windows. Partnership has only made me appreciate how seamless and continuous things can be outside of the apple ecosystem as well. Finally, lets talk about the hardware and performance bit, so the 13.3 inches variant i received is powered by the intel core i7 1260p processor and is based on the intel evo platform. This is coupled with intel iris, xc, graphics, 16, gb lpddr5 ram and a 512 gb of nvme ssd storage. This particular variant is priced at about 1 lakh, 21, 000 rupees instead theres an i5 version of this laptop as well, which keeps the same ram and storage, and this particular variant is priced a little lower at about 1 lakh, 16, 000 rupees.

So what this hardware? Basically means that a while this is not a gaming laptop or a pro video editing machine, its a sufficiently powerful laptop that can easily carry out your work or leisure tasks with ease. In my experience, running multiple tabs of chrome, along with the microsoft teams and time to time, video calls on skype never really slowed this machine. In fact, at all times, the link to windows, app and samsung flow were running, so with all of that, the galaxy book 2 pro 360 was able to handle all of such load with ease without any audible fan noise. Now, when it comes to the endurance, well, you get a 63 watt hour battery under the hood, along with a 65 watt charger, bundled in the box and honestly, i havent done any simulated display tests or video tests or browsing tests etc. But i can assure you that if youre looking for a fast and portable machine that can last you a good 9 to 10 hours on a single charge with mixed usage involving things like typing documents, browsing the web, doing video calls shorting notes playing videos and the Likes well, this laptop does it and it does it with ease. Lastly, im recording this video sample from the 1080p webcam of the galaxy book 2 pro 360.. Honestly, the output is nothing extraordinary, but theres only so much a webcam can do scrammed in a tiny space. In the top bezel, but one things for sure that this 1080p uh video sample that youre watching on your screens right now, it is definitely much much better than the 720p uh webcams the quality that you get from the 720p webcams from many other laptops on the Market and by the way theres a dual array – uh mic on this laptop.

So definitely let me know how does my audio sound in the comments so whats the bottom line? Well, after having used this laptop for a few days now and since my main sim card is in the galaxy s22 at the moment, i have decided to ditch the macbook air as my main computer for the samsung galaxy book 2. Pro 360. see the prime reason to use the macbook. Air has always been the ecosystem, but since ive always wanted to use windows, os daily drive it and now, when im getting the chance to do it with samsung and theres the whole samsung ecosystem. That comes with it, i dont think theres a reason to hold back anymore, but even beyond the ecosystem. As a standalone convertible windows laptop, i think the galaxy book 2 pro 360 is a solid high end portable machine for anyone who needs a powerful top of the line. Hardware and performance in a slim and compact build factor in the beautiful display, the s, pen, functionality and super battery life. I think samsung has yet again got a winner up its sleeves now. Of course, there are some really great alternatives in the market to consider such as the likes of the hp spectre series or the dell xps 13 series, or even the asus zen books of the world. But let me tell you that none of those options provides you with a solid software and hardware ecosystem for a seamless productivity like the way samsung is doing with their devices, and that was my review of the samsung galaxy book.

2. Pro 360.. So definitely smash that, like button, if you enjoyed what you just saw and for all your queries or thoughts regarding this machine hit me up in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch.