As you can see, we got the back the white red and green color here and with all camps with original box and accessories. So lets get started to show you guys what the phone looks like inside this box and what it comes with in the box. Some accessories, okay lets get started, so this is original box for the samsung galaxy s22. Ultra. Yes – and this is a white color, yes – and this is for the us region – yes u.s version or american version, and here we got also. Yes, this is the european version. Yes, we got it, we can make it both the u.s region or the european region its up to you guys, okay, so lets get started to unbox. Then – and here i need to unbox this white, its extracted to alter to show you guys, okay, so this is original box, but s22 ultra. Yes, this is the front the back, and this is the side and and its its sealed right, like brand new. Okay lets. Unbox, it Music all right. So so, yes, the excited to alter okay, okay! Yes, i also have a sticker here. We need to cut it and then ill show you the s22 ultra all right. So this is s times to alter the front. Okay, here is back wow its great and also shows a sensing local here in the bottom, the camera – oh its good. And then this is a box.

We have a samsung and a youth manual and just it got a usbc charging, cable and yes, a star guide or the us manual inside it, okay, so just white, and also we need to unbox this one, its a black color, to show you guys. Okay, all right also, we need to cut this steel sticker okay, so this is a black color wow, its nice right wow. So this is a black sensing. Galaxy s22 ultra okay, need to put it here and this one yeah its a red color, oh yeah, red, always we called it bronze whatever you called it, and also here this one, the green color. I think this is a new color for the s22 ultra. I think many people may like this new camera right. Okay and also we have the samsung black steel here, unbox it well here its a green car, okay, its good okay guys. So we have four colors here: yes, the black, the white, the red, or we call bronze, or also this ones, a green color. Yes, both of them looks really nice right and i will use this black carrot to show you guys what is like inside. Okay lets turn it on and also this ones gon na yes show samsung galaxy s22 ultra this one okay yeah. So we have come to the first turn searching page. You too, you have set it up for the first time. Yes and then we come to the home page of this s22 ultra okay, guys.

I will use this black camera to show you guys this samsung galaxy s22 outer – and actually this is a goofy version. Samsung galaxy s7 to alter and the chipset is empty. 6580 quad core – and this is 2gb ram and 16gb room. Yes, camera. The back. Camera is 10 megapixels and the front camera is 8 megapixels. Yes, its good, yes, looks really amazing: 56 gigabytes, 512 gigabytes or one terabytes. I mean the storage. We can make it. Yes, its up to you guys, yeah, this is camera. You can use yeah use a box here to show you guys all right, so this is a photo. We just took yes, its really nice for this s22 ultra. Yes – and this also will make it 512 gigabytes. Storage, all right guys, so this is the samsung galaxy s: 22, ultra updated version with four different colors black white red and green okay. So if you guys are interested in this s22 ultra, if i do, please contact me with my contact information bureau. Thank you.