, And here is my full review of the POCO X4 PRO 5G., Where we have a 108MP main camera 5000AMH battery capacity And many other features that were going to talk about in this video. Whats inside The POCO X4 PRO 5G box is documentation, a SIM ejector pin A free jelly case, a Type C cable and a 67W fast charger. About its built quality. This is far different from the X3 PRO, which has a curved body.. Now its frame is flat already, which is great to hold on to. On the sides. Are the volume rocker and power button that doubles as the fingerprint sensor. Then on the other side, theres no button located there. At the bottom are the Type C port microphone and speaker. Last is the hybrid SIM card tray that can hold 2 SIM cards or 1 Sim card and 1 SD card. And its storage is expandable to up to 1 terabyte of storage. Going on the top part youll be happy, as we still have an audio jack, which we cant usually see on other phones., Even on flagship phones. This is missing already and so its great that we still have it here. Still at the top part, are the speaker and microphone, and we still have an infrared sensor. Here.. This infrared sensor can be used as a remote for our appliances.. This is one of the trademarks of Xiaomi and POCO phones. For most of their phones. We can see IR blasters here.

. This is a huge help for our everyday life, so thumbs up for this application that doesnt remove by Xiaomi or POCO.. Well anyway, I like its back panel, which has a unique design.. It has a spotlight effect that looks like dancing when sunlight hits. It. Take note that the material used in the back panel is still glass. And we have a huge bump on the camera module where POCO and 108 AI Tripple Camera are written on. It. Also Ive noticed that the main camera also has a bump.. To be honest, the design is very cool, but there are other people that hate this design, but there are also people who love it.. Well, of course we have a different preferences. When it comes to the display. We have a 6.67 AMOLED display, which I noticed that its a huge upgrade from the POCO X3 Pro., And this has 12000 nits of brightness – that even in direct sunlight youll, still see the screen of this phone.. Another thing is the 120HZ refresh rate, which is a consistent 120HZ for me. Ive experienced before that, its good for scrolling on its apps, but stutters on FB and chrome., But here even in FB or chrome, the 120HZ refresh rate here is still smooth.. Another thing that I like is that the punch hole in the selfie camera is really small, which is usually quite big in others. I, like its punch, hole here as its not noticeable, especially while playing.

, Of course, in terms of AMOLED, the color is great. We dont encounter any problem with the AMOLED display of this phone.. The colors are vibrant and are good for watching YouTube and Netflix.. Although we dont have 4K at 60FPS on YouTube – and this is just L3 certified. Still, the color looks beautiful and you wont notice it as the display is stunning.. This also has additional features like reading mode, so we can have a greater watching experience.. This is a protection for our eyes also.. We also have classic and paper mode here where we can adjust personal on the level of our choice or on whats comfortable for your eyes.. If you want to use this under the sun, we have sunlight mode here. So we can see the display, even in direct sunlight., Then for the special feature. We have a sidebar floating windows and a second space. About the chipset. We have Snapdragon 695 And we all know that this is a downgrade from the previous X3 PRO, which has Snapdragon 860 processor., And so its a major downgrade. Ive tried this on Genshin Impact Call of Duty, Mobile Mobile Legends League of Legends Wildlrift and many more.. My settings on those games are the highest settings and Im shocked because it handled the game very well.. It seems that the GPU of this phone gives its 100 percent.. There are almost no lags and frame drops, especially in low to medium settings.. Genshin Impact has intense graphics, but the phone handled it very well.

. Even the Rush Rally 3 has heavy graphics. I didnt have any problem.. I also noticed that the main and secondary speakers are balanced because others have a louder main speaker than the secondary speaker.. So I dont have any problem with its speaker, its indeed loud., For those who are looking for FM radio. We still have a radio here and a lot of people still love this.. Then we have MIUI 13 hereunder Android 11, but we may have Android 12 soon.. I noticed that the Android 12 is not a big upgrade, and so I think its still okay to have Android 11 here.. Another thing I like with this phone is the memory extension where it borrows 2GB from your storage, so it will be added to your RAM. Its like, we have 6GB of RAM here with 128GB of storage, and it will become 8GB.. This is really good for multitasking and gaming. When it comes to the battery. The battery of this phone lasts long, as this has a 5000MAH battery capacity.. The included charger for the phone is a 67W charger, But my charging time is still 1hr and 6mins, which should be faster actually.. Maybe this needs more updates and maybe we will have a faster charging time by then. About the camera. We have a 108MP main camera 8MP ultra wide and 2MP macro. Here, if youll just take photos, selfies or steady video. This is surely a win. Its just that we dont have 60FPS or 4K for the video.

, The 30FPS stutters, while youre walking or taking video., But for steady video. This is good for video quality. For the macro. Its okay just expect that the focus is not that good, considering that its only 2MP. But, as I said a while ago for selfies and photos its clear and we have balanced colors., The contrast of photos is also good. Its like you, dont, have to edit the pictures anymore just to make them beautiful.. Overall, this phone is great. For those who are from X3 PRO. Maybe this is not a good upgrade for you., But for those who are looking for phones for selfies, watching movies and gaming, this phone is really great., Especially if youll catch the discounted price on their official store.. I hope I have helped you and we have many upcoming unboxing tips and tricks on this channel.. So once again, this is Paul.