Lets take a look. This phone follows a familiar red magic design, language weve, seen for years, but now the company changed a few things here and there to make it stand out from the crowd again. The most premium supernova model has this semi, transparent backplate. That allows you to see some of the phones internals, including a fan that has these nice rgb lights. Besides, there is an illuminated red magic symbol. Obviously you can turn off the lights or the fan manually. Further, you can find an air exhaust grille and a clear housing shows some of the devices internals flip the phone to the front and youll find a 6.8 inch amoled display that has all the belts and whistles required for the best gaming experience. It has a 165 hertz refresh rate 1 billion colors and a multi finger 720hz touch assembling rate. Besides the panel can reach brightness up to 700 nits and it is covered with a gorilla glass. 5.. In practice, i really like the overall quality of the screen and 1080p plus resolution is absolutely fine for this kind of device, especially considering the best in class refresh rate. I found the under the display fingerprint reader to be fast and accurate. The frame is made of a solid piece of metal and on the left, you can find the dedicated gaming space switch, ventilation, grille and a volume rocker on the right. You can find an air exhaust grille, a power key and a mic.

That is a part of e3 microphone system for better already recording. While gaming, i like the fact that the red magic 7 still has a headphone jack and its dual speaker system is loud and the quality of sound is pretty good. Unfortunately, the phone does not have any water resistance rating and there is no micro sd card slot for storage expansion. When it comes to hardware. The red magic 7 is powered by the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset. I have the fully spec model with a whopping 18 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. All of these specifications look impressive on paper, but when it comes to gaming, you need a great cooling system, and this is where the red magic 7 is much better than ordinary phones. You can read several pages of information about the cooling system of this device. On the official pages, there is a lot of tech going on. In short, it uses a combination of vc cooling, graphite, thermal gel copper, foil, cooling, aluminum, cooling, air duct, high performance, composite phase change materials and other technology to keep the phone cool. The result of this probably the best gaming experience on any phone as this device is being actively cooled while gaming or you can turn the fan on manually. If you are doing other cpu or graphically intensive tasks, simply flip. The switch and youll enter a dedicated gaming space. Here you can find all the games you have on the device.

You can check out the plugins turn on or off the fan and adjust other settings further. You can adjust settings for each game individually. Once you start playing, you can open up the quick settings menu that allows you to adjust. Quite a lot of settings to meet your gaming needs all of the games. I played on this phone run without breaking the sweat at the highest graphic settings and the visuals look great. However, not all of the games can make use of this powerful hardware, but thats the limitation of those games, not the phone itself, for instance, asphalt. 9 call of duty, mobile game, chin impact, pubg and other titles were locked to 60 fps. Another thing worth noting: you can switch to the ultra hd graphics on the pubg, which makes the visuals look stunning, but the game limits the frame rate to 45 fps. On a positive note, there are quite a lot of titles that utilize, the 165 hertz refresh rate screen to its full potential, just to name a few: the real racing 3 dead, trigger 2 bullet force and other titles. This shows that the red magic 7 is a future proof device and there will be more mobile games in the future that can make use of such a high refresh rate display further. You can play any game. You want on this device for hours without worrying about overheating and thats the main advantage over conventional devices. Besides other enhancements, i found shoulder triggers to be useful in titles like pubg.

I said it for aiming with a scope and shooting, but you can customize them any way. You want the day to day performance of the red magic 7 is excellent too. In fact, this is definitely one of the fastest phones. You can get right now, as everything is super smooth. The ui is based on android 12, but we have red magic, os 5.0 built in on top of it. There are quite a few features and customization options to play with and its a likable user interface. Despite a few weird translations in the ui that i can live with 165hz refresh rate and good software, optimization makes the red magic 7 feel like one of the fastest phones ive used to date when it comes to cameras, the red magic 7 ships with a 64 Megapixels main eight megapixels ultra wide and a 2 megapixels macro lens on the front. We have an 8 megapixel shooter. The wide angle. Camera does not really impress as images like detail and sharpness. The main shooter can take decent looking photos, but the quality is not on par with other phones in this price range. On the other hand, this is a gaming phone and camera is not top priority on the feature list and i dont believe that nobia intends to compete with more camera centric devices for occasional picture, taking the main shooter is capable of taking pretty nice photos with a Good amount of detail, albeit colors, look a little bit washed out in some of the shots and contrast could be better.

You can also use two and five times digital zoomos, but the quality is mediocre, as you would expect the low light shots look decent again. The quality is not on par with flagships, but can still take decent looking shots. The portraits look surprisingly good with minimal or no artifacts its frustrating that the native camera app has a selfie portrait mode, but there is no blurry background effect either way. Selfie quality is not the best, but its definitely usable for social media needs. The phone can record videos in 8k resolution, but it is shaky and the playback is not smooth. Even on my m1 imac thats, why? I suggest you choose 4k 30 or 60 fps modes for nice smooth and stable video. The 1080p selfie video quality is just average, as the footage is quite soft and very shaky when it comes to battery life. Its just mediocre expect to get no more than 5 hours of screen on time on this phone on a daily basis. If you plan to game a lot, the sot times will be lower. On the other hand, you get a fast 67 watts charger in the retail box, which fully charges the device in just about 38 minutes. To sum up, the red magic 7 is a mobile powerhouse, but it doesnt come without its floss. The key shortcomings include the lack of any water resistance rating. There is no micro sd card slot. There are still some weird translations in the user interface.

The wide angle camera does not impress. There is no real portrait mode on the selfie camera and the selfie video is very shaky. Lastly, the battery life could be better, but you have to know that it has to provide energy for all the powerful hardware. Speaking of hardware, it is one of the best you can get on any phone today. Paired up with the most advanced cooling system. The gaming and day to day performance is excellent. The display is great. The main camera is pretty good. Considering this is not a camera. Centric device and the red magic 7 continues the tradition of manufacturing design that makes the phone stand out from the crowd. All things considered, the red magic 7 is a mobile gamers dream phone. Despite having a few shortcomings, even if you dont play games on your phone, this device is still worth checking out. If you want an insane amount of power that will never cause any overheating issues, what do you think about the red magic 7? Would you buy this device, or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you havent already drop me a comment down below, if you have any questions and as always, it was lions.