This is the newest slap flagship from vivo that launched last week for the china market. Only now this phone is not on sale in hong kong. I did not get it from vivo, so i got this phone from trinity electronics. They are hong kongs, best and fastest phone importers and they also ship worldwide. So there are a couple of things that set this phone. Apart from the last vivo flagship device that launched the vivo x70 pro plus, you know other than the fact that this is a newer phone, so it runs on the snapdragon 801, but that doesnt really matter. So. The two big difference is that this is a much larger device than the x70 pro plus. It has a seven inch screen. Now you hear a seven inch screen. You may think thats huge thats gigantic right, actually not really because vivo curved the display on the left and right side and also uses an elongated aspect ratio. So the phone really isnt that much wider than the iphone 13 pro max. If you go by raw numbers, it is a little bit wider than the iphone 13 pro max by like a couple millimeters like were talking about like this much but overall, if you can handle the iphone 13 pro max, you can handle the vivo xl. Likewise, thats 22 ultra its marginally thinner than the vivox note, but then you know the in hand view its roughly similar. If you can handle one phone you will be able to handle the other if you do care about raw numbers.

So the dimensions of the v4x know from left to right is 80.3 millimeters, thats 3.16 inch to americans. So the second thing that sets this phone apart from most other phones on the market is it runs origin os origin. Os is vivos android skin only inside china, outside of china, vivo still uses fun, touch which looks a lot more. Traditional okay lets take a closer look at origin os. Obviously this look is, you know very reminiscent of ios, so for those of you who really care about originality, this is already a point against vivo, particularly we jump over to ioss ridge screen. It looks very very similar, however, if you can get over the fact that this look borrows a lot from apple, you might grow to appreciate that original os actually has a lot of unique touches. It behaves differently from a lot of android phones. First of all, there is no app tray, so all your apps sit on the home screen when you swipe up. Instead, you jump into the screen called nano kits, and nano kits is what vivo calls its interactive widgets by the way you may be seeing some flickering on the screen right now. That is totally my camera in real life in person. You cannot see any flickering at all. I already have some of these nano kits rigid on my screen and they are interactive, meaning you can interact with them directly from the home screen. So, for example, i can check the weather.

I can check the weather throughout the rest of the day by just swiping through right here, and then i have this little ridge here. This is part of evo notes. I can immediately tap to add a note or i can tap to set a timer and right here. I have another recording widget, and this allows you to record audio immediately on the home screen. It saves you an extra step from needing to open the recording app. First and when youre done, it saves automatically, and then we have this translation widget here. It allows me to immediately translate a screenshot or copy text. So let me show you an example: im gon na go into an american website, grab a screenshot and back out tap on the translation, app and the screenshot will be ready for me to move over just one tab and it will convert over and now to translate This english website to chinese you see so this is pretty useful for people in china who may not be native english speakers and you can translate a bunch of different languages to chinese. So you see you have english, japanese, korean, french, spanish, russian thai. Now the interactive ridges also carries over to the lock screen, so let me go to lock screen, so this is the fingerprint scanner. By the way, it looks quite different from every other android phone out there right so anyway, you have these ridges right here, including this health widget, so i just have to hold on to it and drag it to the middle for you to launch this app automatically To check your stats, likewise right here, if you drag this, this is the music player you drag here, then you can begin playing music right away.

Now i dont have any music stored on the phone, but if you, if i had some mp3s in there, i could be playing mp3s. Likewise, with the phone drag it in the middle to jump into dialer. Now, once you jump into settings, this will begin to look a little bit familiar. This looks like most other android phone settings panel. Now you jump into multitasking, you can see that you can obviously open apps in split screen mode, but you also have now the ability to open apps in a floating window which you couldnt do in fun touch os before so lets jump into uh vivos note apps. If you swipe up from the lower left corner, it will automatically go into floating window mode, so thats about it in terms of quarks for origin os. Otherwise you use this like any other android phone, you swipe down to get the notification shade. I dont have any notifications right now, but the notifications will go here and then the shortcut toggles are here in this control center. Now, if you dont, like that, the shortcut toggles are here in a separate page like the control center, you can jump into settings and put those shortcut toggles back into the main notification shade. Otherwise this is a pretty typical android slap flagship, particularly a vivo flagship. The camera system, its very, very similar to the vivo x70 pro plus cam system, which is good news because i think the vivo x74 plus still has, if not number one top two best camera system on the market right now, so you have a 50 megapixel main Camera with an f 1.

6 aperture and a one over one point: three one inch image sensor size. So this is the exact same main camera, as seen in the vivo x70 pro plus. The ultra wide camera is also mostly identical to the ultrawide camera and x70 pro plus, so its a 48 megapixel ultra wide with an f 2.2 aperture. However, the vivo xnose ultrawide is not built on top of a gimbal, so its just a standard ultra wide, whereas on the x7 pro plus, the ultra wide camera is built on top of a miniature gimbal. Now both of these phones also have the same periscope zoom lenses, an 8 megapixel periscope zoom lens that does five times optical zoom, where the lens finally differ is in the telephoto lens. So this is still a two times total optical zoom lens, but it has a smaller image sensor size and a slower aperture than the two times telephoto lens here. So it should be a little bit inferior, Music Music. You also have a five thousand million hour battery in here, however, because the screen is so large, its a seven inch 2k panel that five thousand milliamp hour main you know its not considered a huge battery for a screen of this size, but im pretty confident that This phone should still be able to last almost all day, if not quite all day for me, but im, a heavy user. I think for a lot of people. It should still be good enough because its a ltpo 2.

0 panel and vivos optimization its quite good. So one last thing i want to mention is that the fingerprint sensor here its that same 3d ultra max sonic sensor from the iqr9 pro. So this is a much faster in display fingerprint scanner than whats, seen in not just the vivo x70 pro plus, but also the galaxy s 22, ultra the fingerprint scanner. When you register, you only have to tap it once to register and when youre unlocked, you just have to put your finger on the screen for like a split second, and it will unlock oh and you can install google on this phone very easily. You dont have to do all those crazy side. Building like you would do with a huawei device. You just have to install google play store or gmail from either apk pure or vivos own app store. Once you log into your google account everything will start working. The google frameworks is already in this phone out of the box. One more thing to note is that this phone comes with a pretty nice faux leather case, its not real leather, its full leather, but it feels very nice, its similar to the leather back that weve, seen in the vivo x60 pro plus so vivo x. Note retails. In china for 6 000 rmb, which converts around 941 us dollars now, obviously, if youre watching this from the us or europe or anywhere outside of china and hong kong youre not going to be able to get it at this price of 940 us dollars, youre gon Na have to pay a little bit of a markup when youre importing the phone, whether its from trinity, electronics or from any of those like websites like desktop or whatever.

So you know look at this phone as like a thousand dollar phone for the rest of you guys, if youre in china, if youre in hong kong, you can get this for around 950 940 us dollars and i think its a very good price for a phone With a huge screen, snapdragon 801 and a really good, arguably one of the best camera systems out there so thats about it. I have a lot more content coming up, including the vivo x phone.