Well, today, we have in our studio the doogie s98 a rocket phone that comes with a very good looking appearance and many capabilities that will turn more than one head. When youre using this phone out, there lets check what this phone is about in our review, Music, Music doogie has been doing an amazing job lately offering good looking designs on their phones. Previously we reviewed another of the rocket phones – the v20. If you havent yet make sure to check the video, i will leave the link down below, so you can all watch it. Music. Okay, now lets do the unboxing of the doogie s98. This is the a gigabyte of ram and 256 gigabyte of storage. So lets open up and see what we have here. So as a previous model, we unboxed from dookie. We have uh kind of like a sim ejector tool. Uh, we have a 33 watts fast charger. We have here a usb type c to usb type c cable for the charger we have here, the phone itself. We have a user manual screen protector accessories. We have an anti explosion, film included in the box, and this is the screen protector accessories, which is the one were going to use to apply this protector on the phone. So these are all the accessories. This phone is coming with. Lets put it on the side and open up the phone itself. Music, so lets see the configuration of the whole phone first.

The front panel is a 6.3 inches display with a 16 megapixel selfie camera and the front facing earpiece on the back panel. We will find a doogie logo and a good looking camera setup with the three cameras and led flashlights surrounding the rear, secondary display. On the left side, we have the sim card slot and a customizable button on the right side. We will find the up and down volume, rockers the power button and the fingerprint sensor. I like better the sensor when its embedded on the power button, like the b20 did. The top part is empty, just a frame. Last but not least, we will find the bottom side with the only speaker, grille of the phone and a type c port that is protected by a rubber cover. Now, what we have here is a very durable phone, with a beautiful rear display that you can customize to show different kind of information from different watch faces to messages, notification, music control and battery status. Among many others, it is a very versatile rear display. I have to say Music. The s series is now bringing two displays. A big 6.3 inches front display, which is full hd and covered with gorilla glass. We can see that the front facing camera is coming under a water drop shape cutout. Instead of the more popular hole punch in the back of the phone, we can see a rear, smart display that were going to go into more detail later Music, so the main display is a lcd, not amoled, as i would like to see in this model, it Comes in a 19 by 9 aspect ratio and in my opinion, the bezels of this phone are a little bit too thick for 2022 standards, but its still good, looking screen that supports more than 16 million colors.

Now, in the back, we can see one of the coolest features of this phone, a rear, smart display that can be configurated to display different kind of information. Like incoming calls messages, notification, clock, media control, alarm among others, you can double tap to wake the rear display. I find it quite useful for quick access to time or some notification. However, it will be awesome to have taken a better advantage of this screen and maybe use it with the main camera to take selfies. The battery is usually one of the strengths of these rugged phones. The s98 is coming with a powerful 6000mah battery that, according to doogie, should be enough to power. This thing for 432 hours on standby, 28 hours of calling and 10 hours of video, playback or gaming. If its true, these numbers are very impressive, the phone can be charged at up to 33 watts that, according to doogie, you can get a full charge in two hours. The s92 also comes with wireless charging at 15 watts. Speed doogie also claims that it is enough juice to get you going for 2 3 days of active use depending on the user habits Music. Under the hood, we will find a powerful mediatek, helio g96 ready to deliver high level performance. The phone also comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, which is expandable up to 512 gigabytes via microsd card. The s98 comes with the newest android 12.

. It offers practically an untouched os with many features from the original os and some personalization options. It is cool to see android 12 on this phone. This is a very fun to use os and very customizable. As usual on every rocket phone from dookie. You will find useful, apps and functions like the virtual toolkit that include convenient tools such as the compass sound meter and magnifier, among others, Music Applause. Of course, this wouldnt be a rugged phone without any dust and water resistance certification. It offers an ip68 ip69k and mil std810g that will definitely make this device very durable, no matter what the situation is. Applause, Music, its a little dirty, but i think it cant stand it. Music Applause, Music! Well, i think, other than just a little bit of dust and dirt. The phone is perfectly fine, like its just sturdy, but working perfectly Music dougie claims to have the best set of cameras on any rugged smartphone. Yet, on the back of the phone, we will find a main 64 megapixel sensor, a sunny 20 megapixel night vision sensor and a 130 degrees, ultrawide camera Music, uh, Music, Music – and this is a short video using the night vision mode. It looks a little bit creepy. Let me know what you guys think should i use this phone for vlogging around and on the front we will find a 16 megapixel selfie camera using a sensor from samsung, and this is a little test for the front facing camera.

It doesnt look that stable or that look quality, but thats something. The doogie s98 comes in three different colors volcano orange, red wine and the classic black, which is the one i had the chance to review shout out to doogie for sending us this device. Your studio for the review well, it is good to see that now there are brands like doogie that are daring to create good, looking yet durable, rugged phones. The s98 is a phone that offers durability and endurance without sacrificing design and style. Yes, it is true, they could improve some functions like the versatility of the rear screen or maybe include an amoled panel. This phone is available for ‘9 us dollars on its only configuration 3 gigabytes of ram plus 256 of storage. I am sharing the links down below. If you want to get it, let me know what you think of this rocket phone in the comment section. Make sure also to subscribe to take me around for the latest tech reviews. Remember also to hit the bell button, so you get to know the next time. I upload a new video.