Rajiv makhni and weve got some big big products for you. The big review, the oppo f21 pro and oppo f21 5gs, two phones aimed at the lifestyle audience bright, colors beautiful, looking phones fresh, take on design ring light around the cameras very decent performance also, but can they take on xiaomi under the 25 000 rupee segment, then? Well, do a camera comparison. Oneplus has spoken a lot about the 10 pros camera. We compare the oneplus 10 with the iphone 13 and the samsung s22s. This is an epic shootout lets find out which phone clicks the better pictures well end it all with the real me buds air 3. theres. This trend to launch tw servers along with phones. That was real means also done. These fit well good, sound good price. ’99. Music, our top story or stories today are the oppo f21 pro and the oppo f21 5g. Now oppo does something very interesting with the f series. Mid ranges that they bring to the market and they bring in a lot of innovation like, for instance, innovative fiberglass has been used as material leather kind of a look theyve given rgb ring light that has come around the camera 6.4 inch, full hd plus display f21. Pro has a 90 hertz amoled panel f21. Pro 5g has 60 hertz performance feels similar on both not much of a difference in terms of performance, but youre not going to buy these phones for the performance because at the end of it, youre buying them for great style and great camera stuff.

So lets take a look at what these two phones have to offer. Oppo is setting its sight on the mid range once again. This time it is bringing a one, two punch with the f21 pro 5g and the f21 pro similar performance, but different approaches towards imaging and some very interesting design choices. The two phones are aimed at a lifestyle audience. Can they succeed at fending of tough competition from the likes of xiaomi lets find out in sel guru, review the oppo f21 pro 5g and f21 pro bring design front and center and boy are the two phones, a looker? The back is finished in clean lines and has a sparkling look to it that gleams under direct sunlight. The phone sits great in the hand and stays clear of fingerprints and scuffs, which is a definite positive. On the flip side, the camera module sits proud of the body, and we observed that it caught on to our pocket while sliding the phone in the orange variant of the f 21 pro gets an innovative fiberglass. If you are looking for something a bit different than usual to carry around another unique feature, is the addition of the rgb ring light around the camera, which can show notifications and charging process? It is a nifty addition that lets you keep track of whats happening on your phone, even long flip down the buttons too, are built to high tolerance levels and theres, a certain premiumness.

That is very evident the moment you pick up the device. Meanwhile, the 6.4 inch full hd plus display on the front has ever so slightly curved edges to make it more comfortable in the hand. The f 21 pro gets a 90 hertz amoled panel, whereas the f21 pro 5g makes two with the standard 60hz screen. The screen is vibrant, with slightly over saturated colors that make media and games pop, while gamers might seek bells and whistles like a higher touch, sampling rate or faster refresh rate. We found the hdr capable panel to be perfectly adequate for watching multimedia content. The f21 pro pushes thing up a notch with a higher brightness level as well. Other features include an ipx4 rating for splash resistance. Meanwhile, both the f21 pro 5g and the f21 pro come with in display fingerprint reader both are more than fast enough and we had no issues with usability on the performance side. The oppo, f21 pro and f21 pro 5g are on the side of mid range engineering. You will find the option of snapdragon 680 or snapdragon 695 between the two phones. Both phones come with 8gb of ram and 128gb of storage. Additionally, you even get a micro sd card slot for storage expansion. We found real world use to be largely similar thanks to the optimizations done by oppo running color os 12 on android 12. The phone shows off slick animations and has no trouble handling a lot of apps gaming.

2 is plenty good, though. If you want an all out thrill seeking machine, you might want to consider the other options. The two phones are also largely similar on the imaging front. Oppo is known for excellent cameras and the 64 megapixel shooter here is no different. The phone displays fantastic dynamic range and easily brings out ample detail even in the shadow region. Night mode is also plenty effective. At turning night. Today, though, we saw some noise when pixel peeping. There are differences in the secondary cameras, though, where the f21 pro has a microscope camera letting you get incredibly close to your subject. The f21 pro 5g makes two with a standard macro lens. The low resolution, however, lets down both cameras. You will also find a depth sensor, the front cameras to show some differences. The 32 megapixel sensor on the f21 pro pulls ahead with more details, realistic skin tones and better colors. All around keeping the phone running all day. Long are 4500 mah batteries on both phones. We clocked about 6 to 7 hours of screen on time. Charging speeds are also adequately fast at 33 watt, taking around an hour for a full charge, priced at 26, 999 rupees for the f21 pro 5g and 22 999 rupees for the f21 pro. The two phones are interesting choices for those who want a lifestyle accessory to match their fashionable life. Sure you can get better performance elsewhere, but the nifty additions and sleek design made them worth a consideration.

Music now lets. Do the story ive been wanting to bring to you for the last two weeks the big camera comparison oneplus 10 pro versus the iphone 13, was the samsung s22 plus now rubina and gorang both have taken on the quest to find out, which is the best camera Phone at around 60 70 000 rupees. This is epic, both of you take it away: Music, hi, im, rubina, mangia and im gauranga. Now today we have a very interesting video for you. If you have about 60 to 75 000 of rupees and you want to buy a camera phone, we have three big phones, the iphone 13, the samsung s22 and the oneplus 10 pro. So what are which is like whats, the criteria when we decide and how well decide, which is the best camera phone. So a good camera phone is decided by a few factors. The dynamic range, the sharpness, the colors and just the overall processing that it does. After the picture has been clicked, lets start with a standard photo a photo that you will click right after you take out your phone. Yes, lets go ahead with that, so, as you can see, we have all the three phones. We have opened the same shot that we have clipped on all three phones, and now we will like we can see all the colors and how different they are on each of these shots. Absolutely we can see the sky to determine the dynamic range along with all the details in the shadows and the darker parts.

So i have to start go around by saying that you know the color. The thing that we saw yesterday, the exact colors at the time of the day are perfect in the iphone 13.. I do agree because, even though were just talking about one shot, if we shift to right or the next shot, colors might be different on the other two phones, but the iphone maintains that consistency throughout. I like the fact that you dont have to edit pictures for samsung, because uh theyre just bright colors, they look beautiful for a social media account. I have to say that, like samsung clicks the perfect pictures when it comes to colors but theyre, not the real colors that you see from your naked eyes. I completely agree and thats where i would give a little bit of an appreciation to oneplus where they, even though the picture might look a little bit less punchy when you compare it to samsung. The fact is that the colors are very much accurate for the most part, even though its a little bit lagging when it comes to comparing it with the shots clicked by the iphone. But if you zoom in the pictures uh, where do you see the most details? I see the most detail in the in the staircase in all the in all the edges of the stone wall that we have and the better one comes on. Samsung yeah samsung s22 wins in the details when you zoom in, but but then we also have to remember that the fact that, like yeah, both of these, the oneplus is a 48 megapixel sensor.

While samsung goes for 50 megapixel sensor and in both cases id say, details are fine, but yes, i would trust and i would prefer the details that samsung puts out rather than oneplus. Okay, now lets talk about my favorite mode and thats portrait mode. To be really honest, we cant really find the same shot on all phones, because all of these three phones click the portrait mode shot in different focal lengths. Samsung goes up straight into onto the person it zooms in the most oneplus maintains middle ground and iphone sensors. Does not have a dedicated telephoto lens, it just clicks it from the standard wide lens, though i like my picture on the iphone the most the iphone 13.. I think its done a really good job because thats exactly how i look like and maybe not so much on samsung because give me this blue tint yeah theres a warmer dent on it id say yeah so here in one plus, i think oneplus has done a Good job, yes, but the fact is that if you see the edges, i think those are much better detected on the samsung. But at the same time samsung looks much more like a digitally clicked portrait shot rather than an actual depth of field portrait shot. And if you see my hairline, you will see the exact i think. Oneplus has also done a very good job with the hairline portrait and the fact is that oneplus has, rather than going for something that samsung does.

It has gone for something the iphone does where the depth of field feels much more natural, now well, move to the ultrawide mode, where the field of view increases and youre able to see much more while standing at the same particular place. I really like this mode, though, because you can capture a lot just in one frame again, we have to say that i really like what samsung has clicked, because the colors pop out the greens pop out the sky blue pops out, but again, like fair points to Like oneplus here, the 15 megapixel ultra white does a great job with sharpness. It does a great job with colors, then, basically, maintaining the natural look of those colors and just the dynamic range is pretty excellent on the oneplus. So does iphone 13. I think the colors remain how they should be, except that i dont like if the blacks are too black yeah. The dynamic range is suffering here, which is something of a known fact for iphones, with, especially with the iphone 13 series, where dynamic range is not the best like. Sometimes the results might not be as consistent as you have come to expect from an iphone, and now we move on to something of you know a standard wide shot only, but here we have a lot of the sky prevalently in the shot and youll notice that, In out of three phones, iphone has the most white sky and the samsung has the most blue sky.

Yes again, kudos to samsung for their post processing, and just you know, though, just how much they have mastered dynamic range, because again we see one plus forming them. The middle ground here, where its yeah all also not white, but its, also not the bluish thing that we actually saw there and in terms of details and just the overall you know, management of the dynamic range oneplus has brightened the parts which are supposed to be A little bit dim realistically, while samsung has maintained the same tone throughout, but i really like that. Iphone 13 has maintained the details so like if you zoom in on all cameras yeah, even though the megapixel count is lower on this one, the sharpness on the iphone. The details are intact, yeah and the same thing id say. The details are very well maintained, but i do think that samsung does suffer a little bit with the details for some reason, even though it has a much bigger megapixel account than this than the iphone now lets get to the selfie mode. I mean its really important to have a good selfie camera now yeah, it does seem like so um. I think i look the prettiest in the samsung s22. What do you say id say the colors look much better and much warmer as they are right now in the iphone and the oneplus, even if you are pretty there youre more real here. I agree, though i like myself on samsung more.

The iphone 13 is more real and i think even the 10 pro has clicked like a very decent self and kudos to oneplus. Here they have come a long way in their selfie game because they were not good at all, with the nine grow and then pro is much better with their selfies, because it maintains the details, while also doing well with the colors. I would give the biggest piece of buy to iphone the best selfie on all of these. Three phones is with the iphone and now lets move to our last shot, which is, of course, the most challenging shot. The low light shot, okay and so with the night mode. Iphone again goes for the rear shot, which is the most accurate shot. Samsung does blow out and it makes it look like a different time of the day and again, one plus forming the middle ground. Like all the cases, it does go for the accuracy, but at the same time, the details, the the sharpness, is intact. As long as you, dont zoom, into the shot and the colors are very accurate and the night shot or the low light shot, looks like the low light shot. Yes, but its very important for the low light shot to have very less noise. And i think all three phones have done a brilliant job at it like both are, like all three phones have very less noise. Yes, youre right, oneplus has very good details and its very well lit, though there was no light, even though there was no light.

So i agree with you here: iphone has literally no light on the front. Iphone has not not done well at all with this, i dont know if its just to maintain the realisticness of the shot, but i dont think iphone has done good at all and its it can be accurate. But if i cant see anything in the shot, it defeats the whole purpose of the night mode. So youre saying that in terms of low light, oneplus and samsung are better than iphone. Definitely because colors details and just overall reproduction of the entire shot, much better with samsung and oneplus apple is has to drive up the game in this. So that was a comparison. We have covered almost all kind of scenarios which we will use uh while clicking from our phone, so whats our verdict. So if you want the most consistent colors throughout all the pictures that you click iphone 13 should be your choice. And if you want photos that you dont have to go back to an app to edit uh post, edit those photos and just directly post on instagram or any social media apps, then i think samsung s22 has to be your choice. And if you want to experiment with your pictures, experiment with the colors the focal lengths just click detailed shots, which have very malleable, colors, oneplus 10 pro should be your choice, so this was a photo comparison. Next week we will do a video comparison of all these three phones to help you make your choice.

Lets take a quick break right now and we come back lots more on the selguru show Music lets move on now to the real me buds: air 3 new tws, earbuds pebble shaped case nice design, plastic construction fits well in the air ipx5 rated and the base Drivers are 10 mm, delivers good noise cancellation, i wont, say great, but not bad, either 30 hours of play time with the case and it supports dual device connectivity, which i think now is important and the price ’99 Music from oversized headphones to neckbands and finally, true Wireless earphones, noise cancellation is now within the reach of even those users who want great features, but on a budget, the realme buds a3. The latest from the shenzhen based company, are an innovative addition to a category that is quickly becoming rather crowded. Can the claims of extended noise cancellation help it define the noise of the competition or will it struggle to make some noise of its own? We find out in the selguru review the design of the real me buds. A3 is typically real me. You will find a mix of chromed out elements and white plastics all around. Perhaps the most interesting element here is the case. Realme has opted for a pebble shaped design and right at the top, is a rubberized element with realme branding in it. We are pretty neutral on the design choice, but it is certainly unique flipping open the top reveals the pair of true wireless earphones that can be paired using a discrete button over on the right side of the case.

The earphones are constructed entirely of plastic, but the choice of colors wont give that away to start off. The stem is finished in a polished, chrome. Look that is quite visually appealing if you like, a bit of plink shipping with a range of silicon, ear tips, the real me buds, air 3 fit well in the air and dont fall off. Even while working out the ipx5 rating comes in clutch to facilitate that and guarantees resistance against splashes and dust of course, the true differentiating factor is the sound quality. Realme claims that the 10 mm base drivers in the buds air 3 deliver oodles of base and thats pretty true. In our experience, these earphones will be a hip, hop heads delight. Those looking for a neutral, sound signature should, however, stay far away. You can, however, tweak the sound profile a bit to suit your preference, thanks to the included app. The real me butts 3 also deliver very good noise cancellation, while the earphones wont entirely envelop you in silence, they do a good job at cutting out ambience disturbance. Think traffic or the sound of a noisy fan, the noise cancellation also helps amplify the effect of the bass. Heavy drivers. Realme claims 30 hours of playback, combined with the case. The earphones themselves will, however, get you a 5.5 hours of listening time and if you are on the run, just charge them up for 10 minutes and youve got an instant 100 minutes of listening time available.

We found the claim to be on point. The real me buds a3 supports dual device connectivity, making it easy to pair them up with your phone or tablet and seamlessly switch between them priced at ’99. Rupees. The real me but a3 is a competent proposition. They arent really breaking new ground in the true wireless space, and alternatives offer much of the same features. However, if youre already invested in the realme ecosystem, these ones might be right up your alley, Music. That, then, was the cell guru show for this week.