Is it a worthy upgrade from the a32? Yes, it is. Should you go out right now and get this smartphone well, even though this is a great smartphone and has even the same processor as a galaxy a53. I think theres a problem with the smartphone, so just like the a53. The 883 this year comes out of the box with just the smartphone itself. A usb c2c, cable, connector same ejector tool, the paperwork and thats it. So you do not get any tpu case nor a charger out of the box and thats really really crazy. One unique thing about this years: a series lineup, would be the design youd barely tell the smartphones. Are parts from this wear except you flip them to the front or if you get different colors, while the top side has a secondary mic, a hybrid type, nano sim slot and thats one sim and memory expansion slot or just two sims, the bottom side of the Smartphone gives you a mouthpiece opening, usb c port and a down firing speaker, so no headphone jack on the smith ring device, no more and thats kind of crazy. The fingerprint scanner from here is an in display type, so not the fastest or most accurate when compared to the physical side mounted options out there, but this here is a tad bit better than what we got from the a32 from last year. The front side of this smartphone has the teardrop notch, which does feel dated in 2022.

If you ask me, but you get a gorilla glass 5 protection for this display speaking of protections, this smartphone here has an ip67 rating which can survive up to one meter in water for 30 minutes, hence that flex at the intro yeah. This time we get adobe, atmos audio in a stereo speaker configuration the down firing and the other at the earpiece position, and this is actually an upgrade from the mono speaker. We got from the predecessor as far as audio and i really like the clean punchy and generally enjoyable sound from the chassis onto the display. You get a 6.4 inch super amoled panel, 1080p, full hd plus resolution and a 90 hertz refresh rate. This panel is actually vibrant, although i do not really trust the white balance, as it is a little warmer than should be and thats, even when you try to tweak the displaced temperature from its settings from within the settings of this phone now for the size. This 6.4 inch size is about my preferred screen size. I dont know about you, whats your ideal size. Let me know in the comments and while youre at that a sub to this channel wouldnt hurt, would it hit on the subscribe button, so we still retain the infiniti? U display just like the a32 on the smartphone, the galaxy a33 first off on here you get a six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. The exynos 1280 processor is what you get on here, which is the same as you would find on the samsung galaxy a53, making the smartphone the same in terms of performance as that smartphone generally performance on here is snappy apps load up quickly and multitasking is actually A breeze on here, the processor in this smartphone is supposed to be quite powerful and efficient, while gaming right, but one problem ive come to see right here, is that most games ive played on the smartphone are not able to get the best graphic performance with this Chipset and thats most likely because they werent built with that cheap, optimization in mind, so developers would have to throw out updates that would take advantage of this chipset to give you this better graphic experience with the galaxy a33.

Hence, at the time of this, video pubg still plays at hd, graphics and high frame rate, not the best for the price range, but gaming is short enjoyable with the a33 android 12, and one ui 4.1 is what you get on here. So samsungs on ui is now about the best android screen. I have come to love so far. You know the user. Experience has been one of the major things they have come to pay attention to. The ram plus feature is also another feature that helps you swap your internal memory for ram when the need arises. So, with the galaxy a33, you can boost your ram from six gigs to an additional six gigs, making it 12 gigs of ram when you want to use that kind of stuff. But when you come over to updates, you should expect up to four years updates, as promised by samsung and thats. One of the major selling points for the new a series this year now lets talk about one of the major reasons you are here: the cameras, 48 megapixel main sensor: 8 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth. Sensors make up this rare quad camera module, while a 30 megapixel sensor sits at the front of this notch with the smartphone one good thing, samsung has really tried to nail more than its competitors is getting the ultra wide photos to look reasonably similar to the main Sensor, i would admit that this is not the best thing here, but it definitely does fit in photos captured with the main camera have good details are really reliable in terms of understanding, whats being captured and are quite vibrant for what the smartphone does offer.

I actually do love the selfies from the smartphone good, dynamic range, great photos and vibrant. Looking images are what you should expect. Videos can be recorded at 4k 30fps, but with optical image, stabilization only available at 1080p. Well, this is a welcome upgrade since there wasnt no 4k recording in the samsung galaxy a32. A day of use is actually guaranteed with a five thousand milliamp hour battery on the smartphone, so about seven hours screen on time, and this is clearly because you have a five nanometer efficient processor coupled with an amoled display. You can take advantage of the 25 watts fast charging feature to juice of this guy in about 70 minutes. But then no charger comes within the box and youd have to go. Get that yourself for an additional price. So you can get the smartphone for about 350 to 370 dollars or a hundred and eighty five thousand error, as i got mine here, which is six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. I honestly do think that this is actually better value for money than say the galaxy a53 and hear me out. They share the same processor, the same design and you get a great display and all, except for the slightly better cameras on that smartphone. So whats. My major gripe of the galaxy a3 for a mid range smartphone. I dont really see the reason why it doesnt come out of the box with a charger and theres no headphone jack on this mid range device, whats up samsung.

This might not seem to be issues for a lot of people, but having to pay an extra 15 to 20 dollars for a 25 watt. Charger just adds up to the cost of this smartphone, but this is a really competitive device for its price range and i can actually easily recommend it. So should i compare the galaxy a33 with the redmi note. 11.