It comes with the volume rockers on the right hand, side with the power button. The it comes with a micro usb as a charging port is actually a program loki. Then you have the sim card slot and the memory card slot, which is expandable to about 256 gb and on the top you have the uh 3.5 mm jack o needs about 220 grams, its quite of a b54. So it comes with a nine piece. Lcd display of 720p pixels uh its 5.5 inches long and its protected by the corning gorilla glass 5.. So the chipset used in this phone is a media check. Helio. A20. The main camera is a single camera with 13 megapixels and can record up to 1080p 30 fps and the selfie camera is off 5 megapixels. At the end of the video, i will be uh posting some photos from the cameras used in this phone. It comes with an ip68 and 69 protection, so it is a water dust. Resistant boy also comes with a stock android like experience, so there is no bloatwares and ads on this phone and its running on android 11.. This one was released with the android 10 version, but right now its running in android 11, as you can see here its running in android 11, but the security patches of fifth february uh, we havent got the march and april security patches hope to get it soon. So now lets talk the pros and cons of this phone.

So for the pros, this is actually a rugged smartphone. So if you are a construction worker or a person who works in extreme climate conditions, this phone is for you now. The second thing, im going to say is, can be a con for some reason and can be a pro for some people, because this phone is covered by seals and the micro usb port, the 3.5 jackpot. I personally dont like feels on phones because it tends to come out easily so, but then it still makes it like water and dust resistant so its up to you. If you want to pull it off or keep it. I personally dont, like it thats a personal preference. Now the third good thing about this phone is: it is battery life. This has an insane battery life, it has only about 4500 mah, but it lasts about two to three days on normal usage. So that is a pretty good battery life. I think its with a stock android experience, but anyway it does have a good battery life comment. It has a micro usb port for charging. So if you are a person, whos traveling, you will have to carry the micro usb cable because it does not support usb c, which i think is kind of a bummer, because the phone is priced around in india, 44, 000 rupees. So at this price point i think you will have to be giving a usbc port now the second corner.

This one only comes with three gb the front, so i think that is kind of like a bummer, because 4gb ram is like the baseline for most smartphones. These days, okay, now this phone does have an unknown chipset, but this phone runs pretty smoothly. I wouldnt say it for like a regular user, but this phone did most of the basic tasks pretty smoothly without any lag, opening youtube or scrolling through instagram. Those can be done really good on this phone thats it for todays video.