Today i have p50 from cubot. This is a smartphone, a budget smartphone. Why am i doing a review video of a budget smartphone? Because a lot of people have made comments like? Why do you always make reviews of flagships or mid range smartphones? Why dont you try budget smartphones, so i have bought three budget devices. Budget means very budget, so i have bought three smartphones. One is from this cubot. This one is p50. Another is from blackvue blackvue. A55, pro and another is from aokitel, so after doing all the tests, after doing all the comparisons, i think this one is the best. This keyboard p50 is the king of budget smartphones, which costs less than 150 us dollars at the beginning. Let me mention this: one costs less than 130 us dollars and 429 us dollars. You are gon na get six gigabyte of ram, not like four or three gigabytes of ram, which other brands are offering. Six gigabytes of ram and gigabyte of storage lets. Do the unboxing im not gon na lie? I have already unboxed this product ive been using this product for almost 15 days. Now i think 18 days, yeah ive been using this smartphone for 18 days now, so that i know about the performance of this product. Okay lets do the unboxing and check what things comes inside the box. This is our cubot p50. This one comes with a protective case, a tpu silicon protective case, but a good quality one, its not dirty.

Actually, the color is like this. I actually like the finish of this product. I mean this smartphone. We will talk about that later. Lets put the phone aside and see what things we have inside the box. There is a thank you card which shows how to use the smartphone. Actually, this smartphone comes with a removable battery, and that means you can change your battery by yourself without any hassle. There is a quick start guide. I like the idea yeah the total design, it looks pretty premium and it gives a posh vibe Music. You will also get warranty and compliance regulation papers wow this one comes with earbuds cool. There is a charger. This one is a 10 watt charger yeah and a usb a2 usbc charging cable, very good quality charging. Cable im not going to take these things out, because i have a lot of these cables and chargers lets, put everything inside the box and check our cubot p50 at the first look. I thought this is a very premium product yeah. This looks premium very premium at the back the rear panel. This is plastic but in hand. This one will give you totally premium feelings. I dont know how they processed this plastic, but this matte finish. Oh my god. This is super. Super super crazy, super premium feelings. Okay, i have mentioned earlier. You can actually remove this plastic panel yeah. This is the battery, and this one is a 4200 milliamp hour battery and wow removable battery thats great im so excited to see that for 129 us dollars, youre gon na get a very good main sensor, thats a sony, imx 486.

A lot of people would say: sony mx486 thats like two or three years old, but remember, sony mx486 is a flagship class sensor, even if it is two or three years old, its way better than those 12 megapixel or 40 megapixel generic sensors. I mean there are a lot of cheap smartphones comes with pretty cheap sensors, but this one even being cheap, comes with a lot of good things. For example the display panel its a lcd panel for sure, but its better than many other. It looks a bit weird due to that chin, but all together performance of this display panel is way better than its competitors like blackvue a55 pro. I really dont, like the display panel of that smartphone within this price range, its my guarantee, because i have tried a lot to find a better smartphone within this price range, which comes with a better display panel. But i didnt find one if you can find one. Then let me know: well, we are gon na check the display panel and we are gon na listen to the sound. The music lets check. The speaker has quality Music. Okay, at this point, im totally satisfied, because this is a lcd panel. A 720p panel and wow performance is very good. This one goes very bright under sunlight. Its totally visible yeah black is very dark. White is very bright, colors are vivid and vibrant. I mean you cannot compare this with samsung galaxy s22 ultra, but if you compare this with its competitors and beyond its competition like beyond 200 us dollars, i dont think youre gon na get a better display panel.

This is like surprise to me and sound quality of this bottom firing. Speaker is also very good. Im happy im satisfied. If you are looking for something better, then definitely you have to spend more, not one or two times more, maybe three times more well. Can we play games on this one, because this one comes with helio p22, a 12 nanometer based processor lets see whether we can play games or not. Ive been playing real racing 3 on this one side by side with many other cheap and budget smartphones. The performance of this one is very good above standard. I cannot say this will provide you blazing gaming performance, but you can play games and yeah its good like playing games on other budget smartphones. I mean playing games on its computers, like blackvue a55, pro thats like torture. You cannot really play games on that one, because this one comes with more ram 6 gigabyte of ram and all together. Gaming experience on this one is okay, better than standard better than what you can expect from 130 us dollar smartphone, Music, okay, lets talk about the exterior or appearance of this smartphone a bit more. I have already talked about the rear panel, but if you wan na know, then on top there is nothing but a 3.5 millimeter port volume, rockers and power button is on the right side. There is nothing on the left side altogether. Build quality is very good and it looks premium, especially this gold color, this one doesnt.

Look that cheap many other smartphone brands which uses this gold color. Those looks pretty cheap, but this one looks very nice very premium and posh at the beginning. I have mentioned about the primary sensor thats. The sony imx 486 lets check some pictures that i have taken with this smartphone Music, a christmas. This is not a christmas song when i was just a boy christmas brought so much to it. Well, what do you think isnt it good its good, its better, its better than many other smartphones? And finally, there is one more thing: the battery this one comes with a 4200 mah lithium ion battery, and i have managed to squeeze more than nine hours of screen on time. I have tried to drain the battery heavily. I mean i have asked aurora yeah. We have someone new over here, thats aurora. She is our new final cut editor. You already know about philip yeah. They both have tried to drain the battery of this smartphone, but it always gives more than nine hours of screen on time. Thats great, we didnt try to check the charging speed, because this is a budget. Smartphone comes with a 10 watt charger. We know charging speed wont be like 30 minutes or 60 minutes, its more than 90 minutes all together whats. My verdict about this smartphone im in love with this one for this price. I have failed to get anything better if you have any other idea, any other option, any other brand, any other smartphone model in your mind that you think would perform better than this and comes with a cheaper price tag.

Please let us know, but till then, if you want to buy a very good smartphone within 130 us dollars, then this is what we are gon na recommend here in hans tech talk, especially me im in love with this one. Well, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please. Click on the like button like and subscription button is over. There subscribe to this channel and support true on content. Santas holding the lighter my parents are both liars. I got gifts but want subscribers thanks for the candy basket.