. The new Galaxy A73 5G is obviously the successor of one of my favorite smartphones of the year 2021, the Galaxy A72., So whats new and whats good Lets find out in todays video.. One of the best things that I like the most about the Galaxy A73 5G is going to be the design., While it sure looks like last years: Galaxy A72.. There are a lot of design refinements that make it look and feel more inviting.. I really like the return of one of my favorite colors from the past, which is the mint color that is exclusively only available on the new Galaxy A73, and this color is pretty reminiscent of the S20 FE from the year 2020 of course.. The camera bump is once again made into a slope that gradually rises from the back panel into the camera lenses.. So it looks much more elegant this time, around. And speaking of the cameras. The Galaxy A73 5G comes with a total of four different cameras, but only two of them are usable to take pictures, since both the depth sensor and also the macro cameras just shouldnt exist.. The main highlight here, though, is that the 108 megapixel sensor for the main camera.. I took this one with me and took some pictures during an extremely gloomy day and took pictures and the pictures all look kind of good., Both the main and ultrawide angle. Cameras really do take clean pictures even at night as well.

. I also took another picture using 108 megapixel mode and eight it actually looks very clean and most of the details are refined., So good job. There Samsung., However, Samsung removed the telephoto camera. As you can see. Here., The Galaxy A72 that I have also comes with a three times: telephoto zoom, but the A73 doesnt have it. And Samsung claims that the A73 has something called hybrid, zoom or something and that.. So I decided to try that and compare the A72 as well. And yeah. Nothing beats the real three times optical zoom. And since Galaxy A73, 5G also has OIS. I took a quick stroll and yeah. The video capabilities are looking quite good as well. Now onward to the display.. The Galaxy A73 5G comes with a flat 6.8 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, which is definitely better for screen protectors, since they dont have one included in the box.. So you have to buy another one for yourself and then apply it on your own., And it also has a resolution of 2400 by 1080 with a maximum refresh rate of up to 120Hz.. This phone is huge IMO., But the display truly look nice. Yet you shouldnt take our word for it, because we took out our colorimeter and tested out the color accuracy as well. At 100. Nits of brightness. This display can cover up to a 99.7 of sRGB and 98.5 of DCI P3 color gamuts, while retaining a very low delta E number as well, which means that this phones display is just really good.

But for the maximum brightness, though its not exactly the best, as It can only reach up to about 400 nits of average brightness at maximum.. That means you still need to go under some shape to look at the phone screen during an extremely sunny day.. Now, though, I want to change the script a little and reel in another Samsung phone that has a very similar configuration as this one, which is the Samsung Galaxy A52s, which also has 120Hz refresh rate screen.. So the similarity starts with these specs.. Both of those phones are exactly the same.. They both come in the excellent Snapdragon 778G chipset, with 8GB of RAM and also 256GB of storage., And in our gaming test. Video. The new Galaxy A73 5G performs magnificently well in all of those games and when we turn on the alternate game performance management mode, we can even run games like Genshin Impact at the highest graphical setting and it can maintain somewhere around 30fps and even Mobile Legends. Has the option to enable 120fps mode as well, which also maintained that frame rate throughout the entire gameplay. And Im just impressed by that., And also this phone doesnt get hot? Even though, during that gaming test, I was testing it quite intensively and the hottest spot, which is right beside the camera bump at the front here, it only reaches about 42 degrees Celsius, which is just slightly warm to the touch.. I would presume that the Galaxy A52s will also be able to perform the same with the update to enable the alternate game, performance management, option.

, So yeah., And then the battery life, both the Galaxy A52s and the Galaxy A73 5G also comes with the 5000mAh battery and Tested 100 nits of brightness running PC Mark 10. It can reach somewhere around 10 hours only which I think its not the best for 5000mAh battery. But hey. I would argue that the Snapdragon 778G is rather power hungry in this regard. And now for the changing speed. The Galaxy A73 5G doesnt come with a charger, which is why the box is so thin., But on their website it states that all the new Galaxy A series of smartphones can support up to 25W of charging., Just like the Galaxy A52s too.. With that said, we did our charging test using the Ugreen 100W GaN charger, and it can reach from 15 to 100 in about 90 minutes, which I think is pretty much identical to the Galaxy A52s as well.. However, the Galaxy A52s still comes with a 15W charger inside the box., While its not the fastest charger out there, but hey at least theres still, a charger right And finally, the software. This one here is using Android 12 with One UI 4.1, and I do not have any complaints about it at all its still a very good phone overall, its just that some of the more advanced things like the alternate game performance management mode option is just nestled. Quite deep inside the settings menu., You just need to know your way though, and then yeah you can get it.

, But now I want to bring the Galaxy A52s back to the conversation again.. If there are so many similarities between this phone and that phone, then why should we pick the Galaxy A73 5G? Well, that is because of software support. The Galaxy A73 5G is much better as it gets four generations of Android upgrades with five years of security patches, which is much more superior than the Galaxy A52ss policy., And that is the strength of the Galaxy A73 5G.. Should you still buy this phone? Well? Yes, I think the Galaxy A73 5G is definitely going to be one of the best midrange smartphones that you can buy right. Now.. The overall experience out of this phone is magnificent, though the price is just kind of high. At RM2099. I mean you can get the Galaxy A52s at slightly less than RM1500 from retailers on Shopee or Lazada, but you dont get the same software support as the Galaxy A73. And I think thats, just one very important factor that many people dont care about until Its too late. – I still have a few more things to highlight here before we end the review of the Galaxy A73, which is that this phone still comes with IP67 rating, which is fantastic.. It still has a micro SD card slot, even though its a combo one. And then theres no more audio jack, this generation., So yeah thats, it. Thats. All we have to share with you about the Galaxy A73 5G.

, Fantastic phone.