If i want to do smartphone reviews on a consistent basis here on our channel, because to be honest, this smartphone niche requires a deep pocket, and that is quite a challenge, especially for a small youtuber like myself. Usually, i do smartphone reviews on our website only, but let me know in the comments below, if youre interested, because personally im all for it im, always open to different opportunities and content ideas anyways. Luckily, our friends from digital walker generously sent the oneplus 10 pro, which was released earlier this year, im eager to share my thoughts with you, and there are a lot of details that i want to tackle so lets get into it so right here we have the Red packaging for the oneplus 10 pro, and what i have here is the one that is going to be available here in the philippines via digital walker. This is the volcanic black variant with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabyte, from which retails for around 53 000. Philippine passes inside the box, we have another accessory box that houses the paperwork, including some oneplus stickers. We also have the sim card ejector, pin inside the personal note from the founder of oneplus and a nice and slim casing. Next, we have the oneplus pro smartphone itself and underneath that we have the massive 80 watts supervook charger in the iconic oneplus red, usb type c, charging cable. Overall, the unboxing experience is really nice, as expected from the brand.

Now. The first thing that strikes me the most about the oneplus 10 pro is the distinctively slim form factor and im kind of used to the width of the iphone 13 pro marks now. So this feels really different right out of the box. For me, the bezels are very thin even on the chin, which is awesome, and i also like the feel of the curved edges all around the smartphone theres, something to it that makes it really comfortable to hold here in front. We also have the 32 megapixel selfie camera with sony imx615 sensor and eis. We also have here the earpiece that also doubles as a secondary speaker in terms of the display. We have a 6.7 inch quad hd plus 20.1 by 9, fluid amoled display with up to 120 hertz, refresh rate more on that later and lastly, here in front, we have an in display fingerprint sensor that, thankfully, is spaced high enough, that your thumb can press. Naturally, while being able to support the phone properly now on the left side, we have the volume rocker and a couple of antenna lines and on the other side, we have the convenient mute, switch. The power button, which is nicely positioned to be triggered by your thumb and a couple of antenna lines as well up top, we have the same antenna lines in the secondary microphone. The frame is made out of aluminum at the bottom. We have the primary speaker unit, a usb type c port, the primary microphone and the sim card tray that supports dual nano: sim cards, no sd card slot and no 3.

5 millimeter port. Unfortunately, i can find an ip rating on the oneplus website, but the sim card tray does have rubber ring. Looking at the back, which is made out of glass with gorilla glass, 5 protection. We have this nice finish that i really like it looks like it has a rough texture, but its actually very smooth and nice to the touch and definitely fingerprint resistant. However, i cannot say the same about the camera bump, as you can tell it is super glossy, but at least the bump is relatively short and doesnt wobble that much when you lay the phone flat on a surface in terms of the camera system, we have a 48 megapixel main camera with a sony, imx 789 sensor and an optical image stabilizer. We also have a 50 megapixel ultrawide angle, camera with aj in one sensor, an 8 megapixel telephoto camera, also with ois and a two tone flash. Of course. You already know it. This got developed with hasselblad. I have a lot of good things to say about the camera quality, but before that lets discuss the rest of the features first in terms of the user interface, since what we have here is the global version. We have oxygen os 12.1, based on android 12.. As expected, it is quite smooth and lightweight, and aside from google apps, i think the only third party app pre installed is netflix. It is a fairly simple and clean operating system, with a dedicated section for your personal widgets that you can toggle by swiping down from the upper right corner.

Aside from that, you still have all the essential features baked inside android 12.. Now, some of the notable features that we have on this phone includes the 120hz refresh rate that, thanks to the ltpo 2.0 technology, dynamically adjust depending on your use case scenario or application demands, it can refresh as slow as 1 hertz to save some battery for less Demanding applications, aside from that, we also have the option to choose our desired resolution or just set it to automatic again to save some precious battery life. We also have the typical customization options that a lot of people enjoy with android, including the always on display that takes advantage of the amoled panel. We also have the option under the battery settings to increase performance if necessary and a bunch of other nifty features baked in android and oxygen os. Now let me just break down the rest of the specifications, real quick, so that you can have an idea of what to expect about the capabilities of the oneplus 10 pro. For starters, it is powered by the snapdragon 8 gen1 processor, with an arduino 730 gpu, with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabyte of internal storage. It also has the x65 5g chipset wi fi, 6 bluetooth, 5.2 and nfc for connectivity. It has dual steer speakers and 5 thousand milliamp hour of battery with support for 80 watt super boot charging technology. Aside from that, we also have the option to expand the ram using the available internal storage space.

So, as you can tell this flagship, phone from oneplus is definitely capable now lets. Finally talk about the display again. What we have here is a 6.7 inch quad hd plus 20.1 by 9, fluid amoled display with up to 120 hertz refresh rate and supports srgb p3 and 10 bit color spaces. It is protected by corning gorilla, glass victus and has roughly around 525 pixels per inch density and, as you can tell, the image quality is really really good. It has excellent viewing angles: vibrant colors and deeper blacks thanks to the amoled panel and also has substantial contrast and sharpness and produces overall high quality visuals and with such a high resolution, quad hd plus display the icons and texts are very crispy. Now the steer speakers are also fairly good. Thanks to the additional audio output coming from the earpiece and while its not as loud and detailed as the primary speaker unit, it still provides that immersive steer effect and, to be honest, you wouldnt even notice their difference. Unless you intentionally cover one of them, a very neat deep cool ck560 chassis and a bunch of new pc components from deep cool and today, im following that up with a full, deep cool desk setup tour. To give you guys, some idea that you can possibly apply to your own personal setups, moving on in terms of performance by just simply using the phone on a daily basis, browsing through the user interface, opening, multiple apps and doing day to day tasks.

You can definitely rely on this phone. It feels really smooth and responsive without any significant hiccups, ill pop all the benchmarks that i ran on this phone, including geekbench, 3dmark and pc mark and, as you can tell it pretty much max out on slingshot and slingshot extreme, with pretty good numbers across all the Benchmarks that i ran now in terms of gaming, pretty much all the games ive played were very smooth even at maximum graphics settings and the highest frame rate available, while still staying relatively comfortable to the touch in terms of thermals only peaking at around ‘ degrees. The only game that encounters some noticeable frame drops is, of course, gen sheet impact, which is not surprising, as it is a very demanding mobile game. The default setting was medium but honestly for a smoother gaming experience id rather keep it at low other than that gaming. On this phone is definitely exceptional, both in terms of performance and image quality now, in terms of battery life, as per testing im, getting around seven to eight hours, give or take via pc mark or 3.0 battery life benchmark, and even just using it on a daily Basis, the battery life is really good and can last the entire day and more depending on how you use it and your settings charging is super fast thanks to the 80 watt supervook charger, which can get it to full tank in less than an hour. And lastly, before we end this review lets talk about the camera quality and again we have a 48 megapixel main camera with a sony, imx 789 sensor and an optical image stabilizer.

We also have a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera with aj in one sensor, an 8 megapixel telephoto camera, also with ois, and a two tone flash as you can tell the images look really good. The skin tones are close to natural, depending on how the auto white balance perform in a particular scenario. But for the most part, the images look very natural and the dynamic range between shadows, mid tones and highlights are pleasantly balanced, even though hdr is turned on. Usually, when you use hdr mode on a smartphone camera, they overcompensate resulting in good looking but relatively unnatural images. In this case, most of the images i took look closer to how it is in real life, which is pretty awesome and ready to be shared on social media without the need to further postprocess it. Unless you want to add some artistic filters, although of course its not perfect, sometimes it tends to over process the details, especially when it comes to leaves in something similar. The images also have deeper than usual contrast and are a little bit too sharp for my liking, which sometimes could result in crushed shadows and a little bit too busy details. But overall again like i said, these are share worthy and ready images out of the camera and ill take any of these over images with a natural saturation and dynamic range just to make them pop. As you can see, with a good amount of light, especially in outdoor situations, the images will look good, if not better, compared to some point and shoot cameras and even indoors.

As you can see, the images still look good, albeit with some noise around the edges and dark areas and again a little too much contrast. Selfies are also quite flattering again with the close to natural skin tones and the background blur or bokeh effect. For the most part looks natural as well with better than usual edge detection. The video quality is also very good, especially partnered with the optical image. Stabilization, as you can tell, the footage is fairly smooth, which is good for vlogging purposes or general content creation. I even tried filming an overhead video and i think for most people, especially casual content, creators or beginners. This should suffice. The autofocus is also excellent, providing precise control over your subject, giving you tons of creative flexibility. Now, as much as i want to go over all the camera settings and other details, i think this video is already too long for you guys. But the important thing here is that you can shoot a 10 bit color and in heif and hevc file formats to save space and that you can also shoot in raw using the pro mode for a video. You can shoot 720p at 30 or 60 fps 1080p. At 30 and 60, fps 4k at 30, 60 and 120 fps and up to 8k, but only at 24fps other than that everything else is pretty standard for most camera settings like night mode filters, adjustable, aperture and others overall, if youre getting the smartphone for its camera System, i dont think that youll be disappointed.

All the lenses are usable from the ultra wide angle lens down to the telephoto lens, including the selfie camera. Now let me know in the comments below, if youre interested in a dedicated camera review for the oneplus 10 pro. If i can get enough interest from you guys, maybe we can make it happen now. To conclude the oneplus 10 pro is definitely a powerful flagship phone that is capable at all aspects, whether it is for casual media consumption, gaming, productivity and content creation and everything else. All the hardware specifications and software integrations work all together to give you a reliable piece of technology that should aid you in your day to day digital lifestyle. Is it worth the price? Well, only you can tell, depending on your preference in relation to your budget and if all your boxes were checked, given everything this phone has to offer and there you have it guys. Thank you for watching huge thanks to digital walker for sending this in. You can get this from the official website link below. Thank you for watching subscribe.