Music, huawei surprisingly launched a powerful 108 mp camera intended for an entry level budget phone. It is called the huawei nova 9se. It aims to combine flagship level features with great value. It inspires the younger generation. The device comes with a powerful and exciting content creation features that empowers you to express themselves through multimedia, incorporating classic colors and design elements alongside a vibrant, curved display, smart camera features and a power pool performance. Huawei nova 9se believes that they have created the perfect smartphone for this generation. The huawei nova 9 se packs with a goodies out of the box. It includes a free top tpu case cover a usbc, cable, sim, ejector, pin 66w supercharged power, brick and the unit itself with pre applied screen protector. The huawei nova 9se has a conservative cases with curved back plate, rounded corners and a plaid display with glass laminate. It is plastic, but it looks like glass and a splittering effect. It sparkles and mimics a starlit effect when you move it around. There is an oval shaped camera module in the back, the rear, ai quad camera. The backplate looks pleasing to the eye. The finish is slippery and tends to attract fingerprints easily. Fortunately, there is a free, tpu soft case to solve the problem. The pawns right side has a power button that doubles as fingerprint reader and a volume rocker. The bottom has a usbc port and mono speaker grille, and the dual nano sim card tray.

At the top up front. The device manages to have slim side vessels with a full view display so its just 1.05 millimeter from top to bottom vessels, plus a punch hole front facing camera 16 mp. Celtic camera full view, lcd measures, 6.78 inches and 7.94 millimeter thin. The screen has 90 hertz, refresh rate supported by 270. Hertz touch sampling rate, the display quality is good and it has a compliant with p3 color gamut. It is a color, accurate, responsive display. The phone has a good start to build quality, but no ip rating for water and dust resistant. The color rendition is decent for what you pay for, and the text is relatively crisp and fit fair clarity. Under the light condition. The pawn has a qualcomm snapdragon, 680 octa core processor and its kitted out with 8 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of storage connectivity is cupped at 4g lte, wi, fi, 5 and bluetooth 5.1. The useful gaming activities like call of duty, pubg and mobile legends, run without issue at medium to low settings. The device performs is fair for the price point. Navigating is snappy and responsive day to day performance for most daily tasks, doesnt irritate and make you slow. You are able to use dozens of tabs in browsers, watch videos and complete most tasks as expected. Without each phone runs on huawei own emui, 12 skin based on android 12.. It offers a straightforward, smooth, safe and reliable user experience, whether you are working studying gaming or video editing huawei has consolidated different menus in the control panel, swipe off in the control panel and get quick access to audio playback, wi fi bluetooth and without leaving your current Screen and making it easier to control multiple devices as if you are controlling just one device.

There is no google play installed, but fortunately huawei has an app source from their own and called huawei app gallery. Suppose an app youre looking for is unavailable on the phone. In that case, you can use the huawei petal search to search for alternatives to side load on other app repositories like ap cure and aptoide. Most apps are available in app gallery and if a user needs something that requires google mobile services to run, there is a huawei g space app it mimics, a sandbox environment of a working google services. Getting this space up and running is easy, just search and install it on the app gallery, keep in mind that the g space, app itself and other parts of the menu tend to have much hardware popping up youtube, netflix and spotify runs without issue on the phone. The rear, quad camera module is built around 180 mp f, 1.9 aperture. It has a large in sensor bringing the computational photography tweaks for brighter images, even under challenging light on this large ai quad camera is complemented by an 8mp, ultrawide 2mp depth sensor and 2mp. Super macro camera for close up shots. It is capable of taking conventional steels and full size. 108 mp high resolution. The 100 mp camera was able to deliver excellent shots with good details, good dynamic range and pretty good color rendition in both daylights and even in dim light condition. Ultra wide angle, camera delivers a good result through its net, upright as a vibrant, shot captured by the main camera phone rear.

Camera is able to tackle up to eight times digital zoom, by cropping at the large sensor and a two times: digital zoom, the huawei nova, 9 sc camera was able to retain great details at 8 times. Digital zoom. The phone still managed a good shots, though there are some minor grain in brightly scenarios, while dim light conditions at maximum digital zoom tend to yield a software shots. The huawei nova 9se front facing selfie camera was helpful in daylight condition. The front camera, like any camera, works best when theres a sufficient lighting, but it do support super night mode. It is enabled manually for darker dimming rooms and other low light scenarios. Videos capture performance on both the front and rear camera is categorically average at best and serviceable for social media use camera and the video capabilities of nova 9 sc is very advanced and powerful and can create quality video with its dual view and continuous selfie. The large 108 mp sensor just allow for some amount of ai based stabilization, suppose youre primarily focused on getting great photos for a low price, in that case the huawei nova 9 se. Arguably one of the most affordable cameras with 108 mp, ai quad camera in the market. The device has a 4000 mah battery. It managed to offer a longer battery life with the usage of 18 hours ‘ minutes in some benchmarks under actual usage. The pawn can last two days with normal use, including data or wi fi, and most of the day couple of arts gaming, moderate use of social media and emails with 6 to 6 watts supercharging the pawn achieved an impressive 60 from zero in about 17 minutes and Achieved full charge in 40 minutes, our huawei nova, 9 sc review sample proved to be a fair workhorse that is capable of handling most day to day tasks.

The huawei nova 9 sc has a unique set of strengths for the fries and it is available on lazada, sharpie and huawei stores for 1’99. You can get a large display 108 mp rear camera. That is great for photography, a long battery life and a 60 watt super fast charging. Well suppose you are ok using the phone without 5g or less dependent on google mobile services, but looking for an affordable, smartphone setup with a great camera.