Yes from the folks over there speaking is finally up in the house. Man, one of the most requested cases on the channel period – probably one of my most excited cases to get into that. I have ever reviewed on this channel man, so lets go ahead and talk about it. Yes, it is the highly anticipated spigen enzo leather case. Now, of course, theres always a who shot speaking for drop me this over to review and being one of the many man theyre very limited right now and im blessed to be one of the people along my dude floss. He reviewed it, but now its time. For me to talk about it, i did not watch his review. I have not opened this box, i dont know how this case even looks or feels so were going to get the real deal reaction, and i did that on purpose. I didnt want to cheat yall, especially when it comes to the viewer. Alright, so lets go ahead and see what its about heres, the presentation that it comes in well, it comes in for me. I dont know if youre gon na get its gon na come in the same way, but lets go ahead and open it up and lets get into it all right. So when you open it up, the box says we got you and then spigen always gives us creators a customized letter, letting you know whats going on and whats in the packaging im gon na go ahead and share it to you guys.

Right now it says, hey t hope all is well with you excited to share this bad boy with you enzo. We went all out for our first premium case: full grain, genoma, leather diamond cut, anodized, aluminum, accents and, of course, magsafe. Looking forward to your review alright going to get into it, man were about to see what this bad boy is hitting on, so lets peel. It open – and i feel like i need me some gloves to do this thing right here. Man, my great my grimy hands, may be not doing this any justice, so nothing else in the box man. This is just a little presentation to come when they send us stuff. So here it is man the enzo. This is the packaging, of course, some nice packaging right here now. Yall know we have never seen no speaking packaging, this nice right here, all right, very nice, little spigen logo. You got your enzo right here, iphone 13 pro max because thats, what were rocking right now! So lets go ahead and slide this. This is real. Elegant man, you got ta, take your time with it all right and lets take the top off all right here. We are we greeted with some more stuff right here, so it says enzo lets go ahead and open this up, and i think this is like a uh a certificate. I dont tour that all up, but its all good, so this is going to be a certificate of authenticity right here you got your serial number.

This is dope right here, man this is this. Is this is high class right here? All right, let you know you got a nice little high class product, okay uh. Why am i like super hype about this man? So, oh okay, thats uh, you got your little yeah im gon na need that right there make sure i dont get the dog get to that man. But oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, all right! So here is the case itself. Were gon na sit this case. This thing feels amazing: were gon na see that to the side, all right right here it says the wrist strap. If the wrist strap is your thing, it does come with a wrist strap but were not really gon na. We all dont yall not here to talk about the wrist strap, but it does have a nice little wrist strap. It says enzo right here on the inside. It says genoma, very nice, high quality wrist strap. If that is your thing, i dont do wrist straps. Some of you out there you might do a little bit of wrist strap so were going to set that over to the side, were going to get all this out of the way now lets stop wasting time lets, go ahead and get straight to the money and Lets go ahead and get to the genoma leather all right now i got all these little trinkets up here. Man. Let me go up here and grab my little knife up here, so we can kind of get this off.

So we can just focus on the case itself. All right so lets go ahead and get the knife man lets go ahead and cut all this off. We dont need all this extras all right, but if you do want to know what all this is, this is basically uh. I cant pronounce that man, i cant even pronounce this right here. Im assuming this is italian. This is another certificate, letting you know about the leather man. They got all type. This is a second certificate and right here it says: genoma vegetable, tan leather made in italy, handcrafted, genuine leather, so theyre letting you know that this is all the real deal, but lets go ahead and take a look at the actual case itself, oh boy. So on the inside you got a very nice felt material on the inside. You got that enzo right there in the mirror. Of course, you got that magsafe genoma vegetable, tan leather right there flipping it over on the back. You get that very nice and you know it. Doesnt even have a super strong leather smell, but you can tell its the real deal all right right here, cold to the touch. Almost when it comes to the spigen logo. You got your little raised. Camera lit right. There and then you have those diamond cut, anodized buttons that raise up cut out for your mute, toggle flip it over on the bottom. You have your accurate cutouts right there, its just such a smooth, filling case right here, so lets go ahead and grab the alpine green 13 pro max and lets slap it in now.

This is probably okay. This is right. Here is the best fitting speaking case that i have probably experienced on an iphone im, its just right off hand. The fit is money, and this is what i was concerned about when it comes to this case. All right, but the fit is absolute butter when it comes to this case, so lets go ahead and go through it. Yall already know lets go ahead and step through it and lets see what we have going on so on. That top is going to be completely closed. On that left side, your mute toggle switch just big enough to get in too easy without having to clip your finger in there and get to it all. You know tight, you can get to it. Just fine volume up and down up and down that feels really good man, those buttons very nice and tactile no issue there. Nothing else on the bottom, flipping it over on the bottom. As you can see right here, your accurate cutouts large cut out right there for your lightning. You get your little lanyard strap right here. If you do want to use that included wrist, strap, you got that little opening right there and power button very nice and tactile. No issues there and flipping it over on the back. You can see your camera is recessed down in. There looks very, very good and definitely feels good right there now taking a look at that late on the table protection all right now, of course, you know im rocking the speaking timber glass screen protector.

Yall know i didnt do that for the video yall know. That is my favorite screen protector to use so thats thats, of course, what im rocking right here and with that you see it does have a little lip. That goes all the way around. So if you do set it face down, hopefully youre not dropping this beauty right here you are good to go because it is going to be sitting on the actual material of the case and not the actual screen all right now. Here is one thing that we had to talk about lets see how this case fits on the phone. I already told you this is probably one of the best spigen fitting cases that i have experienced. Yeah this fit is legit, so when it comes to the top lets go ahead and very stiff, you really got to pull it to get any tug right here. Very very stiff, but nice, nice snug fit all right lets come down to the buttons. Barely any give you got, ta really pull im talking about barely any give when it comes to the buttons coming along the bottom half you really got, ta, pull it and tug. It to move even down here on the bottom, everything is very, very firm. The fit of this case right here is just about perfect when it all snaps on very nice satisfying clicks pop that on pop that on very nice fit for this price point at 150.

They did not skimp out on the actual fit of it. I was a little bit afraid that, because you know speaking cases dont fit the snuggest, i mean they fit tight, but not like super tight, a lot of other cases. This case right here fits very, very good for the price point all right, so im glad that they see they did not skimp out, especially when youre talking about on the fit, and how does it fit in your hands? It actually feels really good this material right here going along the side of it is kind of like a rubberish type material, but you still get a good grip on it. This thing really feels really really good. You get a good grip on it and it keeps the profile fairly thin. This is not a thick case at all, of course, its gon na be a leather case. No leather case is really thick, but this thing right here feels really really good. Now, im not hype, beast and im telling yall im, not hype beasted at all the refinement of this case. You can really really tell that they took their time with it and really refined just about everything with this case, all right so lets go ahead and bring this over here and lets go ahead and test mag save out. So, as you can see, it does work. Just fine with magsafe the magnets are average strength. Nothing too strong, if i may say so, you can pop mag safe on there be just fine without kind of searching for it.

Youre definitely good to go when youre talking about that. So magsafe works just fine and say you want to go ahead and pop some accessories up here. Lets go ahead and pop that on now, one thing that somebody did ask me was if the battery packs work, because its going to be sitting right on this logo. Speaking, if i was you, i may have moved that logo just down a little bit if you could, but it doesnt interfere with the charging. But to make a note of it, it does make contact and you wont – mess with my genome with leather right here. Man, but it does make contact with this little logo. This little little little plaque right here, little little little stamp right here. It does make contact with it, but it doesnt interfere to charge and it definitely still charge just fine, but just something to note of when youre talking about that and as well, if youre, using your wallet like again its kind of propped up a little bit. So i dont know if this is well thought out when it comes to mag save accessories. I would like to be just a little bit cleaner in this category. Make it smaller make it off to the corner? Something like that, because you will get a little bit of prop here on the bottom half when you are talking about using mag, safe accessories, so thats, something that i definitely have to point out but thats.

Basically, it man – this is going to be the spigen enzo case. Now lets talk about that price point being at 150. Now this is a very good case. Probably the best speaking case that i have ever tested out on the channel. Keep it a book, tough armor, rugged, armor, slim armor, any of those cases man this case right here takes the cake. Now, in my opinion, it is still a little bit overpriced. All right lets just keep it real its. Why im here im here to keep it real with you? Man 150 is a stretch when it comes to this like. I would have liked to see in this case because were talking about the refinements of this with the leather they have at the most. This thing probably could have been 80 to 90 bucks at the absolute most and i think thats, where people would have grabbed this when youre talking about 150 bucks man that is already gon na its. It already scares people when its over 50 bucks. But then you add a hundred more dollars to it that really scares them. So i do feel like this case is a little bit overpriced. It definitely should be dropped down, in my opinion, about 50 or 60 bucks, and then you can probably find that sweet spot where you would get a lot of people to buy this, but i will tell you man to date. This is probably one of the better cases that i have reviewed ever on my channel.

This thing is really refined the fit the feel the buttons just how sexy this case looks this case just looks amazing easily easily one of the best cases that i review, and i will tell you right now. This case will be staying on my phone, as my daily driver case its not coming off. I really really like this case man, and we might do a revisit of this a few months down the line or a few weeks to see how its wearing and things like that to see if it wears off and see how it does so yeah there. It is man speaking enzo case for the iphone 13 max super dope case right here. Absolutely love it if youre a case lover, and you want to show off the big dog cases. I know a lot of you going to say its expensive, but guess what? If its expensive dont go and buy it, theres mercedes, theres, bentleys out there they are expensive, but guess what the people who can buy it well go buy it if youre not going to mess with it, dont even mess with it man.