This is our target. So, as hamara has, we have received another package, mystery package which were going to unbox right in front of you, so this was delivered by ram courier and then lets see what we have received. So what we have received is the is the latest smartphone from huawei its called huawei p50 pro and, as you can see, the box has these icons. And then, if you check the configuration on the package, it says that its a p50 pro with 256 gb of rom and 8 gb of ram its in gold and black color and the model name, is there and its not for sale its a dual sim smartphone. So and then on the on this side of package, only p50 is written and on this side of the package, huawei logo is there and the name is there and then there is nothing written on the box. So this is a kind of a review unit. So its already its not a sealed pack copy, so its already opened so lets see and check the contents of the package. So, as you can see, there is a nice um, uh design on the cover, and then this is a smartphone, so keeping the smartphone aside for some time well check the contents of the package. So the box comes with this sim ejector tool, sim ejector, pin, and then it has this silicon case as well for the smartphone, which is really a clear silicon kind of so it will definitely save this smartphone so keeping it aside, then what we have is a Power, brick so its a huawei supercharge maximum 66 watt, so its a 66 watt charger, so uh its definitely going to charge the phone smartphone really very, really really fast.

So maybe within 30 40 minutes it will be able to fully charge the smartphone. And then we have the cable, which will be Music type c to uh its a type c cable with the usb port on other end so and they have marked it green and there is nothing else, there is no earphones or something like that. So thats it. What we have in the package so lets quickly see how the phone looks so well, move this things and then uh lets quickly unwrap the thing. As you can see its in this rice paper kind of cover and then the phone is out. As you can see, the phone is really slim and they have this red huawei button and then look at the look at the smartphone. Look at the cameras in this dual rings shape design. This is this looks really nice and – and it reminds me of the huawei p20 pro because of this back uh glass. Looking back so this is really nice and then you have this in infrared remote on the top it it seems, like infrared, remote control, on the top with the two microphones, and this side is plain theres, nothing on on the left hand, side, then, on the bottom, You have the sim sim tray along with some speakers and then type c, usb port, along with the microphone here and on this side you have the volume up and down and power on and off button, so lets quickly fix the silicon case on the phone and Then we will start it off, so the touch and feel of this smartphone is really nice and, as you can see, huawei logo appears.

So we im going to use this phone and um for one or two weeks and then check out how the photograph comes, and this is a leica lens they are using. So the phone uh look and feel is really nice uh, even without the without the case. It really looks beautiful and with the case as you can see its um, but the thing is that it takes a lot of hand prints if you are not using the case but its the beauty. If you can look at the camera cover and then we need to set it up and then, if you have any questions regarding the smartphone, do let me know Music, so thank you very much. Huawei uh. Let me set it up uh. Once we have set up the camera and everything we are going to check the photo quality initial photo quality of the things. So we are in the super macro mode, as you can see and see how how how close it can go to the things and then it im able to see the, and if i take the photograph you will see, the photograph really shows the detailing of uh. The feathers feathers of this toy that we have at hand so lets uh lets see the other other kind of portrait. Photography, portrait, beauty mode on okay. So if we took the, if we take the portrait mode uh with the with the thing lets see if it um uh makes it beautiful and then uh you can take the photograph and it has.

It has a bokeh effect on the back and then, if i add it, then me – and i can do a lot of settings on the smartphone, so huawei smartphones are known for the quality of things that it can do it. It has effects it uh. You can put circles wall photo booth stage lighting. So if i do the stage lighting it will make out, um lets see what happens so so some of the photographs are coming out. Really nice um, it looks like the animal is uh kind of a live animal and then this is really nice, so ill use the phone for some days and then, if you have any questions regarding the phone do let me know from the looks of looks and Feel of it it looks really slim and the camera is really powerful, so im definitely going to use the smartphone uh. Thank you, huawei for sending huawei p50 pro for my review and looking forward to the other smartphones as well in the future. Thank you very much.