I am back its your tucker girl, mary and welcome back to our youtube flagship phone currently in xiaomi, its not the best among the cities that, of course, we have the ultra that is coming out very soon um. Let us now proceed with our very quick unboxing Music, youll notice, now black jung box, num 12 april, actually, the pro and their ultra black telegram boxes honestly for its price. Imagine theres nothing special about the jelly case if youve noticed in jelly case, nakasamasa really gt2 pro i color gray, its not. You know your typical clear jelly case. I cant help but compare of course, because pricing is 12 series xiaomi, we got the phone itself and, of course, is black. We got here the 120 watt power, brick when i got it and, lastly, of course, youre adding usb type c charging keyboard and youll notice. Now its thicker than the usual keyboards for me, no, its really more black pero. If you will look closely mero small particles, glitter effects ill, be honest with you guys, young design and xiaomi 12 pro or the entire series is not entirely unique, nina sobrang appealing and yes, it shares the same design. The onsoni review, renate in the xiaomi 12.. Of course, this ones a bigger lung and heavier, but for me it still looks good and, more importantly, shampre its well built. It also has a very premium box. This is made of horning gorilla glass 5 as compared to sarap, which is of course made of corning gorilla glass vectors same sa meron tayo xiaomi 12.

. Also, the sides is made of metal materials at 204 grams malayalayosa weight, nangxiaomi 12, which is around 178 grams passenger, and i kept on comparing this phone to its younger brother as much as possible. Um, which phone is, of course, uh perfect, probably because of all the camera sensors that it has battery capacity weird lamp anyway, youll notice, some dual stereo setup, which is sound by harman kardon. We also got an ir blaster and a secondary microphone on top and below. We got the sim tray, another mic and usb type c port, not it on the right. We got the volume, rockers and, of course, the power button. Okay, now with the buttons they are very clicky and hindi aho needs a point when it comes to. Consistency is, of course, the curved display. You guys already know how i feel about curved panels from the samsung galaxy s22 plus Music. Now lets talk about the display curved display and yes, but if i were to describe, of course, clarity, no manga text, logo and everything talagan among top notch, it has a 6.73 inches ltpo amoled display numeria 120 hurts refresh rate with a dolby version, hdr, 10 plus And, of course, a 1440 by 3200 pixels resolution, you cannotice the ltp, oh young, display name xiaomi 12 pro as compared to the regular xiaomi 12 na amoled la. I think the discuss goes really gt pro review and display fingerprint sensor compared to samsung flagship phones, nah ultrasonic, honestly, i dont really mind for as long as it is fast and um consistent, okay phone of course.

So, yes, i find this quite disappointing. I think im. 12 series, Music, anyway, camera. Actually we have three identical cameras: la had a 50 megapixel map. I mean ultrawide and telephoto lens young primary camera, imx 707 sensor, actually, first time called an atom encounter atom sensor, nano sony, nato and then the lavan cameras, samsung, j and one sensor. Lastly, for the front camera guys in the po none pro, since it also has the same 32 megapixels youll notice in camera, application atom guys is the same from the nanopro hindisha nalalayo machado. It looks very simple, parallel functional, but the thing you have to of course use the 50 megapixel option from the more menu which is edit, but i tend to forget the lagana meron, the 50 megapixel, even the 48 megapixel, just to have more details among photos. So, yes, just remove it from the more menu from the settings night mode. This is available. One thing i did not like about the camera user interface is hindi. Padding switch between cameras at 60fps useful or the metagamatic 60 fps option. Anyway. Speaking of video recording now capable up to 8k video recording young, adding xiaomi 12 pro, which is good but somehow still not useful, recording capability resolution, videos digitally. We are capable of zoom hanging 20 times and actually super moon option. Yes, i think more menu its just that indigo magametry Music, which is i find it a bit lacking guys because its up to five times.

Overall, i am impressed with the camera and video quality in xiaomi 12 pro and that i am impressed and the in fairness. It can hold up to its own meaning guys xiaomi 12 pro photos and an iphone 13 pro its just that in the lang mash of course, optimized with social media, young xiaomi, 12 pro nakayami, satan, iphones performance, wise ill, be honest with you guys course. It has. The latest qualcomm snapdragon, 8 gen 1. only thing got the best processor in a padding, as of the moment, is a gig of ram and can be extended up to 3 gig and, of course, gig of internal storage actually thats a tangang 256 gigantic expandable via micro Sd card in fairness in real life usage encountering a problem in total definitely feels how a flagship should feel strong phone to keep up when it comes to um. Im, pretty sure i mean bothering, but it did feel very warm to the touch – should focus more on attaining better power efficiency rather than peak performance and, of course, must mug focus then, on better cooling systems, qualcomm snapdragon, 8 gen 1., the best of the best performance, But still somehow not power efficient enough anyway. Moving on to software and adding xiaomi volvo pro, it has the latest miui 13, based on android 12., its already android 12 out of the box experiencing a software bug compared to the previous miui 12.. Also, xiaomi promise operating system update and 4 years security updates, Music pro feature of this device, managing 4 600 milliamp hour of battery capacity and actually at all six hours of screen on timeline, halos actually um on paper when it comes to the battery performance anyway, 120 Watt charger and included box actually charging wise indicator 10 minutes when it comes to the charging capability and same with the non pro version.

This phone is capable normal charge nut and shell wirelessly up to 50 watts, Music, so might as well. Of course, this phone retails for forty eight thousand nine hundred ninety nine pesos last month, which is actually good, actually phone without the free tv at the cost of 48 999 of so yes for me, okay, xiaomi, 12, pro still not as expensive as what we got From of course, iphones – and it is also a good start, of course, xiaomi 12 ultra speaking of the ultra – not do take note again if it will come out here in the philippines, but for sure it will be globally available as well.