Yes, the guys over at blue blue stands for bold, like us, have put together a 5g smartphone and its rocking a demensity chipset, which is really cool because ive been waiting for them to do this. For a while – and i kind of predicted this – maybe its in one of my previous videos – i dont know – but i talked about it before, and i figured its probably coming its here so a little bit about it before we get into taking out of the box. Talking about the phone 299 msrp, which is pretty typical, they do have their introductory pricing of 199, but its only for the first few hours and probably the inventory will run out by then just letting you know, and if you watch this later on down the road That deals not there but 299 msrp. They do go on so pretty frequently. Theyll probably have some more deals, but yes, msrp 299 initial sale, 199. and theres. A lot in here, 6.8 inch screen full 1080p plus resolution demensity 810. A lot of exciting stuff lets dive into the box and take a look at it, Music, all right. So here we are with the new 5g blue smartphone, its called the f91, so they changed things up on us. This one starts with an f now so f91 5g lets look at the back before we open it up 6.8 inch, full hd, plus display thats great you get ‘6 pixels per inch, which is pretty solid.

You get a full 1080 plus resolution, sorry 1080p plus mediatek density, 810, thats, pretty exciting 5g connectivity, its got up to 2.4 gigahertz processor speed, which is good, eight gigs of ram. That is a lot that is a whole lot for a blue phone, especially with 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Quad camera array. You get a 48 megapixel primary camera, you get a dedicated depth, sensor, 5 megapixel ultra wide and a macro lens camera, and it does the super pixel. 108 megapixel super zoom, 16 megapixel selfie, camera 5, 000 milliamp battery 10 watt wireless charging and it comes with an 18 watt charger in the box, so thats pretty good, too 18 watt charging max and side mounted fingerprint sensor, thats nice, not under the screen, nfc connectivity. So your wireless contact payments powered by android 11 and you can put a 256 gigabyte sd card in there. If you want some extra storage, so lets get the handy, dandy, unboxing tool and dive right in and take a look at this. Of course, they always have their stylish boxes and packaging, and here we have the phone built for speed im, looking forward to testing this one out im gon na pop my t mobile sim card in here in a little bit beautiful, blue color on this blue phone. I do like this kind of got a gradient color, its very flat. You can see it doesnt pick up fingerprints on here, so i really really like that and its not one of those frosted smooth texture backs its just the way it has this finish on here.

It looks looks really good i like that, but you can see not really picking up and showing off a whole bunch of stuff there and then theres. The camera setup 48 megapixel primary again depth sensor ultra wide macro lens: dual led flash big screen on here: thats thats, really impressive. This is a big screen. Lets take this off. So if youre in the market for playing some video games watching some youtube watching some netflix, this is going to be a great phone to do that. Headphone jack, something a lot of people have been missing. Lately, usb c charging port got a speaker down there. Handset speaker right there then weve got our 16 megapixel selfie camera. This is a big phone. This is this may be the biggest one they made in a while. Let me go and oh there we go fingerprint sensor built into the power button. Super cool. There lets fire it up, set that off to the side, well check the rest of the box, because i know theres some more goodies in here. So we got our power brick here, 18 watts thatll, get you recharged, quick fasten in a hurry, got our sim ejector tool and actually put in a wrapper, thats kind of new. What else do we have here looks like we got our earbuds, which they always put in the packaging and thats one of the things i love about. The blue phones and you know a lot of people, not big fans.

Some people have some negative things to say about them, but look they give you earbuds and the box. They give you a charging brick in the box, thats something you dont get a lot of places anymore. Of course we do have this uh braided cable here as well, usb type, a to type c, so youre covered there, you get a special blue sticker, which you dont get from other manufacturers. They dont give you a blue sticker right, yeah, just a joke. There you get the documentation but heres the other goodies. You also get a case for it, so you get a dedicated case for the phone straight in the box and then you also get a screen protector as well. So youve got everything you need in here case screen protector charging, brick earbuds, i mean what more could you ask for, especially if you can pick this up at 199 dollars its an absolute steal of a deal, especially with this new dimension? Chipset, the dominc chipsets are no joke and it really is a lot better than the old g series and the helios series that were used to with these guys take a look at this case. Real quick. You can see here that its got raised protection, its got reinforced bumpers. So if you drop it, this will help absorb the impact and then also, if you place it down on a flat surface, you can see its raised up higher than the screen.

So if you place it down its supposed to keep you from scratching up your screen, just dont set it on any rocks. Okay and put the screen protector on it, and you can see youve got raised protection around the camera module as well. So that also keeps you covered, so this is actually a pretty decent case here and it looks stylish so youve got everything you need to go plus its got some extra grip to hold on to nicely done. There blue now lets go ahead and head out from here. Let me get it set up and well come back and do the rest of the review on the phone. So here we have the new blue, f91, 5g and ive had an opportunity to use this. For a couple of weeks, i think its a pretty solid device. There are a couple little things here and there, like we have with all blue devices. Most notably the issue is going to be network connectivity because its not going to work with att. It says that it wont work with verizon, but im curious. I dont have a verizon line a lot of times when it comes to phones now that theyre pretty much a gsm network. If you have an activated sim card and try putting it in that might work, but i cant guarantee that so i dont want to give anyone any false hope, but it definitely isnt going to work with att theyre, weird and its kind of annoying, and this is Happening to a lot of phones, they wont be supported on their network and and basically, unless a t carries the phone in their store, then youre out of luck and a lot of people i think have experienced this over the last year – know kind of whats going On so, the phone itself will work: fine, 5g t mobile metro by t, mobile and mint mobile.

Those are three solid options because those networks they have value because you can get probably the cheapest and some of the best service out of them and thats going to work very good right here, especially with your dual sim as well. You can use two sim cards or you can use a sim card and throw in an sd card, so youre covered that way. Now big camera module here on the back – and this is very similar to the blue g91 max. It came out recently quad camera array. We talked about this, you got the 48 megapixel primary, then you got five megapixel ultra wide got a dedicated depth sensor and then you get a two megapixel macro now the macro. I said this in previous reviews as well. I wish they would go to five. A two megapixel macro, just isnt, the greatest it allows you to take those really up close and personal shots, which is fun. A lot of people like to do that. I like to call them national geographic shots, because its like, when youre growing up you see on the national geographic tv, shows theyre all zoomed in you see the ants. You see little dewdrops and thats what it lets you do, but when you have two megapixels its just not its not a very big sensor that they have here, so you really really need good light to get a good picture out of it, and you can take Some but its that 5 megapixel would have gone the extra distance now.

The regular camera that dedicated depth sensor helps in a big way to take really good portrait. Shots for a phone of this caliber so were looking of course, 299 for the regular price and then 199 for that flash sale now keep in mind yes, 199 dollars, but you got to be there johnny on the spot, if youre watching this its something you kind Of have to get immediately, otherwise that price is going to go away because they only have limited inventory at that price. Im, not a salesman, not trying to sell you on this. If you want, it sure, go buy it, but just trying to help you if you want to save that hundred bucks and you can go for it if youre watching this a day, two days, three days, three months later, thats not going to be there. So i dont i dont, want to see in the comments. Oh, i cant get it for that price. Well, yeah it was just a flash sale when the phone came out, so phone is big. Phone is very big. They went with this big 6.8 inch display and im actually really happy this. The screens that blue has been using in the last few phones have really really taken it up a notch, and this is almost 400 pixels per inch, and that gives you the ability to really enjoy this big screen its not like the days of future past. For an x men reference, i think i got it right anyway, its not like the olden days where you would have this big screen or a bigger screen, and it would be 720p.

This is a full 1080 plus display really nice, because you get that edge to edge display. It really takes up almost the whole thing. You dont, you dont, see big bezels all the way around the edges, so thats nice, you get the 16 megapixel selfie up. There takes very, very good pictures as well thats. The thing blue has gotten a lot better and they always kind of pride themselves on selfie cameras. The selfie camera was always their bread and butter and then theyve kind of brought the other cameras along for a ride and theyve improved a lot of those too. But the selfie camera, i think, is pretty good, especially whenever youre doing a lot of social media stuff. Youre doing your tick tock youre, doing your snapchat youre doing your instagram reels thats a really big priority now so to have the ability to do it on a big screen with a big camera, 16 megapixels and it to take actually good pictures and stuff thats good Youre limited to 1080p video on the front, though, on the back side, you get 2k video which was kind of interesting to me. You dont get 4k, you get 2k, which i mean. If you watch it on phones, it makes sense because thats 1440p and if you think about that all the phones that are out there, the big flagship phones are all pushing a 1440p display. So this really allows you to record video content.

Thats thats aimed towards the best resolution for phones because youre not gon na you dont get 4k on phones. Unless you get a sony and they may be the only ones dont come at me if im wrong. I cant memorize every screen resolution in the world, but, as far as i know, at least in the flagship department 4k is for the sony phones, but anyway, yeah thats, not really a big detractor. For me, i think quad hd plus, is perfectly fine 1440p, especially when the screen is only 1080p youre going to get to enjoy that so solid phone. In that department, 5 000 milliamp battery big battery. They say the phones supposed to get three days of battery life, which is a big claim now youre definitely going to be able to get one day you can get into the second day and, depending on your usage, you can probably get a third day, but its Going to be okay, i only used it for a couple hours to stay a couple hours that day. The density 810 is a very good chipset, its very very power efficient, six nanometer. This is a big step up, so the last big fun they came out with theyve been using the g95 chipset, which is about 12 nanometers, 12 nanometer processor, its not that thick. But when you think about it, 12 nanometer and then six nanometer, half that thats, a really small processor and the smaller the processor, the more that power can be flexed around in that small space and you get more power for less energy and thats.

How you get these better battery life as they keep getting more more powerful processors like how is the phone getting more powerful, but its got better battery life than a few years ago? Well, thats, what they do its not necessarily an age and time correlation, but its the size of the chip. So having that mediatek chip in here helps out a lot that the demensity, 810 and ive been bragging about the domincity chipset since last year. They really started doing a lot of good things and im im happy to see that theyre, making it into more phones. Im glad that blue stepped up the 5g in here youre going to be good to go there if youre excited about a 5g phone, especially under what talking 299 msrp. If you get the flash sale, if you get it on another sale at some other point in time, youre good to go there youre going to be able to use 5g connectivity all over the place and thats going to be nice. As far as i know, youre not getting the millimeter wave, but i dont really think that thats a big necessity. I dont think thats a big priority whenever it comes to a lot of these budget phones. Millimeter wave is a nice thing to throw in there for like an expensive phone youre, paying like a thousand seven hundred eight hundred dollars, where i kind of expect that at that price point but 299 199, really not a big selling point so glad to see the 5G in here all around good package wireless charging – its got nfc in here now, so you can do your contactless payment methods use your google pay any other android app based pay stuff.

You can do that on here. Wirelessly. I, like that you get wireless charging theres! No ip rating, sorry guys on that one, i kind of wish that they did, but whenever youre talking about a 199 299 smartphone, really not a big priority there. The priority is the performance, not if you accidentally throw your electronics in the water, which you really shouldnt be doing that anyway, and i always lecture people about that. Even though i have phones that i have ip68 ip67 theyre not going anywhere near the water, its one of those things like when we were kids and we grew up – and we thought a lot about quicksand and piranhas were going to be the like everywhere. Not really a big problem, youre not going to be dropping this phone in the water just be careful right, so gaming performance is pretty solid on here. The only complaint i have is i tried to install fortnite. Fortnite has been one of those big things for the last like couple of years with their blue gaming phones. It works with the g95 max. It works with the other blue gaming oriented phones and flagships, but it doesnt work with this. One says that its not supported – and i think that has to do with the dominici 810 – maybe at some point in time we get the compatibility, but its really surprising me that it didnt. So this one definitely isnt advertised that way. But i wish that it was because were talking.

Eight gigabytes of ram weve got the dimension chipset its on par with the snapdragon 695 and its a step down from the snapdragon 778, but theres plenty of power under the hood. You can play ginge and impact. You can play pub g, you can play world of tanks. You can play pretty much whatever you want other than fortnite, which is kind of a big one, especially when youre talking about this big beautiful 6.8 inch display. You got the power, you got the sophistication. I hope it comes online at some point in time, but other stuff, you can play it just fine and youll enjoy it. Its very enjoyable experience its a big body phone, but it doesnt it doesnt feel like its cheap, any they stretch the imagination. I think a lot of people worry about that. Oh im, not getting a samsung im, not getting an iphone. Is this okay? Well, i think it looks okay. When you take a look at it, it looks nice. It looks nice out in public if youre using it most people wont even be able to tell that this is not a flagship level phone. Its got a nice display on it too. It gets bright its not as bright. I went and tested it outside its. Not quite on the same par as those other flagship phones, but again were looking at a two to three hundred dollar investment here, not a seven eight nine hundred thousand dollar plus investment.

There are things that youre going to have to trade off, but for an unlocked phone 5g demincity chipset, eight gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and a nice camera setup theres a lot to like here at the price point now software wise youre running android 11.. I wish it was running android 12 straight out of the box, because we know when it comes to blue. Yes, they have had more of a commitment here in the last couple years when it comes to software updates, but this one is running a december security patch. On android 11 – and there were issues with android 12. when it comes to android 12, pretty much everybody had problems. Google has still had some issues with it and they make android. A lot of other phones have had problems too samsung oneplus so not having. It is not a big deal because a lot of people are like. Oh, i wish i still had android 11, because android 12 was problematic. Hopefully we see that sooner than later i would imagine at some point. It probably will have android 12, but the problem is is when it comes with the blue phones. Yeah, you might get it, but it might be a year year and a half later down on the road by then there might be a new phone out. Theres already running. Android 12. so well have to see whats going on with that. That is a concern.

Moving forward, if you want to get reliable security patches, if you want the latest operating system, this might not be the one for you, but for what you get a polished, android 11 device and you get 5g. You get all the other things that we mentioned in this video. I got to say its a pretty good phone and if you can get on a flash sale at 199, then thats gon na be fantastic. If you can get it between 199 and 299 youre going to be solid, this phone is going to last you a couple of years and youre going to be able to enjoy it, especially on, like i said, t mobile metro by t, mobile and mint mobile. Those are the three brands youre going to use in the states here. It is gsm unlocked you can use it internationally. So if you want to go that route, you can use it as long as youve got a gsm network. Also. I should have talked about this earlier in the video it does have good biometrics. Fingerprint sensor works out fine its over here on the side. I do like that, and also you get the facial recognition as well. There we go so you get facial unlock technology, fingerprint sensor over on the side, which i love its so much more convenient theres, no none of the waiting, even if the screens off you dont, have to go fumbling around and looking for it.

Its reliable works great. I wish google could do something like this. Google take note from blue, so thats all ive got on my review. The f91 5g solid phone great opportunity, if you can get it at that introductory flash sale. Pricing still, i think, a good value at 299 but 199. Anything in between that price point is going to be a winner for you, so thats all ive got any questions or comments. Please feel free to leave them down.